Students bear school pride to win Spirit King and Queen

Manya Kidambi ‘18, EE Staff Writer Ishan Negi ‘18, EE Staff Writer Jessica Parillo ‘18, EE Staff Writer Anjeli Sambasivam ‘18, EE Staff Writer On the week of October 20, students exhibited school pride as they More »

Community service: why not give back?

Benjamin Vu ’16 EE Senior Features Editor Every year, Americans celebrate Veteran’s Day and honor those who served in the U.S. Armed Forces. These soldiers fought and served our nation to protect More »

Welcome Class of 2018!

Alison Kuznitz ‘15 EE Co-Editor in Chief Brittany Kubicko ‘15 EE Co-Editor in Chief Freshmen Orientation prior to start of school was huge success. Look up, Link up! For the first time More »

A Place For the THS Student Body to Unite

By Alexa Bello Whether it is to work on homework or just hang out with friends, all THS students will agree that without the library, the school would not be the same. More »

Food Drive Has Big Turn Out

Robin Wyckoff  ’15 Senior Features Editor As most of you know during the past few weeks a food drive has been going on here at THS. This food drive was organized by More »


Beyond the Turtleneck Sweater


Matt Kapell ‘15
EE Contributor

Since the 1970s, one lone company has been setting standards in the personal technology age by defying the impossible and revolutionizing the world with its stunning innovations. Apple, now regarded as one of the most valuable companies in the world, is responsible for the numerous products such as iphones and ipads which now consume the lives of millions worldwide. The real question however, is how did this tech-giant come up from nothing, and shock the world in surpassing market bullies: IBM, Microsoft, and HP. The answer to all this is one man, Steve Jobs, the genius who nurtured the company from his Cupertino garage into the global giant it is today.

Girls’ cross country makes strides


Bhavya Bhushan ‘16
EE Assistant Sports Editor

The only thing more exhilarating than watching over 100 runners run across an open field at the start of a race is being a part of this intense sprint.
On Monday October 20th, the Girls Cross Country team placed 6th at the FCIAC championship meet held at Waveny Park in New Canaan. After finishing the regular season with a record of 11-7, the team of 45 girls persevered through the 4k course and accomplished all of the goals they had set for themselves.

Your 2014 football team forming a new legacy


Seth Wittstein ‘15
EE Contributor

The 2013 Trumbull football team was no joke. Finishing with a hard earned 8-3 record, they were a force to be reckoned with in the competitive FCIAC. Overcoming teams such as the Fairfield Warde Mustangs, Stamford Black Knights, Norwalk Bears, Westhill Vikings, Greenwich Cardinals, Wilton Warriors, Danbury Madhatters, and the Bridgeport Central Hilltoppers, the 2013 football team left their mark.

Not worth a pot of gold


Michael Kalendra ‘16
EE Staff Writer

In the dead of night, a little man clad in green (Warwick Davis) runs around unnoticed by a teenage girl named Troy Redding (Jennifer Aniston), a little boy named Nathan Murphy (Robert Hy Gorman), and their dim-witted friend, Ozzie Jones (Mark Holton). They are holed up in a farmhouse trying to resist the power of a mythical creature that is collecting gold coins worth millions, coins that were stolen from him by Shay Duffin (Dan O’Grady), who is now hidden on the farm land.

A killer new TV show

Madeline Jabbour ‘16
EE Staff Writer

As the beginning of fall arrived, along with it came a show that has critics and fans craving more. The new ABC series “How To Get Away With Murder” is packed full of drama, suspense and revelations. From the series premiere which aired September 25, 2014, the audience was instantly captured.

U.S. Navy Boot Camp

Paulina Howard ‘15
EE Managing Editor

“Tough times never last, tough people do.”
In-processing week

Given Navy issued clothing, taught correct way to fold/store belongings, and how to make their bunk.
Dental and Medical exams and haircuts are given
First week is long and grueling with conditioning, swimming training, marching, drilling, and actual Navy classes.

Strong Praise for Room


Jacob Robbins ‘15
EE Contributor

How would it feel to live in a eleven-by-eleven square foot space your whole life and never know what lies on the outside? This question is answered in the heartbreaking, yet inspirational novel, Room. The novel, by Emma Donoghue, tells a terrifying story of a five-year-old boy and his mother who have been imprisoned in a garden shed. Hard to categorize under a certain genre, Room is a young-adult fiction novel, topping charts immediately with its release in 2010. Room is a winner of the 2010 New York Times bestseller for a fiction novel. Additionally, it was nominated for the Man Brooker Prize in 2010.

U.S. Army Basic Combat Training

Paulina Howard ‘15
EE Managing Editor

So you wanna join the U.S. Army, eh?
Phase 1, Week 1
Recruits are picked up at the Reception Batallion by their drill sergeants and are marched to the company area (or common area for the company) which is surrounded by four barracks- one for each platoon (50 people).

Drill and Ceremony training begins, which basically consists of correct procedures for marching, and body movements such as standing at attention, “facing” (right-face/left-face), “at ease”, “to the rear” to name just a few.

The A-maze-ing Maze Runner


Christina DeBenedetto ‘16
EE Staff Writer

“If you ain’t scared, you ain’t human.” This quote from the back of the novel The Maze Runner perfectly describes the movie that was released on September 19, 2014, and adapted from the novel, which was written by James Dashner.

Why Join the Air Force?


Paulina Howard ‘15
EE Managing Editor

It is the dream of mankind to fly, free to soar high above the birds and have the ability to defy the laws of gravity. Sounds tempting right? Would you like an opportunity like that? By joining the United States Air Force, you get to soar high in the clouds at record speeds, enjoying the freedom of the sky, while defending our freedom back home. Basically, you become Superman.

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