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Boys of Summer Head to Cape Cod

Eddie McElroy ‘15
EE Contributor

The Last Best League, by Jim Collins, provides a detailed look into the Cape Cod baseball league: one of the best amateur baseball leagues in the country. For the course of one summer author Jim Collins follows players and coaches from one team, the Chatham A’s, as they compete against other top talent. Collins also spent a summer as a part of the Chatham A’s team before an injury ended his career, so there is no one better to write about the highs and lows the players experience during the long summer on the Cape. The book is a great read for any baseball fan or young player with dreams of playing professionally. It is also recommended for Trumbull athletes as one of the star players on the team was from Trumbull.

Going north for the winter: a weekend in Portsmouth, N.H.

Stefano Mancini ‘18
EE Staff Writer

As the holiday season fast approaches, it may seem counterintuitive to go north. Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is one of the best places one could visit. A short three-hour drive from Trumbull, Portsmouth is a perfect weekend destination, and a very inexpensive one at that. New York Times travel writer Ethan Gilsdorf said that Portsmouth is a “surprising little city of contrasts: touristy and local, cultured and blue collar, historically preserved and scrappy.”

Fallen Angels: a Though Provoking Thriller

Dominic Bova ‘15
EE Contributor

Although it occurred over four decades ago Fallen Angels, by Walter Dean Myers, allows readers to experience the Vietnam War with the creative imagery. The novel follows the experiences of a US soldier, known to the readers as Perry. Perry is a young African American man from Brooklyn. Throughout his experience in the war we see him form relationships with other soldiers to the point where they refer to each other as brothers. While fictional, the book accurately displays many common events during the Vietnam War and portrays them through a first person account of Perry.

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