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Push Away the Urge to Push Back

Martha Hegley ‘16
EE Staff Writer

Procrastination. We have all experienced it to some degree. Telling yourself you will study for your history test after you check your Facebook news feed will ultimately end badly.  Although this can’t be stopped overnight, here are some tips to manage your time better.

Board of Education: Longer Weekends vs February Break

Lia Horyczun ‘16
EE Senior News Editor

Woah, hold up. Did someone just say that there’s a proposed idea of having three-day-weekends? Yes, the Board of Education is considering the idea of getting rid of February break in place of multiple three-day-weekends. This proposed change was based off a recent Connecticut proposal to implement a better working system that has worked in other cities across the country.

Brady’s Smile: Doing Big Things For Little Ones in Need

Sydney Sirkin
Staff Writer ‘17

Would you like to help Intensive Care Unit children while they suffer through their stay at the hospital? Well, here’s how.

Brady’s Smile is a charity created by Matt and Annie Hinton in memory of their child Brady, who died on his 2nd birthday in 2006. While his more than half his life was in the ICU, Brady always had a smile on his face, especially when he heard music. Brady was born blind and had problems with every important system in his body. He had 6 minor surgeries and 2 major ones throughout his life.

Hard Winter for THS Academic Decathletes Results in 3rd Place Finish

The Trumbull High School Academic Decathlon Team finished 3rd in the Connecticut Academic Decathlon competition held on Saturday March 1, 2014 in Waterbury, CT. Individual team members scored highly in many of the events, taking top honors in several, but an unforeseen absence and an inability to retain all team members in the hastily rescheduled event proved detrimental in the team’s effort to unseat New Fairfield High School as state champs.

Cialfi, Board Hopeful Town Council Will Restore Funds

Kevin Pacelli ’14
EE Co Editor-in-Chief

A recent cut in funding to Trumbull’s education budget by the Board of Finance may present challenges for next year’s town students, according to Trumbull Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Gary Cialfi.

“This was a significant cut that was made just recently by the Board of Finance,” says Cialfi. “If we are not able to get the increase that we need from the Town Council, this will definitely impact staffing and programs.”

The Statistical Probability of Love

Paulina Howard ‘15
EE Senior Lifestyle Editor

Tender kisses, long hugs under the moonlight, walks hand in hand on the beach, and romantic dinners at fancy restaurants are the common expectations that girls have when Valentine’s Day, February 14th, comes around. Every year, it is the same expectations, some people consider them realistic, while others are just happy enough spending the day in each other’s undivided attention; not having every day responsibilities getting in the way of each other’s affection. But is Valentine’s Day just another Hallmark holiday? Or is it a day that should be celebrated to its fullest, coming up with endless ways to woo your certain significant other? Love is in the eye of the beholder, so it is up to you my friends.

Divergent – Is it really that good?

Keerthi Yalamanchili ‘17

While dystopian novels are becoming more and more enticing to the young adult population, only a few have been widely accepted and marveled about by critics and teenagers alike – one of which being Divergent, written by the renowned Veronica Roth.

This engaging novel takes place in a futuristic society split into five factions based on virtues – Candor (honesty), Abnegation (selflessness), Dauntless (bravery), Amity (serenity) and Erudite (intellect). Beatrice Prior, one of many teenagers who must decide what faction they believe suits them best, is torn between choosing her family and her identity. Her jaw – dropping choice surprises everyone, and stirs up trouble as the novel goes on. Tris (the reinvented Beatrice) struggles through a difficult initiation process as well as choices that the average teenager makes today, such as romance and friendship. But the similarities end there, for Tris has a secret that can only cause harm to her “perfect” society. As Tris becomes more and more enthralled with this secret, she ends up with the capability to save the world she lives in – but that would mean destroying herself.

How the G’winch Almost Stole Christmas, but Failed

Jack Zhang ’14
EE Co-Editor in Chief

Disappointed couldn’t describe the depth of emotion emanating from Trumbull High students during their bus ride home from Hartford on December 18th. Downright devastated would be more like it. The students had been informed that they had placed second in the We the People state competition, an endeavor the team had prepared for during the entire first half of the year. Teammates leaned on eachother’s shoulders, comforted by their friends, others cracked jokes attempting to keep up morale, others were silent unable to even speak about what had happened.

News Brief

News Brief

Jack Zhang

Trillium Yearbook made history last month as they earned top honors in both the Columbia Scholastic

Press Association and the National Scholastic Press Association. The 2013 yearbook titled “We Make It

Work,” a humor-based theme centered on how students juggle the various aspects of their daily lives and

was a testament to how students battled unexpected setbacks.

Trumbull Cheerleading Goes Big

Jack Zhang ’14
EE Co-Editor

If you are one of those daring enough to suggest “Cheerleading isn’t a sport, “then you’ve clearly haven’t seen THS cheerleaders in their FCIAC competition. Tell that to Trumbull High Varsity Cheerleaders who have recently placed top tier with their performance.

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