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Holiday Traditions Bring Families Together

By Alex Allyn ‘13
EE Staff Writer

Regardless of what you celebrate, the holiday season can be counted on to be filled with cheer and memories. Memories that are held most dear often involve friends and family. Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, or Kwanza, everyone has traditions that he or she shares with family members, and, no matter how embarrassing the traditions are, people secretly love them. Traditions differ from family to family, and can range from gut busting funny to seriously heartfelt. But what makes them special is just how unique they are to each family.

Is Love Really the Blind One?

By Sara Steere ‘13
Marisa Moutinho ‘13
Mark Ballaro ‘13
Vanessa Kenealy ‘13
EE Staff Writers

In the United States, one of the most common controversies is whether or not same-sex couples should be able to marry. Not only is the social media booming with this issue, but in the recent 2012 election it was an extremely prevalent topic during debates. This issue has created an ugly and heated battle between the church and state. Some churches outdated, almost ancient ideas are difficult for Americans to abide by during times when more and more people coming out.

Links of Love

To Our Neighbors in Newtown,

We are all affected by what happened and want your community to know that you are not alone. The chain that Trumbull High School students and staff made for you symbolizes how if we come together we grow stronger. We cannot even begin to understand what you are feeling, but we want your whole community to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Words can never describe the sorrow we feel. Tears are being shed throughout the nation, not just in Connecticut. It is through times of tremendous struggle that our nation is able to come together as one and emerge stronger. The perseverance, courage and strength of the community are what will define Newtown as a whole. The memories of the victims will be in our hearts forever. There are 27 new stars in the sky. Gone but never forgotten.

THS Eagle’s Eye Staff

Holiday Spirit Shines at School

By Melissa Giblin 13
EE Staff Writer

These days, the holidays have been consumed by greed and commerciality. They are merely an excuse for selfish individuals to be spoiled with unnecessary gifts, and for advertisers and entrepreneurs to portray these items as essential. In the midst of all these superfluous goods, the true holiday spirit has been buried. This year, many Trumbull High students and staff members are effectively bringing back the true meaning of the holidays through the Salvation Army’s “Adopt a Child Program.”

Get Your Festive Froyo Fix

By Kylie Rotanelli ‘13
EE Staff Writer

Are you looking for a festive treat to bring in the holiday season? When you think about a sweet winter indulgence, frozen yogurt may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, if you take a trip to Go Greenly, the frozen yogurt shop that opened in Trumbull Center this past year, then your mind might be changed.

Annual Spring Musical: “Crazy for You”

By Ana Tantum ‘13
EE Staff Writer

Trumbull High’s thespians will be back in full force this year for this year’s annual spring musical. Crazy for You will premiere March 20th and will be shown through March 24th. The musical this year will be more traditional than last year’s, The Wiz. The dances will be tap based and include music written by the Gershwin in the 30s. Crazy for You begins at a setting in New York City but moves to a small town setting in Nevada. The show is a love story that THS students would be a fool to miss!

Top 5 Apps To Download

Maddie McGillicuddy ’13
EE Staff Writer

With students receiving phone upgrades each and every day, the decision about which phone to purchase can be stressful. While there are so many choices now-a-days, students typically pick what is most popular. For example, 20 out of 24 students have an iPhone. With this being said, one must question why so many students have chosen the iPhone? This question can be answered with one word: apps.

“American Horror Story” is at the Asylum

By Lisa Carbone ‘14
EE Staff Writer

A new year, new story. Last year’s American Horror Story became an anthology series in which every season has a completely new story and new characters, all having nothing to do with the previous season. This year’s story is appropriately called Asylum taking place at the fictional Briarcliff Mental Institution in the year 1964. Another smaller storyline takes place in the present day. The show also has actors returning from the previous season in completely different roles that includes, Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, Lily Rabe, Zachary Quinto, and Sarah Paulson.

Guide to Gift-Giving

By Marissa Piccolo
EE Lifestyle Editor

If one takes the Sheldon Cooper approach to gift giving, he or she might ponder the holiday paradox: “The entire institution of gift giving make no sense. Let’s say that I go out, and I spend 50 dollars on you, it’s a laborious activity, because I have to imagine what you need, where as you know what you need. Now I could simplify things, just give you the 50 dollars directly, and you could give me 50 dollars on my birthday, and so on, until one of us dies, leaving the other one old and 50 dollars richer. And I ask, is it worth it?”

Underage Drinking Forum Accomplishes Its Goal Again

By Logan Ratick ’13
EE Co-Editor-in-Chief
Stephanie Guerin ‘13
Melissa Giblin ‘13
Mark Ballaro ‘13
EE Staff Writers

Has the influence of alcohol affected your life in one way or another? Have you ever been in a car with an intoxicated driver? Have you been the drunk driver yourself?

On Wednesday, November 28th, Trumbull High School hosted its annual Underage Drinking Forum for the freshman class, which addressed the questions above. The purpose of this event was to make students and parents aware of the dangers of alcohol consumption by teenagers. As always, the forum was informative and emotional.

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