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Trumbull bites into Apple

Keerthi Yalamanchili
EE Staff Writer

It is indisputable that Apple is a dominant brand of technology at Trumbull High School. Apple is expanding its horizons and has influenced the Trumbull community on an even larger basis with its new breakthrough product, the iPhone 6, and the installation of an Apple Store in the Trumbull Mall.

Students bear school pride to win Spirit King and Queen

Manya Kidambi ‘18, EE Staff Writer
Ishan Negi ‘18, EE Staff Writer
Jessica Parillo ‘18, EE Staff Writer
Anjeli Sambasivam ‘18, EE Staff Writer

On the week of October 20, students exhibited school pride as they participated in Spirit Week activities. Students arrived dressed in wacky and creative costumes. Got school spirit?

Photos by Lia Horyczun


Community service: why not give back?

Benjamin Vu ’16
EE Senior Features Editor

Every year, Americans celebrate Veteran’s Day and honor those who served in the U.S. Armed Forces. These soldiers fought and served our nation to protect our freedoms. While not all of us can make such heroic sacrifices, many students at Trumbull High volunteer in services that benefit their communities. Big or small, we can all make a difference for the betterment of society.

It’s a Trap!

Nikhil Ramachandran ‘15
EE Contributor

Beautiful mixtures of melodies, layers of smooth synthesizers, diverse tempos, and thumping 808 bass tracks; welcome to the world of trap music.

Although it originated in the early 2000s in the south of the United States, trap music has recently become ubiquitous, exploding in popularity around 2012. It has really taken over the stage of dubstep in terms of prominence, and plans to stay for a while. The music stemmed from several underground artists, also gaining recognition through dance forms.  It became even more widespread as popular artists such as Swedish House Mafia incorporated it into new hit singles. Moreover, Youtube has become a major outlet for it, with countless users uploading their remixes of popular songs with the addition of trap and grabbing millions of views every day. It is obvious that trap music is currently in full surge.

YouTube Changes the Lives of Many

Jamie Capece ‘15
EE Contributor

A click of a button and the video is uploaded. Comments flood in by the second. One day an ordinary teenager and the next , thousands of people are anxiously waiting hours to just take a selfie with the instantly famous video maker. Evidently, there is only one network powerful enough to launch the success of hundreds of regular people: Youtube. With over six billion visitors every month, Youtube is a website where anyone can upload a video for the world to see. For some, these weekly or sometimes even daily videos have caught the eyes of millions of people across the world with just the click of a button.

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