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STEM Challenge

News Brief

During this year, four dedicated students, Alexa Simpson, Chris Stella, Kevin Crossley and Ravina Hingorani, from Trumbull High School, came together to work on the Sikorsky STEM Challenge. They were asked to research the Aileron of the F4U Corsair and eventually redesign it. Over the course of six reports, they worked alongside mentors from Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation.

On Saturday, May 4, 2013, these students presented in front of a panel of five judges in the Connecticut Student Innovation Expo in the Convention Center in Hartford and won third place in the state.

THS Robotics Club Takes Documentation Honor at Regional Tournament

The 2013 THS Botball ®Team Back: Advisor Mr. Drenkard, Dan Yankura, Jack Tinker, Sam Nguyen, Mason DeMelo Front: Tommy Daly, Grace Forster, Greg St Germain and the robots

The 2013 THS Botball ®Team
Back: Advisor Mr. Drenkard, Dan Yankura, Jack Tinker, Sam Nguyen, Mason DeMelo
Front: Tommy Daly, Grace Forster, Greg St Germain and the robots

News Brief

On May 11, the Trumbull High School Robotics Club traveled to Rahway NJ to compete in the Botball® NY/NJ Regional tournament. The team has been planning, designing and building robots for the tournament since the kickoff workshop in March. The robots compete on an eight foot square game board by sensing objects of various shape, size and color, retrieving them and placing them in specified locations. This is done through a designed obstacle course that included other teams’ obstructing robots.

Junior Class Trip Update


Two weeks and counting. The junior class will be heading to Boston on May 24th for the Junior Class Trip. Students who plan on attending, please do not bring drinks on the bus as water will be provided and the bus will stop along the way.

The bus will leave from the front of the school promptly at 6:30 am. Take a look at the video about the junior class trip for additional information.

Club for a Cure

pink ribbonLauren Ciulla ’16
EE Staff Writer

Pink is the color of compassion, and that is precisely what the Pink Ribbon Club at Trumbull High School is all about. This club is run by Mrs. Laird, with senior advisors Gigi Cadella, Julia Lisi, Eliza Lynch, and Rafaela Susara managing the numerous underclassmen members.

Game, Set, Match

Molly Denstedt ’16
EE Staff Writer

The bright, green Penn ball have arrived, the nets are up and the snow has officially melted to reveal the green and blue tennis courts. Tennis season is here.

THS We the People – 8th in the Nation!

Good Morning Trumbull High School!

As you probably have heard, our We the People team placed 8th in the Nation at the National Finals this weekend. ! It was an amazing experience. The students testified for 15 minutes in the House Financial Services Committee Hearing Room. Some of their judges were state Supreme Court justices and law school professors. The kids (young adults but “kids” to me) were confident and poised. The judges were impressed with their preparation, knowledge and passion. I’m so proud of all of them! I’ve attached a few pictures from our weekend.

Model UN Delegates End Up on Top

Brittany Kubicko’15
EE Senior Features Editor

Our school has many successes under our belt. Clubs such as Mock Trial and Academic Decathlon have earned recognition and gained spots in national competitions, and the Marching Band has, for years, traveled across the United States to compete at the national level, bring home trophies.

The Cultural Diversity Club Delves into an International Effort

Alison Kuznitz ’15
EE Senior Opinions Editor

To say that the world is a diverse place is a major understatement. When you statistically break down the inhabitants of our planet into different facets, the various distinctions are absolutely tremendous. Overall, 7 billion people comprise our total population. When you break this down further, there are between 193 and 250 countries. Within these countries, between 6,000 and 7,000 languages are cumulatively spoken. Not to mention, there are 21 major religions. Once you wrap your head around these numbers, just begin to consider the staggering amount of cultures and related customs.

Touch a What?

By Paulina Howard ’15
EE Staff Writer

Every day, children grow up hearing the sirens of the ambulances drive by their houses from time to time. They will rush to the front window, trying to get a glimpse at the truck zipping by, and are easily awed by the flashing lights and the immense power that the siren emits.

Summer and Technology

Kira Littlejohn ’16
EE Staff Writer

Summer vacation is when students all over the U.S are out from school. In the past, students commonly use the time to visit relatives and spend time with friends. It’s the traditional summer known and loved, but has this traditional summer been lost to the hype of technology? Instead of going to a sandy beach or sharing a picnic with Grandma, many high school students will instead log onto Facebook. Technology is great, but a whole summer filled with it can make a teen lazy and gain weight. Should parents and teens be worried?

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