Mumford & Sons’ Second Album — Raw, Vulnerable and Emotional

By Alexa Pellenberg ‘15

The English indie folk rock band, Mumford & Sons, recently released their second album, Babel. It consists of fifteen edgy tracks, including the new single, “I Will Wait.”

The songs, although very similar, feel almost cleaner than the previous record. It is more of a mix of their most successful tunes such as “Little Lion Man” and “The Cave” rather than a completely new sound. But it’s the lyrics that truly define the albums all around sound. The band never fails to write raw, vulnerable, emotional, yet powerful lyrics without ever sounding cheesy. These men are the true example of pure talent, which in this day and age, is hard rare to find. Lead singer, Marcus Mumford’s gritty tone is honestly one of the best of our generation.

The band and the public knew it was going to be very hard to top their previous album, Sigh No More, which sold millions of copies in both the UK and US in 2009. But according to Billboard, Babel is supposedly set to score the largest debut of 2012 next week. The album may sell as much as 600,000 copies in its opening frame, which would beat the previous biggest 2012 debut, Justin Bieber’s “Believe,” which sold 374,000. They will also receive the second largest opening week for a rock act since AC/DC sold 784,000 with “Black Ice” in 2008.

Mumford & Sons, formed in December 2007, consists of Marcus Mumford, Ben Lovett, “Country” Winston Marshall, and Ted Dwane. Beginning in 2010, the band gained a huge following and began performing for larger audiences all across Europe and America. They continued on to receive two Grammy Award nominations, an ARIA Music Award for Most Popular International Artist, and a Brit Award for Best British Album. Using their famous banjo, Mumford & Sons never fails to release entertaining, tasteful music.

4 Responses to Mumford & Sons’ Second Album — Raw, Vulnerable and Emotional

  1. Alyssa Centopani says:

    I like this article because it truly captures the group Mumford and sons. As mentioned they are pure talent, which is hard to find this day in age. I really enjoy this group and there new album. I think this article is very well written!

  2. Alex Allyn says:

    I also really like Mumford and Sons. They are one of my favorite bands, and I could listen to them for a long time without getting tired of it. As mentioned, the lyrics are what make them so special, because it is not something you usually hear now a days, with too much dubstep and brainless rubbish. However, I wouldn’t call their sound “edgy” persay, maybe more of a “folker” sound. I would also disagree that it isn’t different from their last album, seeing as I believe that there are a lot more upbeat songs.

  3. Sara Steere says:

    I love Mumford’s new album. This article really does the music justice. I think it’s their best album yet, the songs and passion in their voices do not disappoint.

  4. Lisa Ward says:

    After their album Sigh No More came out, I’ve been a huge fan of Mumford and Sons and was curious to see if Babel would match my expectations. It definitely did not disappoint and can’t wait to hear more from them in the future.

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