Yes, YOUR Child Could Become Crazy About Math!

At Mathnasium Learning Centers, our proven Mathnasium Method helps children clearly understand math by teaching it in a way that makes sense to them. When a child understands math, their confidence soars. With soaring confidence, your child More »

Trumbull Cheerleading Goes Big

Jack Zhang ’14 EE Co-Editor If you are one of those daring enough to suggest “Cheerleading isn’t a sport, “then you’ve clearly haven’t seen THS cheerleaders in their FCIAC competition. Tell that More »

A Place For the THS Student Body to Unite

By Alexa Bello Whether it is to work on homework or just hang out with friends, all THS students will agree that without the library, the school would not be the same. More »

Food Drive Has Big Turn Out

Robin Wyckoff  ’15 Senior Features Editor As most of you know during the past few weeks a food drive has been going on here at THS. This food drive was organized by More »

Trumbull Firefighters Run in Tunnel to Towers Race

By Trumbull Times on October 8, 2013 On Sunday, Sept. 29, four members of Trumbull’s Long Hill Fire Department, two members of the Trumbull Center Fire Department and three members of the Nichols Fire More »


Beware the Ides of March: 2014 NCAA Tournament Thrills

First-year UConn head coach Kevin Ollie  cuts the net after winning the championship. Photo courtesy of Robert Deutsch - USA TODAY Sports.

Tommy Switzgable ‘15
EE Staff Writer

Kevin Pacelli ‘14
EE Co-Editor-in-Chief

It’s that time of year again: that month-and-a-half between the Super Bowl and Opening Day. Sports fans around this time crave some drama, and they look no further than the NCAA tournament, otherwise known as March Madness.

For those with limited sports knowledge, March Madness is the annual NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament. 68 teams from across the country compete in the tournament’s infamous do- or-die format.

No Day But Today: THS Thespians Leave Lasting Impression on Community


Kevin Pacelli ’14
Co-Editor in Chief

For the THS Thespians, saying that the road to performing Rent was a long one would be a vast understatement. Faced with controversy and pressed for time, it was clear that putting on this production was going to be quite an undertaking. In the end, though, the cast and crew together managed to put on a show that was nothing short of spectacular.

Powderpuff Girls

PPFB 03-19-14 013

Alyssa Breunig ’16 and
Benjamin Vu ’16
EE Staff Writer

Powerpuff Girls are made up of a combination of a special “Chemical X”, sugar, spice, and everything nice. Powderpuff girls are made up of brains, brawn, and determination. They both have different make ups, but yield the same end result: a mean, lean, fighting machine. With both teams filled with enthusiastic players, the flag football match was bound to be exciting. While some may argue that Powderpuff is not as interesting as a real football game, there is still plenty of action and thrill. Kendall Szulimowski, a spectator, states, “I love seeing all the wipe outs! This isn’t your average gym class.”

Yes, YOUR Child Could Become Crazy About Math!

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At Mathnasium Learning Centers, our proven Mathnasium Method helps children clearly understand math by teaching it in a way that makes sense to them. When a child understands math, their confidence soars. With soaring confidence, your child is able to do progressively more — more advanced work than they would have ever believed possible. Before you know it, your child could become crazy about math!

Social Media?

Lia Horyczun ’16
EE Senior News Editor

Most students at Trumbull High use social media of some sort. One very popular social media site is Facebook created by Mark Zuckerberg. Why do students have Facebook? Is it useful at all?

Kayla Murray, a junior, stated, “Facebook is sometimes useful. I mean I use it for updates of groups for school events such as THeSpian Society.” For thespians of Trumbull High, Facebook was used to advocate the word of how RENT the musical was cancelled and why it should be performed.

Uncovering the Logic Behind Class Scheduling

Alison Kuznitz ’15
EE Senior Opinions Editor

As course selection season winds down at Trumbull High School, students have been left with mixed feelings about their schedules for next year. While some underclassmen selected their courses in a matter of minutes after perusing the Program of Studies catalog, other students agonized over their decisions. This especially holds true for juniors who were hard-pressed to choose their academics in the midst of such an extensive array of classes.

Technology Take Over

Christie Costello ’14
EE Staff Writer

One would be amazed if they took the time to look up from their own phone to see the number of students at THS walking and texting or checking Twitter and Instagram. Students are frequently glued to their phones for social media updates, text messages, or even just to pass the time and iPhones seem to have convinced many people that there is an app for everything. This generation has become overly dependent on technology and, for the most part, do not even realize it. Technology has consumed the lives of many.

The World Wide Web of Friends

Casey Walsh ’14
EE Staff Writer

Even back in the days of MySpace, everyone has always headed caution towards making friends on the Internet and on social media sites. We’ve all been to assemblies in school in which an adult comes in and talks about how they thought they were becoming friends with a 20 year old girl named Brittany from New York when it was really Mark, a 50 year old man from New Jersey. But despite all of the negativity given towards making friends online, I personally believe that there is a positive side to making friends online if you go about it the right way.

Grammy Recap.

Geethika Kodakara ’16
EE Staff Writer

Every year, the Grammy Awards are considered to be one of the biggest events in the music industry. Thousands of viewers sit in front of their TVs to see their favorite artists perform live and receive awards.

Senioritis…Are You Infected?

Rebecca Buck ’14
EE Staff Writer

As the halfway point of the school year rolls around, midterms check in and seniors check out. After three grueling years of high school, standardize testing, SATS, and college applications seniors often become infected with the classic case of Senioritis. Senioritis can be classified as a term used to describe the decreased motivation towards studies displayed by students who are nearing the end of their high school careers.

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