Pros of Promposals: Q&A With Seniors

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Dan Isaac (second from right) promposes to Kendall Szulimowski (far right) at the Senior Fashion Show. He, along with (left, to right) Justin Lynch, Tim Bean, Matt Kapell, and Brian Moccia take off their shirts and reveal the work “Prom?” on their chests behind Szulimowski as they walk down the catwalk. Photo courtesy of Lia Horyczun.

Benjamin Vu ’16
EE Senior Features Editor

For many students, prom is the most magical night in their academic career. However, there are many tasks that must be sorted out before the big day such as tickets, tables, dress/suits, and last but not least, a date.

Over the years, asking someone to prom has become a spectacle of grand proportions. It is common to see seniors surprising their friends with funny posters, cute serenades, or even delicious food. This new tradition can be daunting for many people. However, they also can be more memorable than the dance itself. Seniors Amy Virasak. Amy Wills, and Jacob Robbin recount their promposal experience.

What are your opinions on promposals?

  • AV:      “I think they’re nice gestures but not always necessary. If someone wants to ask a person to prom, it doesn’t always have to be done in an extravagant way. But I think girls do like it when a guy does a promposal.”
  • AW:     “I think promposals are cute and fun. They make people feel special. It’s a little dramatic when they’re too overdone though. Everything has it’s downsides but overall I think they’re really cute.”
  • JR:     ““I think that promposals are a considerate way for a guy or girl to ask their friend to prom. I think it’s nice because it starts the whole prom process which is only once in a lifetime.”


How were you asked to prom?

  • AV:   “Well it was 8th period in Calculus and I really wasn’t expecting it. I walked in and thought that iw was unusually quiet so I was like what? And then Dan Netting had a sign that said ‘Lil y(ou) go to prom with me Amy?’ with bouquet of lilies. I was surprised and really happy at the same time because I didn’t expect to get asked.”
  • AW:    “I actually asked my date to prom. I knew I wanted to go with someone who I was good friends with and would be comfortable with. I decided to ask my friend Nikaash Pasnoori because we are in the same Statistics class and we have all become like a family in that class so I knew we would have a good time at prom together. I asked him by baking cupcakes and writing prom out in stats symbols (mostly because I wanted food). I was a little nervous to ask but he said yes.”
  • JR:     “I asked my date in Disney in front of the castle. We were there for our DECA trip so I thought it would be a perfect way to ask. I ordered pictures of us from Target and picked them up. Then, I created it at home. I had to roll it up and put it in my luggage. I had my teacher put it in her backpack to take into Disney.”

Do you have any promposal tips?

  • AV:     “I guess I’d say to stay calm and if they don’t think they’re going to get asked, the shouldn’t think that so quickly because anything can happen. If a girl really wants to go with someone, they should make the first move to ask because there’s nothing wrong with that”
  • AW:     “Try to make it a surprise even if your dates know you’re going to ask them or has an idea that you will. Try to ask when they least expect it. Second, be creative. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to prompose to someone; prom is expensive enough as it is. Inside jokes are a great way to ask in a personal, meaningful way. Finally, get your friends in on it. The more friends you have exited about the two of you going together, the better time you’ll have at prom.”
  • JR:     “Try to be creative and do what your date would like. Have some friends around to record and take pictures to document it.”

However, promposals are not for everyone and it is not necessary to have a date for a fun prom experience. Many students even agree that it is more enjoyable to go to prom with a group of friends or alone than with a date. In the end, prom is about having one last, fun high school event before graduating.


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