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Team Caroline and Mia Tutu Trot

13227062_941921769258824_5202146942423836014_nBhavya Bhushan ’16
EE Senior Sports Editor

On June 5th, the Team Caroline and Mia Tutu Trot will take place on the fields behind Trumbull High School. The 1.7 mile relay race is dedicated to two young girls at Jane Ryan Elementary School who are fighting cancer. One of the girls, Mia, is the daughter of Mr. James McCaffrey.

The race has two goals. The first is to show the girls that the community they live in can rally behind them and bring love, joy, and light into the daily struggles of fighting cancer. The second is to provide monetary support for both families as they each continue their treatment and daily lives.

Top Runner Katelynn Romanchick’s Journey as an Athlete

Katelynn Romanchick smiles after crossing the finish line of the 1600 run at the Greater Hartford Invitational on May 14. Romanchick matched the school record of 5:07.69, also earning herself a personal record.

Katelynn Romanchick smiles after crossing the finish line of the 1600 run at the Greater Hartford Invitational on May 14. Romanchick matched the school record of 5:07.69, also earning herself a personal record.

Bhavya Bhushan ’16
EE  Senior Sports Editor

Over the last three years, Katelynn Romanchick has earned the school record for the mile, consistently placed first for the cross country team, and has been voted captain for next year’s cross country and track teams. Her achievements as a runner are outstanding. Surprisingly, as a freshman Romanchick’s only plan was to play basketball.

Romanchick said, “I only ran a couple of 5k’s before and I thought running was gross. I never wanted to keep up with it.” However, Romanchick’s plans quickly changed when her mother signed her up for cross country without telling her.

Sports Authority Declares Bankruptcy

Sports Authority on Main Street in Bridgeport is scheduled to close down as the company has declared bankruptcy.

Sports Authority on Main Street in Bridgeport is scheduled to close down as the company has declared bankruptcy.

Arnav Srivastava ’19
EE Staff Writer

hority always has the quality equipment you need to get your game on. However, the famed sports equipment retailer had claimed bankruptcy in March. Although the company had excellent products at great prices, the company was lacking in one crucial perspective: online sales. It is now becoming a moderate trend for giant companies such as Sports Authority to suffer great loss due to their incapability in online sales. Now, one of the world’s most successful sports retailers is hurtling down towards its doom.

Although it had seemed that Sports Authority had a sturdy plan to solve the crisis, in which they would close about 140 stores and keep on functioning independently, Sports Authority’s position is only worsening. All of the investors of Sports Authority seem to dislike the company’s plan to sell some stores (earning some money) and continue operating, and refuse to fund it. Without any capital, the company is put in jeopardy and has minimal ability to exploit any of its plans.

Rookie to Recruited: The High School Athlete Struggle

Sophomore Shannon Siebold takes the ball down the field past Brookfield's Savannah Ryan.

Sophomore Shannon Siebold takes the ball down the field past Brookfield’s Savannah Ryan.

Katelynn Romanchick ’17
EE Staff Writer

It’s a dream for the majority of high school athletes to be able to extend their sports careers into college. After high school, everything is expanded. The competition, the intensity, the love for your sport; all these aspects are built upon, and that’s why it’s so appealing to the most determined and talented at school.

In high school, the key word is recruitment. Colleges look for athletes performing well on the field and in the classroom, choosing a select few for their programs. For some sports, recruiting is clear cut. Sports like cross country and swimming and diving provide clear times and amounts for colleges to look at. However in many sports, the process is more complicated, and much more work.

New Tennis Coaches Plan For The Season


Coaches Vanessa Pardo and Laura Santelli pose with the 2015 boys tennis team during their first season of coaching.

Lalith Gannavaram ’18
EE Staff Writer

Spring sports season is upon us and the boys tennis team will be training under the eyes of a relatively new pair of coaches. Coaches Laura Santelli and Vanessa Pardo were appointed after Mr. Breslow retired last year. Though they may have been new, the coaches brought immediate success to the team, which reached states for the first time in three years. Both brought solid credentials to the table.

Gleen Runs Into Yet Another Victory

Kate Ariano ’18
EE Staff Writer

Years of battling several concussions and struggling to find a passion where he could feel at home, all led up to this moment for junior and middle distance track runner, Tyler Gleen. At the New England Championship Indoor Track and Field Meet in Boston, MA from February 26th to the 28th, Gleen and teammates Dylan McEniry, Tyler Rubush, and Taylor Auten ran the 4×800 meter race to place eighth overall. Gleen raced into first place with an outstanding time of 1:19:86 in the 600 meter.

“I have fun hanging out with the team in dual meets and I just treated New England’s the same way” Gleen explains. “Last year, I was lucky enough to get 4th so by getting 1st this year it’s really rewarding.”

A Record Breaking Season

ct-cttrumbullhighschool-letter-150Bhavya Bhushan ‘16
EE Sports Editor

This year’s boys indoor track team has already found a place on the records board, and a single championship meet has not occurred yet. The boys now hold the record for the 4x800m relay and the 1000 meter run, and they plan on breaking two more.

On January 8, at the Alpha Owl Invitational held at Southern Connecticut State University, both junior Tyler Gleen and sophomore Tyler Rubush broke the record for the thousand. It was expected that Gleen, state champion in the 600 meter run, would break the record. However, Rubush also stepped up to the challenge, despite his lack of experience. He said, “Going into the thousand I really didn’t know how I was going to do. It was my first official thousand so I really didn’t have much experience in the race.”

HAN network FCIAC Winter Sports Tour

Screenshot (33)

Senior and captain Gina Moriello answers Rob Davis’ questions during HAN Network’s FCIAC Winter Sports Tour.


Bhavya Bhushan ’16
EE  Senior Sports Editor

On Thursday Dec 10, interviewers Bill Bloxsom and Rob Adams with HAN network interviewed the Captains and Coaches on all winter teams about their upcoming season.

Captains of the boys basketball team, seniors Jack Moore and Ben McCullough, discussed coming of their undefeated JV 2014-2015 season. In addition, girls basketball captains, seniors Kristina Vetter, Emma Maguire, and Alyssa Breunig, discussed the versatility of their team and their preseason training.

Manchester City Defeats Borussia Monchengladbach


Manchester City striker Raheem Sterling lifts the ball past the defender, over the keeper, and into the net to put City in the lead.

Bhavya Bhushan ’16
EE  Senior Sports Editor

Manchester City went into their game against the powerful Borussia Mönchengladbach with the understanding that winning the group of death would be a long shot. In order for this to occur, Juventas had to lose to Sevilla in the game that had started slightly earlier, and Manchester City had to beat Mönchengladbach.

David Silva started off the game on a good note, scoring in the 16th minute. Raheem Sterling, who turned 21 that day, held the ball from three defenders then sent a back heel pass through them to Silva. For the first time since August, Silva scored, kicking the ball over the goalie and into the back right corner of the goal.

Girls Soccer Opens with a Win

Bhavya Bhushan ‘16
EE Senior Sports Editor

Less than five minutes were left in the game when a Staples defender knocked sophomore Julie Keckler to the ground. The referee called the foul and the Wreckers defense formed a wall, ready to block the free kick which could win girls soccer the game.

As captain Jill Presser stepped up to take the kick, she knew she had the power to bring the score up from 3-2. The game had been tied at 2-2 for the entire second half and the girls wanted to take down one of the top teams in the FCIAC. The day before at practice, the girls had practiced this play. Presser said, “I remember that it was now or never. This was my chance to rise to the occasion.”

Presser ran up to the ball and chipped it over the wall and into the top corner of the goal. Staples goalie Anna Sivinski dove the wrong way, nowhere close to saving the ball. Realizing that they had taken the lead, the girls hugged each other and jumped on each other as the Black Hole which filled the stands went crazy.

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