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Campaign Craze: THS’s Views on Upcoming Elections

graphs for opinionsJessica Parillo ’18
EE Senior Opinions Editor

With the presidential election only a few months away, candidates in both the Republican and Democratic Parties are revving up their campaigns to win the support of the American people. But there is much controversy over the correct way to campaign. Recently, the media has been reporting on heated debates and following conflict between nominees. With all this craze over candidates, it’s hard to separate fact from fiction. The Eagle’s Eye interviewed anonymous members of the THS community to get their views on the 2016 political campaign. Here’s what they said:

What do you feel is the most pressing national issue today?

-Gun control
-National debt

What’s one characteristic you look for in a candidate?


Trumbull Model UN Takes Boston

Jessica Parillo ’18
EE Senior Opinions Editor

The weekend of March 18th – 20th was a busy one for the Trumbull Model UN club, who participated in EagleMUNC, a conference hosted by Boston College. Over the course of the weekend, twenty students were immersed in a forty hour simulation where they had to debate, write resolutions, and make alliances to solve global issues.

    The conference featured a variety of committee topics, which ranged from climate change to terrorism. Students who participated in more advanced committees dealt with issues such as drones, espionage, and even corporate liability by recreating the board of directors for companies like Coca Cola and Disney.

Trumbull Academic Decathlon Team Dominates in State Competition

2016StateCompetitionIshan Negi ’18
EE Staff Writer

March 5th proved itself to be a rewarding day for the Trumbull High School Academic Decathlon team. After months of practicing and learning the syllabus on the topic of India, nine students walked home with 35 medals and a state championship trophy, a feat that seemed near impossible for the past 4 years.

Competitors from all around Connecticut, as well as the state of Maryland, spent the day competing across a variety of subjects: math, economics, science, social science, literature, art, music, essay, speech, and interview.  The tests challenge the students’ understanding of topics that they have learned over the previous months and are set up like a mental marathon (thus the name Decathlon).

BEI Legislative Forum A Success

Kate Ariano ’18
EE Staff Writer

Thursday, March 10, in the Senior Lounge, state educational leaders and legislators offered students and parents an opportunity to ask questions to a panel of legislators. The event, hosted by the Trumbull Business-Education Initiative (BEI), was officially titled the Legislative Forum on Education: Preparing for Post-High School Success. The major focus of the night was to supply the public, especially students, with a chance to interact with their legislators and understand what is to come of their lives after high school.

Moderator Tony Hwang, State Senator for Connecticut’s 28th District and a former State Representative for Trumbull, explained that this “incredible privilege for Trumbull” was to help inform students of the importance of “constant connectedness,” and the night was to “be a resource to all of [us]” to “see what the next chapter is.”

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