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Reality Winners

The winner of Season 10 of the Voice, Alisan Porter. She was on Team Christina Aguilera.

The winner of Season 10 of the Voice, Alisan Porter. She was on Team Christina Aguilera.

Benjamin Vu
EE Senior Entertainment Editor

Tuesday, May 24, 2016 was a big night for reality competition shows. Both ABC’s Dancing with the Stars and NBC’s The Voice crowned the winners of the show.

The winner of season 10 of The Voice was Alisan Porter. Her coach was Christina Aguilera. This would be the first time that a female judge had ever won the show. In the past, Blake Shelton, Usher, Adam Levine, and Pharrel Williams have all won the show at least once. Shelton and Levine have won multiple times.

Zombies and Romance

The novel was written by Trumbull High School's own, Dr. Lisa Acerbo

The novel was written by Trumbull High School’s own, Dr. Lisa Acerbo

Benjamin Vu
EE Senior Entertainment Editor

Michael Kalendra
EE Staff Writer

The novel Apocalipstick was written by Trumbull High’s own, Dr. Lisa Acerbo back in 2013. This is a great story for everyone as it has something for everyone whether it is zombies or romance.

The book begins with a virus that has wiped out the population creating zombies.. The main protagonist, Jenna, lives in this post-apocalyptic world as she tries to stay one step ahead of the shambling dead. After losing everything she once knew, she needs to quickly adapt to be able to move on and survive.

Poetry Slam is Slam Dunk

Rachel Tropp ’16

The winner of the Poetry Slam, Emma Hopwood, poses for a group photo with her friends after the slam ends.

The winner of the Poetry Slam, Emma Hopwood, poses for a group photo with her friends after the slam ends.

EE Editor-in-Chief

Gabrielle Tropp ’16
EE Senior News Editor

On Friday, May 20th, hundreds of students gathered in the THS auditorium to watch words come to life. Thirty poets, narrowed down from an audition pool of fifty, came together to share thoughts on life and loss, love and family, mental illness and beauty. The audience laughed and cried in turn as the poets told both jokes and personal tales, with themes ranging from suicide to school stress.

The occasion marked the fifth year in a row that THS Poetry took the stage in this annual poetry slam, a tradition that has now become a huge part of THS. Poetry classes taught by Mrs. Balter, Mrs. Shupp, and Mrs. Garcia have been working for months to plan the event, including fundraising by selling T-shirts and getting advertising sponsors, funds which went partially to the prizes earned by the top five poets, ranging from headphones to a GoPro.

Editor’s Pick: A “Purr”fect Stress Reliever

Kristi Bui ’16
EE Co-Managing Editor

Cats that have appeared in Kristi Bui’s personal file of Neko Atsume.

Cats that have appeared in Kristi Bui’s personal file of Neko Atsume.

Editor Kristi Bui and her friends have taken to a new method to relax, in a form of a game phone app called Neko Atsume.

How to play
To play the game, players place objects in different locations on a screen. These objects will attract different types of cats and the game is played in real time, meaning that cats come and go throughout the day. Players must also place food for the cats; otherwise, they will not visit. After the visiting cats leave, they leave either silver or gold fish, which can be used to purchase more objects for cats. Besides that, there are special rare cats that only appear in certain circumstances, which are variable depending on what food and what objects the player has out.

A way to unwind
The game has been a stress reliever for my friends and I. Since we’re all seniors, we’re often stressed out from school work and college preparations. Thus, it’s nice to just drop everything throughout the day and check on the cats.

Top Ten Activities For Summer

bizzaroChristina DeBenedetto ’16
EE Staff Writer

  1. Take a trip into NYC to see a Broadway play.
  2. Go to Six Flags or Lake Compounce.
  3. Set up a tent and a fire to camp in your backyard.
  4. Get a bunch of friends together to have a barbecue.
  5. Go hiking at Sleeping Giant State Park.
  6. Have a picnic at Five Pennies Park (or if you are feeling really adventurous – Central Park in NYC).
  7. Start a neighborhood game of Ultimate Frisbee or volleyball.
  8. Enjoy a day at the beach and start a collection of sea glass.
  9. Go on a scavenger hunt with a group of friends.
  10. Geocaching.

Four Free Apps Every Student Needs To Have To Stay Organized

Martha Hegley ’16
EE Lifestyle Editor

Self ControlSelfControl-mac-app-distractions

This app is perfect for the procrastinators. If you, like me, find yourself checking social media or getting distracted while studying, this app lets you enter sites to block for a certain amount of time. For example, if you are tempted to watch Netflix instead of writing your history paper, you can choose to block the website for an hour so that you can write your paper distraction-free. This is available for Mac computers, but there are similar versions for other devices as well.

Have a Stylish Summer!


Keira Knightley

Kira Littlejohn ’16
EE Staff Writer

Spring is melting into summer like a popsicle. With the change of season comes a change in trends. Shed the hoodie and break out the shorts and sandals!

This summer will be great for vintage fashion lovers according to Fashioniser and Glamour. The 90s will be a huge hit, as it was this spring. Think light and airy slip dresses and moody grunge.

The 90s won’t be the only resurgence.There will also be 1970s-inspired suede so don’t be afraid to throw on the suede jacket that you bought earlier in spring. It’ll still be super stylish.

Salena Hingorani ’17
EE Staff Writer

comic first halfcomicsecondhalf

Tasty and Delightful Summer Treats

Geethika Kodakara ’16
EE Staff Photographer

Tequila-Sunrise-Popsicles-1Poppin’ Popsicles

For a healthy and easy summer dessert, make some popsicles at home!

You will need:
-Yogurt (either greek or plain, and any flavor you’d like)
-Fresh fruit
-Agave or honey
-Popsicle mold

1)Blend 2 cups of the fruit you wish to use until it turns into a thick, creamy consistency
2)Mix in 2 tablespoons of agave or honey into the fruit blend
3)Add in 2 cups of yougurt and gently swirl the ingredients together (Tip: for a cool tie dye look, don’t mix together all the way, so that there are patches of color left unblended)
4)Pour into your popsicle mold and freeze overnight
5)Run the molds under warm water to remove the popsicles
6)Enjoy your tasty treat!

THS Choirs End Year On A High Note With Spring Concert

Jessica Parillo ’18
EE Opinions Editor

On the night of Wednesd May 18th, the Trumbull High School choirs performed their spring concert in the auditorium.
Under the direction of Ms. Anne Tornillo, the concert showcased 5 choirs and 22 songs, featuring over 160 students.
Starting the show off on a high note was the Concert Choir, whose song selection highlighted such pieces as “Gloria,” composed by Linda Spevacek, and “Amani,” which was sung in Swahili and performed with a djembe accompaniment played by junior Alexandra Dima.

Performing next was the Freshman Choir, who showcased four songs. Two of these pieces, titled “Shenandoah” and “Ordinary Miracle,” featured four freshmen as soloists.

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