2017 Superintendent’s College & Career Readiness Forum Message: Success Subsequent to Schooling

Kate Ariano ‘18
EE Features Editor

“No matter what it is you decide to do…you have to like what you are doing…[because] part of being good at your job is being passionate about what you do.” This message delivered by Mr. Eric August, a social studies teacher and Mock Trial Team Advisor, was thematic to the evening of January 4th at the 2017 Superintendent’s College and Career Readiness for Success Forum.

A panel of current students – seniors Victoria Estacio and Morgan Albert as well as junior Rudy Kurup and sophomore Kyle Beck – along with recent THS alumni was accompanied by a panel of business and education presenters to share their experiences and expectations for students furthering their education and/or entering into the workforce. Extensive effort from all of the panelists was put in to establish an environment that welcomed students and their families to give some thought to what is to come in preparing for and beginning life after high school.


Dr. Cialfi addresses the audience at the 2017 Superintendent’s College & Career Readiness Forum. Top Photo-Panel members (from left): Jennifer Parzych, Thomas Tesoro, Mark Ligas, Kate Hampford Donahue, Anna Bivona, Nicholas Lozinak, Erin Wingo, Rudy Kurup, Morgan Albert, Eric August, Victoria Estacio, Dr. Gary Cialfi, Kyle Beck, and Zac Chase

One of last year’s panelists and Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Standard Motor Products, Mr. Tom Tesoro, advocated for students to prepare themselves by gaining experience as well as to begin to build their network of people who could potentially assist them in their college and career driven lives. He and fellow panelist Kate Hampford Donahue of Hampford Research in Stratford were also in agreement that when someone is involved in whatever extracurricular activities or hobbies they enjoy doing, it will help connect them to ‘their people’ in college and beyond.

Tesoro comments that by venturing out of your comfort zone and exploring the endless possibilities offered to you, “…you learn what you like to do and what you don’t want to do.” Additionally, Assistant Professor Dr. Jennifer Parzych of Southern Connecticut State University and Dr. Mark Ligas, Associate Dean and Director of Graduate Programs for the Dolan School of Business at Fairfield University, insisted that extracurriculars are “the other things that make you who you are…[and] they connect you with people who are going to support you.”

As last years forum was geared towards getting involved in various activities at the high school level, this time around the need to love what you do is emphasized. THS Class of 2015 graduate and current student at University of Vermont, Nick Lozinak, explains that “…you want your work to reflect you.” This advice will empower students in the coming years to take charge of their future and pursue a life they want to live after high school.

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