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Arcane Dethrones Squid Game to Become Top Rated Original

Thomas Ou ’24
EE Entertainment Editor

Arcane’s Protagonists, Powder and Vi, overlooking the City of Progress from the slums.

Had I said that an animated TV show would even come close to the world-wide recognition and popularity of Squid Game, let alone surpass it for being the most watched and becoming the highest rated show, no one in their right mind would believe it. Yet even more outrageous, would be the fact that it is a show based on a video game with a deep lore; one that pop culture harbors an undeniably controversial viewpoint of.

Historically, almost all video game adaptations have failed or ended up universally disliked. It is far too easy for producers to derive their show from their the vast lore of their videogames, creating a show that only attracts hardcore fans. As apparent with the box-office failure of the World of Warcraft movie, it is difficult to downright impossible to simultaneously stay true to the story while still appealing to new watchers who might have never heard about the original source material. Being said, there are videogame shows, though few and far between, that have seen a similar critical acclaim to some of the top shows within today’s media; among these are the revered Witcher and the underrated Castlevania. However, the new top rated original, Arcane, completely sets a new standard on how to properly balance its viewership and create a heartfelt, action-packed tragedy. 

Being one of the most played and oldest computer games, League of Legends has seen some drama throughout its time. Many players find it hard to deny the draw and addictiveness of the game, that all too often leaves one unfulfilled as 40 minutes and 20 lp of a person’s life gets wasted due to the mistake of one teammate. 

“It is within the lore where the game is able to shine the most,” said League of Legends Streamer Ashkan Homayouni. “Riot’s balancing and game design team might be a bunch of monkeys, but damn can they make a more compelling story”.

12 Angry Jurors Hits the Stage This Weekend

By Kylie Totten ’24
EE Sports Editor

THS THeSpians performing in the 2021 Fall play, 12 ANGRY JURORS, hear arguments and deliberate the fate of a man accused of murder. Standing: Medha Bnatnager. Sitting L-R: Bailey Chapin, Timothy Spillane, Mia Bekech, Isaac Lyne, Sara Kocinsky, Grace Codd, Isabella Mercado, Isabel O’Neill.

The THS fall play, 12 Angry Jurors, is about to hit the stage.

There will be two performances, this Friday (11/5) at 7:00 and Saturday (11/6) at 5:00 at the Trumbull High Auditorium. Tickets will be sold at the door: $10 for the general public and $7 for students. 

12 Angry Jurors was originally known as 12 Angry Men, a play written by playwright Reginald Rose in 1964. 12 Angry Jurors just allows for a more gender-inclusive cast than seen in the original story. The play has been performed in theaters all over the world, and was adapted into a movie 1957.

The play follows twelve jurors as they deliberate on a murder case, considering the guilt or innocence of the accused teenage boy. Each character brings their own individual history and biases to the jury room, making it difficult for the jurors to come to a unanimous decision. When asked why 12 Angry Jurors was the choice for this year play, student director Nathan Ayotte commented, “In a time where social justice has gained traction among young people, as more and more teenagers are developing their own ethos and belief system to deconstruct the world around them, 12 Angry Jurors is a beautiful commentary on the Justice system in American Democracy”.

There isn’t a real “main” character in 12 Angry Jurors, it’s an ensemble piece with 12 leading roles. This years cast consists of freshman Bailey Chapin (Juror 1), freshman Bella Cabral (Juror 2), senior Mia Bekech (Juror 3), senior Issac Lyne (Juror 4), junior Sara Kocinsky (Juror 5), freshman Grace Codd (Juror 6), sophomore Sam Miller (Juror 7), sophomore Nora Watson (Juror 8), junior Bella Mercado (Juror 9), junior Paul Litchfield (Juror 10), sophomore Tim Spillane (Juror 11) and sophomore Medha Bhatnagar (Juror 12).

Tony Bennett Inspires in Latest Collaboration with Lady Gaga

Maggie Russell ‘24
EE Staff Writer

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett have collaborated again and released their second jazz album on October 1st, 2021. This makes it the 61st studio album (!) of Tony’s career and Gaga’s 7th. Their first collaborative album, Cheek to Cheek, was released in 2014 while Love For Sale was recorded from 2018 to early 2020.

The new album consists of their jazz renditions by American composer Cole Porter, who the album is also a tribute to. To hype up the release of this album, the duo gave performances at Radio City Music Hall on August 3rd and August 5th, 2021. These concerts, called One Last Time: An Evening with Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett, would be the last for 95-year-old Bennett before he retired from performing live.

The album is fantastic. It is an amazing send-off for Tony Bennett’s career and brings jazz back to life.  He suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and the fact that he was still able to sing live with Lady Gaga at his advanced age is incredible. The young generation of jazz fans will love this innovative and unique album.

Postponed Met Gala Resumes During Fashion Week

Ishita Singh ’23
EE Staff Writer 

K-pop star, Rosé, and fashion designer, Anthony Vaccarello, at the 2021 Met Gala.

This year’s Met Gala was held on September 13, 2021 at the The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.  The featured theme was American Independence, and it was co-chaired by singer Billie Eilish, pro tennis player Naomi Osaka, actor Timmothie Chalamet, and poet Amanda Gorman.  The return of the event proved to be extraordinary just like the outfits.

The usual date for the Met Gala is the first Monday in May but, due to Covid, it was postponed and was held instead during fashion month. As a result, the outfits were under more pressure to impress. 

Usually only up to 500 – 600 people are invited to this exclusive event. The event is invite only and those who make the list are admitted because of the imprint they have made on society. It is a branding event held by Vogue Magazine and organized by Anna Wintour, Vogue editor-in-chief and chairwoman of the Gala event since 1995. She oversees the benefit committee and the guest list. The entrance price for the Met Gala is a pricy $3,500, so typically the guests are wealthy. 

The Met Gala is the fashion industry’s Oscars, and it brings together designers, models, and Hollywood celebrities who fight for media attention. It benefits the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, which is the only curatorial department at the Met that is self-funded. 

“We called the dress code this time — American independence,” said Vogue editor and organizer Anna Wintour in an interview with ABC’s Robin Roberts. “And we really want people to have fun and enjoy dressing up again”.

Some outfits in the Met Gala were definitely breathtaking while others you would simply stare at and question. 

The 2021 Met Gala might have been a little different due to Covid but many people tried to make it special. It was definitely a great return for Met Gala as well as an amazing time for many celebrities to show off their fashion skills.

The Irresistible Draw of Squid Game

Thomas Ou ‘24
EE Entertainment Editor

Recently, a largely unheard of show originating from South Korea has broken Netflix’s record of member views in most countries including the US and is set to become the biggest original show of all time. This record was previously set by widely watched shows with some of the most memorable characters such as Bridgeton, The Witcher, Stranger Things, and Tiger King. On the surface, it is just another gory and grisly almost-horror foreign show prevalent among a new era of television shows; in fact, even the premise of a survival battle royale/Hunger Games is far too common in today’s media. What sets it apart from other originals is the way it chooses to present its content; it has, in essence, cracked the formula in creating an addictive show that, honestly, burrows and sticks in the viewer’s mind long after they finish the last episode. 

 “People are attracted by the irony that hopeless grownups risk their lives to win a kids’ game,” Squid Game director Hwang Dong-hyuk said in an interview. “The games are simple and easy, so viewers can give more focus on each character rather than complex game rules”.

The show brings back the nostalgia of playing children games with just a sprinkle of murder. What sets it apart from other shows, is how it combines the concepts to form a depressingly dark satire on human society while also tainting the innocent childhood memories a person once had. Desperate, impoverished people are offered the opportunity to have a second chance at living their life at the price of participating in a killing game. The game itself is much simpler than expected: play a variety of childhood games, with the losers dying a gruesome death. Of the 456 original participants in the game, audiences are able to watch as those numbers slowly dwindle. 

Sophomore Patrick McGovern commented on how the show “couples actions and great storytelling with a deeper meaning of how far someone will go to get money.” In a sense, Squid Game is a show all viewers can relate to a personal degree; both at the desperation and despair of its participants as well as the willingness to climb when met with rock bottom. 

A Western Animated Superhero Gem – ‘Invincible’ Season 1 Review

Thomas Ou ‘24
EE Staff Writer

When I first saw the trailer for Amazon’s new animated show, Invincible, I had expected another Justice League knockoff with the stereotypical “good guy beats up bad guy and saves the world” story arc. However, upon learning the voice actors that will be starring in the show, most notably the voice behind Stanford Pines and General Kai, J. K. Simmons, I decided to give the show a try. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this show has subverted all expectations, telling a heartwarming and compelling story about the dangers that come with power in a brutal, realistic world. Despite its ‘90s X-Men art style, this show has a very modern way of storytelling, very reminiscent of Kripe’s The Boys and the Harley Quinn Animated Series, two shows that I had found great joys in watching and highly recommend to those who like a unique, bloody spin to the superhero genre. 

Invincible was based off of a 144 issue comic series by Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker from early 2003 to 2018, and centers around your average seventeen year old nerd who just so happens to be the son of the most powerful being on Earth, Omni-Man (think superman with a very admirable mustache and a not so admirable attitude). This show serves as a nice break from all the big-budget, live superhero shows that are running rampant nowadays. One of the main problems with the genre as a whole is that it becomes very stale due to the similar formula they all share. These shows end up having a hard time developing a believable world because the heroes are always able to save the day from the impending evil. Invincible establishes early on that these heroes make mistakes, sometimes fail at their missions, and are unable to save everyone. This paints these characters as actual humans rather than cartoon characters wearing spandex, and makes the viewers more engaged with their lives and decisions. 

Single-Player Video Games to Play Right Now

Aidan Brunt ’24
Thomas Ou ’24
EE Staff Writers

Eagle’s Eye gamers, Thomas and Aidan, share their current “Best of” list for your playing pleasure:

Red Dead Redemption 2
Kicking off this list, we have Rockstar’s award-winning action-adventure game, Red Dead Redemption 2. In this game, you will experience the misadventures of an outlaw named Author Morgan in a fictionalized western world. You will find yourself dumping hours in this game without even realizing it as you explore its immersive and interactive open-world map with little to no restraint on your exploration. This game offers a wide variety of weapons and explosives to keep your foes at bay as you go from stealing horses to hijacking trains. Unless you want to be chased by bounty hunters, rival gangs, and law enforcement, you must maintain an honor rating throughout the game, with a bounty system much like the ones in Grand Theft Auto. According to MetacriticRed Dead Redemption 2 is the highest-rated game for the PS4 and Xbox One along with GTA V and also holds the title of the fifth-highest rated game overall.

Doom Eternal
The newest release in the infamous Doom series, we have a game that was able to combine both classic shooter elements while adding an intense and dark attitude spin. Doom Eternal takes place on an Earth that has been consumed by Hell, following the quest of Doom Slayer as he frees the Earth from the demonic hordes. You must manage your resources and fight with a nonstop pace of shoot & run, all the while praying that it somehow works out. This creates an adrenaline-filled game that is both fun and interesting to play. While the story is not revolutionary compared to other games on this list, it does have a decent one that fits this type of game. Eternal has plenty to explore and adds many features to the classic game we all know and love, being challenging but having rewarding outcomes. This game is definitely one of the darker and gory games on this list but actually fits the setting well. This nonstop nightmare will have you on your toes and your fingers on the trigger for the whole experience.

Crusader Kings 3
One of the more underrated games on our list is Crusader Kings 3. The sequel to Crusader Kings 2 is from the renowned grand strategy game studio Paradox Interactive and is the newest grand strategy since Hearts of Iron 4. The name is fitting as it takes place in an era of the crusades, ancient kingdoms, and monarchies. Compared to many other fighting and war strategy games this one is truly special. Similar to Civilization 6, this game has an option-based story system, with each feature being extremely complex. You could spend hours managing your own domestic affairs within your kingdom without realizing that there are neighboring nations plotting against you. Sometimes characters play an even bigger role than the nations themselves and throughout the game, you will make choices for your heirs and how you interact with others. With the immersive and interactive masterpiece of a game, you can become the supreme ruler of the greatest nation Europe has ever seen. 

Rodrigo’s Driver’s License Hits Home

Jacqueline Virasak ’21
EE Entertainment Editor

Olivia Rodrigo

–“I got my driver’s license last week, just like we always talked about.” 

One of the most notable events of January 2021 has  to be the release of Olivia Rodrigo’s record-breaking debut: ‘Driver’s License’. 

Olivia Rodrigo is a 17 year-old actress and singer-songwriter best known for her role as NiNi in the Disney+ original show High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. 

Fans were excited to see this completed song, which, along with many of her other unreleased music, was first shared on her Instagram Live.

The song ‘Driver’s License’ is a heart-wrenching pop song in which Rodrigo describes finally getting her drivers license-an event that she always talked about with an ex-lover , and her residual feelings for him even now.  

This song has gained considerable recognition for its powerful vocals, poetic lyrics, and breathtaking bridge, as well as the alleged drama surrounding the boy mentioned in it. 

The song has reached millions on the social media app TikTok, where teens and young adults have both dissected its meaning and raved about it. 

Her music has been called reminiscent to that of pop-sensation Taylor Swift. Rodigo, a self-proclaimed “Swiftie”, has referred to her idol on numerous occasions as one of her biggest musical inspirations. Taylor Swift herself even commented on one of her posts, congratulating its release, much to Rodrigo’s delight. 

Many other popular artists have also shared their support for her and her musical career. Their praise has led to attention from the media such as the New York Times, Billboard, Vogue, and countless other news sites.

Among THS students, there is a differing of opinions:

“I really enjoy the song. Although I can’t say I have experienced anything similar to it, the emotion in the song is incredible and allows the audience to connect with the artist no matter what,” said junior Madhuvanthi Krisha. 

After watching Rodrigo on HSMTMTS, she was curious in hearing the release and like many other fans of the show, she was not disappointed. 

 “Not impressive, not horrible, but overhyped to no end. [It’s] a very generic indie song” said  junior Adrish Das. 

He is uncertain as to why Rodrigo has received so much attention when, as he has pointed out, there have been many other young artists- like Lorde -who have released similar songs.

Personally, I was shocked and filled with pride to learn that she broke a Spotify record for most streams in a single day for a non-holiday song at 15.7 million-the fastest song in the platform’s history.

The attention of her unreleased music suggests that Rodrigo will not be a one-hit-wonder. Teens everywhere are looking forward to seeing her upcoming album and future growth as an artist.

Maia Launches 365 Days With mxmtoon

Hannah Adams ’23
EE News/Features Editor

From studying for a career in architecture, to singing her hit song Prom Dress in front of millions of fans, Maia, known as her stage name mxmtoon, has had life experiences unimaginable to many. Now, she wants to take a step back from her life of abundant fans and recording sessions, to talk openly about the past, specifically, the major events of history.

In her upcoming podcast 365 days with mxmtoon, listeners get to hear Maia talk about history and the many life-changing events within it. Each day brings a new scene and a new peculiar story.

In the free ten-minute episodes, Maia regales about everything, from the first anti-smoking public service announcement to Mexico gaining their independence, and even to Edgar Allen Poe’s mysterious death. The topics covered in this podcast not only appeal to history buffs, but to young adult fiction fans, comedy show watchers, and much more!

Winter Entertainment Preview

Thomas Ou ’24
Eagles Eye Staff Writer

Some of you may have heard of “COVID-19”, a virus that has us all in quarantine. While being at home 24/7 might not be fun, some of these upcoming shows, movies, and video games will make time at home just a little more enjoyable. *No spoilers will be included.

Soul– December 25 | Disney +

Pixar has a fantastic track record when it comes to releasing beautiful original stories with a lot of depths and they are the masterminds behind popular franchises such as The Incredibles, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Inside Out. It is no surprise that many people are excited about their latest movie, Soul.

Soul is about a music teacher who has finally gotten his chance to pursue his dream of playing jazz music on stage, but his soul becomes separated from his body after a tragic accident. His soul begins to proceed to the Great Beyond, but he manages to escape to the Great Before, a world where souls develop personalities, quirks, and traits before being sent off to Earth. From there, Gardner must work with other souls in training in order to return to Earth before his body dies.

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