2017 Superintendent’s College & Career Readiness Forum Message: Success Subsequent to Schooling

Kate Ariano ‘18 EE Features Editor “No matter what it is you decide to do…you have to like what you are doing…[because] part of being good at your job is being passionate More »

THS Model Congress Heads to Washington

Manan Manchanda EE Co-News Editor Last month, Trumbull Model Congress had the honor of attending Princeton Model Congress. These students were able to partake in heavy bill-debating that centered around real world issues, More »

Class of 2017 makes SAS Great Again

Ethan Bachand ‘18 EE Co-News Editor Power Rangers, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and a Donald Trump. Not something you would regularly see at Trumbull High, but Sponsor a Senior is no More »

Golden Eagles March to Victory: Band Brings Home 14-Foot National Champions Trophy

Anjeli Sambasivam ‘18 EE Lifestyle Editor On Saturday November 12th, the Trumbull High School Golden Eagle Marching Band headed to MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey to compete in the USBands More »


Saint Patrick’s Day Desserts

Anjeli Sambasivam ‘18
EE Senior Lifestyle Editor

shamrock cookiesSaint Patrick’s Day is here! When I think of Saint Patrick’s Day, the color that immediately comes to mind is green. You can never go wrong with some delicious green cupcakes and frosted sugar cookies. Short on time? These are the perfect recipes for you!

Recipe #1: Cupcakes

1 package (18.25 ounces) white cake mix
1 ¼ cups water
⅓ cup vegetable oil
3 egg whites
8 drops green food coloring

Never Too Late: Sweet Recipes for Valentine’s Day

Anjeli Sambasivam ‘18
EE Senior Lifestyle Editor

Valentine’s day is right around the corner! When I think of Valentine’s day, I immediately think of chocolate and sweet pink treats. You can never go wrong with chocolate covered strawberries and heart-shaped sugar cookies. Short on time? Here are some delicious desserts that everyone will definitely enjoy!

Recipe #1: Chocolate Covered Strawberrieschocolate strawberries

16 ounces of chocolate: white, milk, or dark chocolate
2 tablespoons of shortening/butter
1 pound of strawberries
Sprinkles (optional)
Crushed almonds/peanuts (optional)

Disney Show Teaches Us All Many Things

Katie Boback ‘17
EE Senior Entertainment Editor

hero_girlmeetsworld_home_875d74fe“Take on the world.”

That is exactly what Girl Meets World has taught us for so long. This TV show may have aired on the Disney Channel, but I can honestly say that it is for all ages, not just kids.

We have been taught so many things on Girl Meets World.

We have learned about gravity. Your loved ones are not going to be around forever, so get to know them while you can. We have learned about Pluto and how it may not be a planet, but that it is always out there. We all have someone out there for us. It may just take a while to find them.

Gaming: Harmless Fun or Ruinous?

Masud Kabir ‘18
EE Staff Writer

video-games-1557358_1920The video game industry, one of the fastest growing businesses of our era, is making a big impact in the world economy. But how do video games affect people’s minds? Are they good or bad? These are big questions. In order to get the answers, it is important to know what video games really are.

Actually, video games are digital entertainment played electronically which manipulate images and texts to guide players through the process. There are various genres of video games such as stealth, strategy, mystery, simulation, and shooting. All of these can be two dimensional or three dimensional. Three dimensional games are widely popular these days as they feel more real.

But are violent video games responsible for negative effects on the human brain, specifically for kids and teens?

Reflecting on Black History Month

Christina Yacoub ‘17
EE Co-Opinions Editor

IMG_2918Since the beginning of the era of exploration and colonialism, African Americans have struggled to establish equality. In the process, importantly, they created a rich history. From the foundation of the NAACP in 1909 to the election in 2008, inspiring and progressive figures have emerged. Although the United States has had an embarrassing history with racial inequality, we must remember the men and women who have tried to create a better world.

There is no shortage of men and women dedicated to creating a more just world. Some of the most prominent figures include Nat Turner, Frederick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, Booker T Washington, W.E.B Dubois, Frederick Douglas, Langston Hughes, Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Huey Newton and Bobby Seale (black panthers), Stokely Carmichael, and of course, the Obamas.

Within pop culture, African American athletes, artists, and other performers have organized a platform and made sure their voice is heard. With social media such as Twitter and Tumblr, it is significantly easier to spread opinions about injustices in our society.

The list of people risking their lives to provide a better future for the next generation is truly endless. Even before Rosa Parks, African Americans refused to give up their seats on buses to those who demanded them to leave.

THS Model Congress Capitalizes on Successful Fundraisers

Ethan Bachand ‘18 and Jessica Parillo ‘18
EE News Editor and Co-Managing Editor

 The week of January 30th was a busy one for the THS Model Congress team who worked to raise money for their upcoming trip to Harvard at the end of February. Over the course of two events, the club was able to raise $800 and are looking to continue fundraising.

    The first of the events was sponsored by Old Towne, in which the restaurant generously agreed to donate 10% of all dine in profits to the team. It was a win-win for family and friends of Model Congress students, who were able to enjoy delicious food and benefit the club at the same time. The night proved to be a huge success, raising an impressive amount.

Assemble Against Abuse

Kate Ariano ‘18
EE Features Editor

looking inthatre pic

Students from the Looking In Theater Program from Hartford, CT with their teacher Jonathan Gilman. The students answer questions that Gilman and the audience pose about their characters from the skits they performed.

You see your friend and you wave. You walk over and engage in small talk, things like the weather and school. You continue to talk for a little while. The topic changes. Now you’re talking about politics. Nope that changed. Now it’s problems in the U.S. like racism and alcohol abuse. Nope that changed. Now it’s how your friend Jenny got drunk at a party the other night. Nope that changed. Now it’s how Jenny’s nudes got leaked and the whole school has them. Uncomfortable yet? Some juniors certainly were while sitting in the auditorium last Wednesday at an assembly that covered these touchy subjects and more.

Mr. Mecca explained before the show began that, “While the performance will end, the thinking needs to continue.” While he and the guidance staff may have hoped that the skits, portraying uncomfortable or problematic circumstances that happen to teens, provoked serious thought, some students thought it was rather a “spiked version of teenage lives,” as junior Terril Pile put it.

The Greatest Comeback in Super Bowl History


Julian Edelman make what is perhaps the greatest catch in Super Bowl history.

Ethan Bachand ’18
EE Co-News Editor

Football is a 60 minute game. Sometimes a little more, but never any less. Until three zeros are on the game clock, however improbable, anything is possible. In what can only be described as one of the most electrifying Super Bowls of all time, the New England Patriots rallied from a 25 point deficit to defeat the Atlanta Falcons in overtime.

The mission was clear for both teams well before the game even started. For the Patriots and their quarterback Tom Brady, they were chasing history as they hoped to seize a 5th Lombardi Trophy  for their owner, head coach, and star player. For the Falcons, they were simply in chase of their first ever NFL championship in franchise history. With both teams driven to succeed, the game was set up to be an instant classic. Lucky for us, it didn’t disappoint.

Chambers Spread Cheer over The Holiday Season

Jessica Parillo ‘18
EE Co-Managing Editor

The month of December was an exciting one for the Trumbull High School Chamber Singers, who have been busy with performances this winter. After weeks of daily practice and even after school rehearsals, they had multiple opportunities to showcase their hard work and spread some holiday cheer.

    Under the direction of Ms. Anne Tornillo, the Chambers performed a comprehensive list of festive pieces. Included were classics such as Deck the Halls (Shaw) and Silver Bells (Livingston and Evans), as well as two Latin pieces, Verbum Caro Factum Est (Leavitt) and Gaudete (Burrows). The men and women were each featured with their own respective songs, and the group concluded their set list with an upbeat jazz arrangement of O Christmas Tree (Shaw).

    All songs were performed a capella, some with the addition of percussion accessories such as the hand drum and shakers, which were provided by members of the group.

2017 Superintendent’s College & Career Readiness Forum Message: Success Subsequent to Schooling

Panel members (from left): Jennifer Parzych, Thomas Tesoro, Mark Ligas, Kate Hampford Donahue, Anna Bivona, Nicholas Lozinak, Erin Wingo, Rudy Kurup, Morgan Albert, Eric August, Victoria Estacio, Dr. Gary Cialfi, Kyle Beck, and Zac Chase

Kate Ariano ‘18
EE Features Editor

“No matter what it is you decide to do…you have to like what you are doing…[because] part of being good at your job is being passionate about what you do.” This message delivered by Mr. Eric August, a social studies teacher and Mock Trial Team Advisor, was thematic to the evening of January 4th at the 2017 Superintendent’s College and Career Readiness for Success Forum.

A panel of current students – seniors Victoria Estacio and Morgan Albert as well as junior Rudy Kurup and sophomore Kyle Beck – along with recent THS alumni was accompanied by a panel of business and education presenters to share their experiences and expectations for students furthering their education and/or entering into the workforce. Extensive effort from all of the panelists was put in to establish an environment that welcomed students and their families to give some thought to what is to come in preparing for and beginning life after high school.


Dr. Cialfi addresses the audience at the 2017 Superintendent’s College & Career Readiness Forum. Top Photo-Panel members (from left): Jennifer Parzych, Thomas Tesoro, Mark Ligas, Kate Hampford Donahue, Anna Bivona, Nicholas Lozinak, Erin Wingo, Rudy Kurup, Morgan Albert, Eric August, Victoria Estacio, Dr. Gary Cialfi, Kyle Beck, and Zac Chase

One of last year’s panelists and Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Standard Motor Products, Mr. Tom Tesoro, advocated for students to prepare themselves by gaining experience as well as to begin to build their network of people who could potentially assist them in their college and career driven lives. He and fellow panelist Kate Hampford Donahue of Hampford Research in Stratford were also in agreement that when someone is involved in whatever extracurricular activities or hobbies they enjoy doing, it will help connect them to ‘their people’ in college and beyond.

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