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Off the Beat: The 2013 Grammy Awards

imagesBy Molly Denstedt ’16
EE Staff Writer

On February 10th, the 55th Grammy’s were hosted by LL Cool J. On this special evening, various artists gathered together in their tuxedos and ball gowns and waited in suspense for each award to be announced. Both artists and viewers witnessed several enjoyable performances and heartwarming speeches.

Personal Fitness: An Elective Benefiting the Entire Student Body

By Alison Kuznitz ’15
EE Senior Opinions Editor

Trumbull High School is enhancing and diversifying the physical education curriculum. Next year, a new gym elective known as Personal Fitness will be available to all students. It will be an alternative to the regular PE class currently offered. This class can be beneficial to students who do not consider themselves athletic, yet enjoy activities such as yoga, Pilates, and utilizing the weight room. Additionally, Personal Fitness can be geared towards students with medical conditions that prevent them from participating in the normal physical education class.

Time for an Upgrade at THS? The Technology Debate

Morgan Regent ‘16
EE Staff Writer

Alyssa pulls out her phone in class and almost instantly the teacher exclaims, “Put that away right now or I will take it!” The typical response to this would be some sort of excuse from the student as to why the phone is out. However, excuses only work on rare occasions. Then class continues with cellphones out of sight.

Best YouTubers to Watch for Style and Fashion Education

By Paulina Howard ’15
EE Staff Writer

Look around. Students clad in UGGs, frumpy sweats, North Faces, and skin tight leggings dominate the student population. Where is the individuality? The sense of style? Trumbull High School is in desperate need of some style education from people their own age.

State DECA Marketing Competition

News Brief

On Wednesday February 27, 2013, eighteen members of the THS Honors Marketing program made the trip to the Aqua Turf Club to compete with Connecticut’s best Marketing and DECA students. Over 1200 student representatives from various high schools spent the day testing their aptitude with topics such as business operations, business management, entrepreneurship and business administration. The competition was very arduous.

All competitive activities are aligned with the state competency skill standards. These competency-based competitive events have been designed, administered, validated, and judged by Connecticut professionals who are involved in the areas of marketing, merchandising, finance, tourism, and management.

Principles of Business Administration Events (written component and two role plays in which the students were given 10 minutes to prepare)

Principles of Business Management and Administration:
*1st Place = Zachary Chase (2013)
Principles of Hospitality and Tourism:
# 4th Place = Rebecca Buck (2014)

INDIVIDUAL SERIES EVENTS (written component and two role plays in which the students were given 10 minutes to prepare)
Business Services Marketing:
*2nd Place = Carly Goroff (2013)
Quick Serve Restaurant Management:
# = Mathew Von Schleusingen (2013)

TEAM SERIES EVENTS (written component, presentation of materials, as well as a team comprehensive assessment in which students were given 30 minutes to prepare)

Hospitality Services:
*2nd Place = Kyle Foito (2013) and Vincent Ciambriello (2013)
*3rd Place = Kathryn Herndon (2014) and Corrie MacLean (2014)

Buying and Merchandising:
# = Justin Burke (2013) and Kevin Mott (2013)

*denotes qualifier for National Competition
#denotes top 6 in category finisher

Pictured Front row: Corrie MacLean, Katie Herndon, Rebecca Buck, Matt Von Schleusingen, Zac Chase, Vinny Ciambriello, Carly Goroff. Back row: Todd Manuel, Kyle Foito, Justin Burke, Kevin Mott

Ticket Wars

By Lauren Ciulla ’16
EE Staff Writer

Perched comfortably at the top of the charts are artists like One Direction and Justin Bieber. The constantly growing fanbases are fed up with the notorious struggle faced when trying to acquire tickets to any of these popular shows. Ticketmaster’s dreaded “Sorry, no exact matches were found, but other tickets may still be available” is becoming more and more prevalent due to scalping, or the reselling of tickets.

“Identity Thief” Top Box Office Draw for Three Weeks in a Row

By Emili Antos ‘13
EE Staff Writer

Sitting in the movie theatre, the lights dimmed, and the main character, Diana, announced through the phone, “Excuse me Mr. Patterson, but your identity has been stolen.” Everyone in the theatre was immediately hooked. The catch is that Diana is the one who is about to steal Sandy Bigelow Patterson’s identity. When Sandy Patterson, played by Jason Bateman, finds out that his identity has been stolen, he goes out to Florida to search for the person attempting to ruin his lide. He only has one week to catch the individual and bring them back to Denver. If he does not do so, then Patterson will be without a job and not being able to support his wife, two little girls, and the baby on the way.

Keif the Beast Performing at Sophomore Ring Dance

By Keri Crossley ’15
EE Staff Writer

School dances. It is a time when everyone can get together and have fun as an entire grade. The Ring Dance is an activity that most sophomores look forward too. It is a time to celebrate the end of the school year while dancing the night away with friends and peers. Every year, one of the main components of the Ring Dance is the music. Some years, the disc jockey’s performance is remembered for making the dance more or less of a success. If the music is not recent enough or does not make students want to dance, the dance may let down the student population.

Viral Videos

By Lisa Carbone ’14
EE Staff Writer

In the new Internet age, viral videos ripple from one person to another in rapid fire from word of mouth. Viral videos are normally videos that are humorous or show someone doing something stupid. Some examples of videos are Gangam Style, Harlem Shake, Nyan Cat, Call Me Maybe, My Wedding Speech, and many more. Recently, it has expanded into catchy pop songs, dance crazes, and wedding proposals.

Alex Rodriguez Strongly Linked to Steroids Clinic

By Kristina Vetter ‘16
EE Staff Writer

Baseball is America’s game. How would you feel if America’s beloved game was tainted by steroids and performance enhancing drugs? Alex Rodriguez, an important part of the famous New York Yankees has been accused of using performance enhancing drugs. The thought that one of the heroes of the Yankees may not be an honest player is truly shocking. The New York Yankees is one of the most honored and decorated teams in baseball history but the question looms, did one of their own cheat?

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