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Bicen Battles and Triumphs in Hartford: Next Stop D.C.

By Mark Ballaro, Alex Baird, Cristen Yakush, Lisa Ward
EE Staff Writers

On Friday December 14th, the students of We the People won their state competition in our capital city, Hartford. We The People, better known as Bicen, is a club offered through the AP Government class. Bicen, short for Bicentennial and run by Ms. Boland, is a nationally acclaimed program, giving students the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the United States government and constitutional principles.

A Variety of Winter Vacations

By Stephanie Guerin and Melissa Giblin
EE Staff Writers

This year, Trumbull High School’s December break was eleven full days. That is 264 hours or 15,840 minutes. What can you do in this amount of time? How about travel thousands of miles across the country or maybe fly down to your favorite vacation spot to get out of the cold December weather.

Trumbull High Passes the Test

By Alex Allyn, Sara Steere, Kylie Rotanelli, Jenna Vietze
EE Staff Writers

Students often hear about Trumbull High School being included in many different ranking systems and performance standards, but few students know where the statistics come from or what they mean.  Recently, Connecticut’s Department of Education adopted a new system for school ranking, which is based on whether students at individual schools are making specific grades. The subjects the system focuses on are reading, writing, math, and science. So, what was Trumbull high School’s score and was it accurate?

Boys Soccer Honored with Sportsmanship Award

By Ana Tantum, Matt Vonschleusingen, Jeremy Lewis, Nick Laskos
EE Staff Writers

When the Trumbull High School boys soccer team’s 2012 season began, the odds were not in their favor. On top of the loss of key players from their highly successful 2011 season, the Eagles were also put on yellow card probation. Despite this adversity, the team was able to overcome setbacks and receive the recognition they much deserved. The boys were awarded with the Southern Connecticut Jack Malladay Sportsmanship Award for the 2012 season. Coaches, players, and fans alike all agree that the yellow card probation the team was placed on was actually a blessing in disguise.

Ultimate Frisbee: A New Trend

Junior Jimmy Fisher playing intense defense, aiding his team to success. Photo courtesy of Jesse Rubinstein

By Jesse Rubinstein ‘14
EE Senior Sports Editor

When talking sports amongst friends, usually the topic of discussion is Baseball, Basketball, or Football, depending on the current season. These particular sports are popular across the nation and even internationally. However, there are sports that are rarely played across the world, and some not even heard of. Unique and exclusive sports, such as Ultimate Frisbee, are overlooked in modern day society. Yet, some of them are beginning to gain a strong following, and clubs are starting up at schools across the nation.

iPhone vs. Samsung Galaxy SIII

By Jossy Layedra ‘13
EE Staff Writer

The iPhone has become part of the daily life, not only Trumbull High School, but worldwide. While the iPhone has been considered the number one smartphone ever since it came out June 29, 2007, it is starting to have high competition with the recent release of Samsung Galaxy S III as of June 2012.

Trumbull Linked Together

By Melissa Giblin
EE Staff Writer

Upon returning to school after the horrible tragedy that occurred on Friday, December 14 in Newtown, the hallways of Trumbull High School were flooded with green and white, Sandy Hook’s colors, attempting to show support for Trumbull’s neighbors.

The Anxious Wait

By Jenna Vietze ’13
EE Staff Writer

It is getting down to the wire. Some seniors are rushing to get in all of their college applications in by their deadline, while others are anxiously waiting for acceptance letters. It is that time of the year when many seniors are starting to hear back from colleges and others are getting antsy wondering as to why they haven’t heard anything.

Get Linked

By Alexandra Baird ‘13
EE Staff Writer

Link Crew is in full force, serving freshmen during December and January. With an upcoming Academic Follow-Up (AFU), a cocoa and cram, and even a movie night, link leaders continue to welcome freshmen into the Trumbull High School community.

Dropping Temperatures Bring Warmer Gear for Wear

By Taylor Milne ’13
EE Staff Writer

As cold weather moved in with the official start of Winter, December 21, the fashion in the halls of THS underwent change. Saying goodbye to short sleeves, students now commonly come bundled up with scarves, sweaters, hoodies, and boots.

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