Math Team Performed Better Than Ever In Recent Competition

Joshua Dubreuil ‘20 EE Sports Editor Sai Kolasani ‘21 EE Staff Writer The Trumbull High School Math Team placed 6th out of 29 teams at Wilton High School on February 5th, 2020. More »

Say “Hello” to Bye, Bye Birdie

Neya Kidambi ‘22 EE Features Editor After nineteen years, Bye, Bye Birdie will be coming back to the Robert E. McCarthy Theatre this spring, as the THeSpians prepare for their twenty-second production More »

Living to Serve

Kathryn Wilkinson ‘20 EE News/Science/Tech Editor The big red barn adjacent to Trumbull High School is much more than just cows, plows, and sows, contrary to some beliefs. The Agriscience program offers More »

Football Ends Season Reflecting on Strong Growth

Evan Dadson ‘23 EE Staff Writer Marking the end of a season full of highs and lows, the Trumbull High School Eagles Football Team lost their last game of the season 52-7 More »

Veteran’s Day Recap & Interview with a Veteran

Joshua Dubreuil ’20 EE Sports Editor Neya Kidambi ’22 EE Features Editor On Veterans Day, Trumbull High School organized an assembly where twelfth graders and some staff members were able to recognize veterans who More »


And They’re Off!

Click Here for a map view of where THS Class of 2021 graduates are headed.



The Eagle’s Eye is pleased to present its annual college map for the Class of 2021! As this most unprecedented school year comes to a close, we want to congratulate all of those moving on from Trumbull High, especially those members of our Eagle’s Eye editor team and staff. Thank you to all the graduates who have shared their post-secondary pursuits here. We wish you all the best!



AP Testing Nearing End

Hannah Adams ‘23
EE News/Feature Editor

This year is finally coming to a close, and with the end of this hectic school year comes an influx of AP exams for students in their different classes. 

As an AP student myself, I’ve been subject to the hardships of strenuous studying along with the additional work from other classes. This year, although bringing the cancellation of “authentic” finals, still has wrought our students with absurd amounts of stress. 

Despite the hardships of this year’s test-taking, we have finally made it through to the end of the testing windows in most of the AP classes. Although the testing is terminated, students still have many opinions to voice about this year’s AP testing.

For example, student Maggie Huang, a sophomore, who took two AP exams this year, said that “Looking back, I feel like I made AP classes way more of a deal than they actually are. It is really just like any other class. AP exams, on the other hand, are exactly what I thought they’d be: very stressful and expensive. The $100 fee did give an incentive to study, other than maintaining my grades, which can be read pretty subjectively I guess.”

On top of an incredibly difficult year of hybrid learning and mask-wearing, many students felt that the AP exams were another obstacle to tackle, despite there being so many.

 Like Maggie, students recognize the importance of AP exams, but still found them to be incredibly stress-inducing. Trumbull High School students are all dedicated to their studies, but it is also important to be dedicated to your mental health.

One student who preaches the importance of mental health, Samuel Russel, stated “I chose to not take any AP classes this year due to the amount of work, pressure, and expectations that come with the classes and exams. Some students, myself included, are also horrible test takers, so I feel that I have a higher chance of failing an AP test…The AP system is not healthy…in my opinion.” 

A Western Animated Superhero Gem – ‘Invincible’ Season 1 Review

Thomas Ou ‘24
EE Staff Writer

When I first saw the trailer for Amazon’s new animated show, Invincible, I had expected another Justice League knockoff with the stereotypical “good guy beats up bad guy and saves the world” story arc. However, upon learning the voice actors that will be starring in the show, most notably the voice behind Stanford Pines and General Kai, J. K. Simmons, I decided to give the show a try. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this show has subverted all expectations, telling a heartwarming and compelling story about the dangers that come with power in a brutal, realistic world. Despite its ‘90s X-Men art style, this show has a very modern way of storytelling, very reminiscent of Kripe’s The Boys and the Harley Quinn Animated Series, two shows that I had found great joys in watching and highly recommend to those who like a unique, bloody spin to the superhero genre. 

Invincible was based off of a 144 issue comic series by Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker from early 2003 to 2018, and centers around your average seventeen year old nerd who just so happens to be the son of the most powerful being on Earth, Omni-Man (think superman with a very admirable mustache and a not so admirable attitude). This show serves as a nice break from all the big-budget, live superhero shows that are running rampant nowadays. One of the main problems with the genre as a whole is that it becomes very stale due to the similar formula they all share. These shows end up having a hard time developing a believable world because the heroes are always able to save the day from the impending evil. Invincible establishes early on that these heroes make mistakes, sometimes fail at their missions, and are unable to save everyone. This paints these characters as actual humans rather than cartoon characters wearing spandex, and makes the viewers more engaged with their lives and decisions. 

Netflix Clamps Down on Password Sharing

Christina Kingan ’23
EE Staff Writer

Netflix has been beginning to introduce a new Two-Factor Authentication feature in order to keep accounts safe and attempt to diminish the amount of unpaid users borrowing friends’ passwords, according to a recent article from the University of Houston’s Cougar newspaper.

Two-factor authentication is where there are two barriers of security. There are many different types of authentication like passwords which are most commonly used. To have two-factors means on top of a password another form of security is implemented. For example a user might be asked a sensitive question only they would know the answer to in order to further verify their identity. Another form of authentication is the use of biometrics. This includes fingerprints, face, and eye scans that are original to the owner and unable to be reproduced. 

Netflix has created a messaging system where a notification will appear on the user’s Netflix account stating “If you don’t live with the owner of this account, you need your own account to keep watching.” After the user views this, they receive a notification via text or email containing a code which they have to input in order to continue watching. 

Many users have been sharing their account passwords with close peers so that they as well can access Netflix’s products without a paid subscription. This new factor makes it much more difficult for this to occur, resulting in many customers getting agitated this “hack” will be blocked. 

However Netflix has responded and stated this is strictly for security reasons. As users give away their passwords, they become more prone to hackers. With their passwords being poorly protected with their careless acts, hackers can get hold of them and access their account. Many people reuse their passwords on multiple platforms allowing hackers who have obtained that one password to access more critical and important accounts. 

PTA Reflections Winners Announced

Isa Lee ’23
EE Staff Writer 

Trumbull students have a place to showcase their talent through the National PTA Reflections program. Reflections provides opportunities for recognition in the arts and boosts self esteem. Every year, over 300,000 students, nationally, participate  in creating original pieces through various art categories in the program. 

This program was originally designed to help students explore their talents and go beyond their mere walls of everyday life. This is a way for teens and kids to express themselves in something they love.

This year, the theme was I Matter Because…  This theme was designed to help everyone remember why they matter and how they are important, especially because of the challenging year everyone has been through. 

In this contest, there are many different categories such as dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography, and visual arts. 

Zdena Quinn, Reflections chairpersons for Frenchtown, Madison, and Trumbull High school has been a big asset to this program. She has been encouraging students for years to explore their talents and express themselves, while running the program. 

There is always at least one creation each year that takes my breath away”, said Quinn. “One of my favorites was a submission the year that ‘The World Would Be a Better Place if…..’ was the theme. I think the child was in first grade, they drew a picture of their mother and their artist statement said, ‘The world would be a better place if we all listened to our mommies’.”

Students submit their artwork to Local PTAs for initial judging. In Trumbull, school-level judging occurred in January and then all local Connecticut PTAs submitted their 1st place winning entries to the State Office. The state announced their winners in March and the top entries from our State PTA Reflections contest advanced to National PTA for the final round of judging. National PTA winners are announced each May.

The deadline this year for the submissions was December 21 and a few of many applicants were chosen as winners for the 2020-2021 year. Congratulations to the 2020-2021 winners!

In the dance category, there was one award. Rachel Weintraub won first place for her piece called Dance Positively Unafraid

In the photography category there were four winners. In first place, Olivia Ray; second, Christina Arduini; and tied for Third Johannes Rysse and Aidan Brunt. 

“The picture I submitted was taken on a holiday we celebrate in my culture, Diwali”, said sophomore Olivia Ray, who has been doing Reflections since third grade. “It was taken from a low angle to show all the clay lamps reflecting on the floor. I chose it because my culture is a big part of who I am and I want to embrace it. It shows how different cultures around the world are important too and diversity is what makes us all so great.” 

El Peligro y Contaminación de Plástico

Caitlin Ghent ’21
EE Contributor

Editor’s Note: This article is part of our Eagle’s Eye en Español series

¿Sabes que la producción de plástico se ha duplicado en los últimos cincuenta años? ¿O el hecho de que la persona normal come setenta mil micro plásticas1 cada año? El problema de la plastico solo está creciendo en el mundo y la contaminación es muchísima peligrosa para todos.

Muchas personas usan plástico por su conveniencia, pero no comprendan que están contribuyendo al problema. Bolsas desechables son más fáciles para ir de compras o contener comida, porque no es necesario limpiarlas después de que son usadas. Sin embargo, las bolsas de plástico son usadas por doce minutos de media, pero necesitan mil años descomponerse2. También, las botellas de agua de plástico son más fáciles en la vida cotidiana porque las personas no necesitan llenarlas o limpiarlas. Aunque estos ejemplos son muy obvios, hay muchísimas otras cosas que son usadas en la vida diaria. Por ejemplo, plástico está en maquille y esponjas. En general, el uso principal del plástico es por la conveniencia de la gente. 

Si estos son los usos, es crucial mencionar los impactos negativos y dañinos que causan. El impacto en los animales es escandaloso3. De hecho, cada año el plástico está matando más de un millón de aves marinas y animales. Las acciones de los seres humanos tienen horrible efectos a los animales. Pero no sólo son animales marinos. Hubo un elefante en India que murió porque comió bolsas de plástico. Aunque este hecho es triste, la verdad es que hay muchas personas que no les importa el medio ambiente o animales. Sin embargo, el uso de plástico también tiene malas consecuencias para los seres humanos. Químicos en plástico pueden absorber en el agua subterránea4 o directamente en el cuerpo humano. Algunos de estos químicos pueden alterar hormonas o crear otros problemas de salud. Además, hubo un estudio publicado en Environmental Pollution, y ellos aprendieron que muchas superficies5, como platos, se acumulan micro plásticos. Muchas personas en el mundo están comiendo plástico sin darse cuenta. En total, hay muchos impactos peligrosos que causan los plásticos. 

Novel Foods Surface on TikTok

Christina Kingan ’23
EE Staff Writer

Cloud Bread

Throughout quarantine, social media has kept relationships alive and has become such an influential part of how we connect and interact with one another. The variety of platforms makes people so much more accessible then we could have anticipated. Social media was our only tether to the world outside our confined houses for months, and for some of us even currently. 

One of the platforms whose popularity has exponentially grown is TikTok. With 689 million monthly users internationally, it is worthy to be deemed as one of the most appreciated and used social media apps. One of the most liked aspects is the range and types of videos presented. Videos range from comedic to informative. People can share their experiences or just scroll through hoping to cure their boredom. 

One of the most popular genres of TikTok videos is cooking. Users can share recipes or try out popular cooking trends. Some of the most popular recipes include cloud bread, whipped coffee, nacho table, dip night, pancake cereal, and nature’s cereal.

Cloud bread is more arts and crafts than it is food. It is edible as it’s made out of egg whites, sugar, cornstarch and optional food coloring, which is encouraged. It’s known for its texture and cloud like structure, admired for its squishiness and color. 

Vigorous Vaccine Distribution

Hannah Adams ‘23
EE News/Feature Editor

As we celebrate a full year since Trumbull High shut down due to COVID-19, we begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel as vaccines are being distributed and rolled out throughout America.

This past month, our very own teachers received their vaccines and felt a rush of relief, despite their slight fear of needles. But as the demand for vaccines becomes greater, the government is revising plans and hoping they can fulfill the needs of those who want the vaccine.

In a recent report presented to Congress, entitled “From the Factory to the Frontlines,” a detailed outline of the planned distribution of vaccines is described. It discusses what is required, what the government is currently doing, and a phased structure of their plans. This 11-page report gives details of partnerships with the state and the importance of accommodation. 

In terms of the government’s requirements for an efficient and effective distribution plan, the report states that it “…must ensure safety of the products, maintain control and visibility, manage uptake and acceptance, ensure traceability of product, and maximize coverage…” This is an efficient, structured outline of the government’s goals and objectives when it comes to the distribution of a new vaccine to the public.

Along with an outline of the government’s objectives, the report included three key components of the distribution plan:

  1. Partnerships with state, local, and tribal health departments and federal entities to allocate and distribute vaccines.
  2. A centralized distributor contract for back-up distributors for storage and handling needs.
  3. A flexible and secure web-based IT vaccine tracking system for ordering, uptake, and management of vaccines. 

Partnerships with all 50 states are imperative for an effective rollout of vaccines, especially if venues are needed to set up numerous vaccination stations. 

The report goes into more detail on these partnerships, stating that the CDC has awarded grants to limited dose areas as a part of the Coronavirus Aid to help fund immunization programs that allow enhanced capacity to support staffing, communication, pandemic preparedness, and mass vaccination.

Centralized distribution contracts will be drawn, which allows the government full visibility, control, and ability to shift assets and use data to optimize vaccine uptake. These contracts help with the legality in terms of the possession of the vaccines.

Jurisdiction will be assigned, meaning specific areas will be given control over vaccines and will distribute the vaccines to their designated locations.

The third component of the government’s plan discusses an easy-to-use web-based site, where they can monitor the orders being made by each state as well as the status of the vaccinations given in each state.

Harvard Business Conference for Women Inspires

Isa Lee ‘23
EE Staff Writer

The fourth annual Business Oriented Leadership Development Conference (B.O.L.D.), an event for high school women interested in business, was held this year in a virtual format on January 30th and 31st.  The conference brings together speakers and panels made up of Harvard undergraduates and women leaders in the business world across a variety of industries ranging from finance and tech to fashion and entertainment.  

The conference exemplifies women’s empowerment and inspires young women on how they can lead. The panels were also important for the college application process, as they gave great advice and ideas on college admissions and insights into the business world. The women featured in the conference showed how they create an impact on our society and shared their incredible success stories and advancements. Sunday’s event consisted of seven inspiring panels. Each student was only able to attend a certain number because they overlapped. Listed below are 4 of the panels, 2 keynotes and a master class. 

Panel #1, Applying to College Panel: The 4 panelists, consisting of Harvard undergraduates,  each explained who they were and what they were studying. Most spoke about how they applied and chose early-decision to Harvard. They all advised students  to be prepared to have a list of colleges for regular decision applications as well, just in case. Lastly, college visits helped these undergraduates to decide where they wanted to go and determined a lot of their decisions. 

Panel #2, Technology: The panelists  were four technology co-founders of companies focused on developing, powering technology, and marketing. Mada Seghete grew up in Romania and followed  a computer engineering path. Then, she started product managing and joined a startup. Seghete didn’t initially see  an issue with the lack of women working in tech because she didn’t feel any different, even though her co-founders were all men. But, she found a group of female founder friends and saw that what they went through as women was incredible. She realized that it was harder to raise money as a woman and they did not have check-writing power like men. The second panelist,Vanessa Liu, was a social commerce CEO in entrepreneurship. Having a personal board of advisors was also important to Vanessa. They helped her succeed and created opportunities for her. Lastly, she explained that working with women and people of color changed her views and motivated her to make a social impact in a technology company. When she first started working in  business, she was oblivious to how the world worked. Women and diverse entrepreneurs were coming to her because she is a Chinese-American, and a plethora of these women could relate to her. Another panelist faced similar challenges in her journey through the industry: Neeti Mehta Shukla. She is from India and started product marketing and consumer behavior. She founded “Automatic Anywhere”. The fact that she was a woman in technology did not bother her or hold her back because she knew she had a place. In the end, technology has the responsibility to change jobs and create new improvements. Artificial intelligence may be causing mass job loss, but if the end goal stays  in perspective, then society as a whole is changing for the better. An important question to keep in mind is “Will jobs become obsolete due to these special advancements”? These educated women show that creating jobs for the future, and local users, create more products and services that were once impossible. “I almost envy all of you young kids because the sky’s the limit” Shukla said. 

Single-Player Video Games to Play Right Now

Aidan Brunt ’24
Thomas Ou ’24
EE Staff Writers

Eagle’s Eye gamers, Thomas and Aidan, share their current “Best of” list for your playing pleasure:

Red Dead Redemption 2
Kicking off this list, we have Rockstar’s award-winning action-adventure game, Red Dead Redemption 2. In this game, you will experience the misadventures of an outlaw named Author Morgan in a fictionalized western world. You will find yourself dumping hours in this game without even realizing it as you explore its immersive and interactive open-world map with little to no restraint on your exploration. This game offers a wide variety of weapons and explosives to keep your foes at bay as you go from stealing horses to hijacking trains. Unless you want to be chased by bounty hunters, rival gangs, and law enforcement, you must maintain an honor rating throughout the game, with a bounty system much like the ones in Grand Theft Auto. According to MetacriticRed Dead Redemption 2 is the highest-rated game for the PS4 and Xbox One along with GTA V and also holds the title of the fifth-highest rated game overall.

Doom Eternal
The newest release in the infamous Doom series, we have a game that was able to combine both classic shooter elements while adding an intense and dark attitude spin. Doom Eternal takes place on an Earth that has been consumed by Hell, following the quest of Doom Slayer as he frees the Earth from the demonic hordes. You must manage your resources and fight with a nonstop pace of shoot & run, all the while praying that it somehow works out. This creates an adrenaline-filled game that is both fun and interesting to play. While the story is not revolutionary compared to other games on this list, it does have a decent one that fits this type of game. Eternal has plenty to explore and adds many features to the classic game we all know and love, being challenging but having rewarding outcomes. This game is definitely one of the darker and gory games on this list but actually fits the setting well. This nonstop nightmare will have you on your toes and your fingers on the trigger for the whole experience.

Crusader Kings 3
One of the more underrated games on our list is Crusader Kings 3. The sequel to Crusader Kings 2 is from the renowned grand strategy game studio Paradox Interactive and is the newest grand strategy since Hearts of Iron 4. The name is fitting as it takes place in an era of the crusades, ancient kingdoms, and monarchies. Compared to many other fighting and war strategy games this one is truly special. Similar to Civilization 6, this game has an option-based story system, with each feature being extremely complex. You could spend hours managing your own domestic affairs within your kingdom without realizing that there are neighboring nations plotting against you. Sometimes characters play an even bigger role than the nations themselves and throughout the game, you will make choices for your heirs and how you interact with others. With the immersive and interactive masterpiece of a game, you can become the supreme ruler of the greatest nation Europe has ever seen. 

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