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The Orionids and More to Come

Amaya Mikolič-Berrios ‘21
EE Staff Writer

The evening of October 20th featured a spectacular show for everyone who happened to be looking at the night sky. The peak of the Orionid meteor shower, also known simply as the Orionids, sparked star gazers’ interest for more than just its beauty.
According to astronomer Bob Berman from an interview with Doyle Rice of USA Today, these meteors are special because they are actually “fragments of the most famous comet of all time, Halley’s Comet.”

The shower is caused by Earth’s orbit passing through the debris created by Halley’s Comet. This debris is what makes up the “shooting stars” we can see in the night sky. Bill Cooke of NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office predicts, “Bits of comet dust hitting the atmosphere should give us a couple dozen of meteors per hour.” In comparison to the average, about ten to fifteen meteors per hour, this is a much higher rate.

Crossing Out Old Records at XC FCIACs

Manan Manchanda ‘19
EE Senior News Editor

Tyler Rubush in the final stretch.

This past month, the Boys’ Cross Country team finished off their season with a big win at FCIACs, placing third overall. As Trumbull finished with 109 points, they surpassed their close rivals Danbury and New Canaan with 111 and 118 points respectively, earning a lower score and ultimately placing them higher overall.

Trumbull has not placed ahead of Danbury at the FCIAC championship meet in almost 40 years. This streak was broken when Chris Lepore (‘19) and Tyler Rubush (‘18) led the Trumbull Boys XC team to their amazing performance at this year’s championship meet.

As a result of Trumbull’s exceptional performance, many personal best times were set. Tyler Rubush, one of this year’s captains, passed 7 runners in the final 200m of the race, including junior Chris Lepore, and finished 1st Team all-FCIAC in 15th place.

FFA Sprouts New Ideas on Farming

All ten FFA members representing the Trumbull Chapter at the National Convention.

Kathryn Wilkinson ‘20
EE Staff Writer

The week of October 24th through 28th, ten students who attend the Agriscience and Biotechnology Center had the opportunity to attend the FFA, or Future Farmers of America National Convention, in Indianapolis.

The students began traveling at 3:45 am on that Tuesday morning to Bradley International Airport with a quick layover in Chicago before they arrived in Indianapolis.

The FFA helps members develop leadership skills and builds character in its members to be successful in all their endeavors. Members strive to attain success by serving their local chapter and by developing their own leadership skills.

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