Monthly Archives: October 2012

Pretty Little Liars Cr”A”ze

By Melissa Giblin ‘13

If you are an active member of twitter, you are well aware that Tuesday night at 8 is #PLL time.  You scroll through your timeline of excited girls sharing their emotions throughout the show. So what is all this fuss about? And what most viewers want to know is…who is A?!

Harvest Ball: An Event to Look Forward To

By Jossy Layedra ‘13

It is almost time for the Harvest Ball. This year the Harvest Ball, also known as cotillion, will be held on November fifth at the Waterview in Monroe, Connecticut from 7:00 to 10:30 pm. School sponsored events such as the Harvest Ball are times when students come together in a safe, inviting, and supervised school sponsored event.  What a better way to start the school year back again than with a dance that is less formal than prom, but just as fun. The anticipation for the Harvest Ball has girls finding the perfect dress and guys finding the perfect tux.

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