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Tips for a More Traditional Holiday Revealed

Raphael Sullivan ’23
EE Staff Writer

Over Thanksgiving break, many students probably heard complaints about their table manners. That, back in your grandpa’s day, kids wouldn’t be glued to their phones. Auntie Sue would comment that when she was at the Thanksgiving table, she would actually talk to her relatives. Most probably ignored such advice, or simple put their phone away.

The brave ones, though, would just tell their relatives that they aren’t interesting. You, however, are different. You fight fire with fire. So tighten your corsets and practice your square dance because, in old times, people would drop dead at the ripe old age of 35 from tuberculosis. Way back then, the average person only had 3 pairs of pants. This Christmas, you are bringing back the Victorian era.

The first thing you’ll need to prepare is your clothes. Your parent’s era wears way too revealing clothing–I mean T-shirts? Atrocious.

For the more feminine students this Christmas, the first garments you will need are your drawers, stockings, and a decency skirt. Then you may dawn your Chemise, a nightgown-type undergarment meant to cover the unsightly drawers. Once your underwear is complete, you may move on to the next step, creating a figure.

Adults nowadays put in little effort to look good. You, on the other hand, shall adorn a corset to cinch your waist and a crinoline to create the shape of your dress. (A crinoline is a wire framework over which your skirt will lay which leaves a lot of room for smuggling prohibited goods).

If by chance any other members of your family appear with a crinoline, check for the telltale signs of a smuggler: walking oddly, clothing being too big or small, or wearing clothing that is too festive. If you see someone matching any of these descriptions, be sure to alert your local authorities. Finishing up the inner workings, all you need to do is dress in a petticoat to prepare for the skirt and a corset cover. Finally, you may adorn your dress. 

Male students looking to wear a suit have much less of a struggle. No complicated undergarments are necessary. A white button-down is in order and make sure you put it on after your trousers so the trousers straps go under your shirt. The next step is a waistcoat to be worn over your button-down. Then you can flip up your collar up and select a tasteful bowtie. For the winter, both a smoking jacket and an Inverness cape are needed. 

Who Should Win The NFL MVP?

Jude Magnotti ’25
EE Sports Columnist

It’s halfway through the NFL season and it feels like we have barley even started. However, midseason gives us the opportunity to go back and reflect on the teams and players that have found success through this point in the season.

Let’s focus on what is potentially the most important award in sports: The NFL’s Most Valuable Player Award (MVP).

This award has been notoriously dominated by quarterbacks in the past and this season looks to be no different. So far, the front runners for this award have been Jalen Hurts of the Eagles, Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs, and Tua Tagovailoa of the Dolphins.

Mahomes is the obvious choice, however due to voter fatigue, the MVP will probably be between Hurts and Tagovailoa, two quarterbacks from the 2020 class with underwhelming rookie and sophomore seasons (especially compared to Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert).

Through 12 weeks, the Eagles stand at 10-1 due in no small part to the efforts of Hurts. So far, he has had 2,560 passing yards, 17 passing touchdowns, 3 interceptions, and leads the league in QB rushing touchdowns with 8. Last year the Eagles finished only 9-8 and already having more wins then they had last year through just 11 games is a huge jump.

While Hurts has definitely been helped by the weapons Devonta Smith and A.J. Brown as well as Coach of the Year candidate Nick Sirianni, he’s absolutely taken a big leap from years 2 to 3 and the franchise would not be where it is at right now were it not for him. If the Eagles continue their winning ways it wouldn’t be surprising to see Hurts up on the stage accepting the MVP in February.

In the AFC, we have a quarterback that is in a very similar situation to Hurts–Tua Tagovailoa. Like Hurts, he possesses deadly weapons in both Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle with another Coach of the Year candidate in Mike McDaniel. The Dolphins have not had as much success as the Eagles, standing at only 8-3. However, it would be an understatement to say that Tua has had far superior individual numbers compared to Hurts.

World Series Matchup Preview: Astros Vs. Phillies

Jude Magnotti ‘26
Isaac Gramse ‘26
EE Staff Writers 

October is here, and with that the beginning of the fall classic returns to the MLB. This year’s matchup will feature the Philadelphia Phillies from the National League, and the recurring Houston Astros from the American League. Both teams have multiple star players, but who will come out on top? Will it be the Phillies, who haven’t been to a World Series since 2009, and haven’t had a winning year since 2008? Or will it be the Astros, looking to cover up their stained championship title from 2017 and finally beating a team from the NL East? Both teams have their strengths and weaknesses, but only one can come out on top. Who will it be? This is how we believe it will turn out.

Houston Astros
It seems like every year the Astros are back in this position, and it seems like every year it is the same old story. As I am sure you know the Houston Astros have been, along with the Dodgers, the powerhouse of baseball. They have bulldozed through the regular season once again and have completely dismantled elite teams like it was nothing. However, despite their success they have never been able to recapture the same level of success they achieved in 2017.

They were defeated in the World Series twice in 2019, and 2021. Now they find themselves back in this position with a third chance at redemption, once again against a team they can very conceivably beat. However, whether they will find it in themselves to win I cannot say.

Nevertheless, I do believe that on paper the Houston Astros have the best roster out of any team in the league. The most under-appreciated aspect of the Astros postseason success has been the amazing performances from their starters. It seems like whenever it comes to the playoffs, different pitchers who you have probably never even heard of come out and throw outstanding games.

Pitchers like Frambler Valdez, Lance McCullers, and even Luis Garcia have all risen to post-season stardom. And of course we cannot forget the elite Justin Verlander, who while has not been quite himself this year, is still capable of pitching great all around games. This combination of pitchers along with significant depth in the bullpen as well as closer Ryan Pressly allow the Astros to shut down the best hitters in the league with ease.

Time For Spring Cleaning

Ashley Moran’23
EE Staff Writer

Spring cleaning: A time to reset our lives and declutter from winter stress and anxieties. Taking this time to open the curtains and see the sun shining in and getting to decluttering our lives is exactly what we all need. These moments set us up for success. Cleaning and living in a decluttered environment can de-stress your life and improve your focus and mood.

When you live and function in a clean environment; it makes it easier to get your tasks done while also making you feel put together because your room is put together. Not only does functioning in a clean environment benefit you. But I find taking the time to clean and listen to music is all I need to feel productive and enhance my mood. 

Katlyn Nielson, A Junior says, “I love spring cleaning because it helps me feel good and fresh about not only the new chapter in my life with the new season, but also with how clean and complete I feel after I am done”.  

 Another way to shed yourself from the winter and leap into spring is decluttering. Getting rid of clothes and other belongings that do not fit you or you have no need for is beneficial. Giving to a local Goodwill or other community programs is a great option. So take this time to shed the winter anxieties away and make room for summertime and end-of-year festivities.

Dubai World Expo 2020

Thomas Ou ‘24
EE Entertainment Editor 

Site of Dubai’s long-awaited expo.

Bareness. Aching. Adrift. Yet amidst the monotonous acres of arid sand, there lies a technological and architectural paradise so daring that sets a new precedent for the development of a new country. If a traveler happens to find themselves within these barren lands within these last winter months they just might hear the faint outline of their favorite band and the cheers of its excited participants, many of whom traveled across the world to partake in this event. 

Since the very beginning, World’s Fairs have been a way for countries to show off their prowess and skill to the rest of the world through dazzling architecture, planning and experience. The first fair, set in London in 1851, was called the Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations. Its message, told through the soaring iron and glass, was about showcasing the rising industrial capabilities of the world.

In a world that has been dominated by western culture, burdened by the pandemic, unrest and environmental catastrophe, the Dubai Expo is a breath of fresh air; focused on clear communication, healing and building a better world. The Dubai Expo is being promoted as the biggest event held in the Arab world, putting other festivals to shame. “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” is the official theme, with there also being ten smaller theme weeks that will cover the entire six months of the Expo.  The expo will address major challenges facing humanity through economic, cultural, environmental, and social perspectives. Despite its deceiving name, the Dubai expo is actually being held from October of 2021 to the 31st of March, 2022. Sadly, it has been severely delayed by the Covid Pandemic, with the organizers having to push the plans an entire year. 

Midterm Study Tips Help Relieve Stress

Ashley Moran ’23
EE Staff Writer

The pressure of midterms and the upcoming closure of the semester causes a great deal of student stress. However, it’s important to remember that we are all in the same boat. Even with the change in date of the midterms to give us more time to prepare, it is still is a lot with the mountain of packets and other work we have to get done. Here are a few things that I do to relieve stress that might be of help to you too:  

  1. Take a breath: sounds basic but taking a moment to reset and ground yourself can help
  2. Do work in sections: Switch up topics when studying so you don’t get as bored studying
  3. Take study breaks: Grab a coffee or a snack to energize yourself. 
  4.  Organize a study group: Get together with friends who are talking the same class and review together 
  5. Move around: Don’t stay in the same place for all of your studying, changing your scenery can help

The Return of “Home for the Holidays”

By Abigail Clark ’22
EE Staff Writer 

The Macy’s Parade will be the host to millions of people once again.

There is a song by The Carpenters that says “There is no place like home for the holidays”. It’s true and Thanksgiving is just that. Home is being safely around friends, family, and neighbors. It is one of the best parts of the holiday but it is something we all missed out on last year. 

The Covid-19 pandemic put a huge strain on families’ desires to travel for Thanksgiving last year. Even though many continued to travel despite CDC warnings, there was a 10% drop in travel according to AAA. For those that did travel, the questions of safety were always up in the air. Am I carrying the virus? Will I infect my family members? Will I get sick myself? With no vaccine, cases were bound to rise. And they did. The week of December 18th, 2020 saw the surpassing of 17.2 million Covid cases and a huge spike in hospitalized patients. 

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, a big holiday event, was closed to the public and mostly prerecorded in 2020. An event that is usually attended by 2 to 3 million people saw empty streets because of the pandemic.

Families spent hours on Zoom, giving thanks to their family through a phone, watching bands perform on the desolate streets of New York City, and traveled with the question of safety in the back of their minds.

This Thanksgiving will be better, thanks to the Covid vaccine.

The New “Meta” of Social Media: Facebook’s Revival

Thomas Ou ’24
EE Entertainment Editor

The youngest self-made billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg, has no shortage of surprises as he develops a daring new master plan to take over the growing metaverse. The CEO and cofounder of Meta Platforms, formerly known as Facebook, has had his fair share of controversies and hurdles from privacy concerns to data usage within political campaigns. However, today marks an important day for both social media and technology as the company focuses more on the development of future innovations.

“From now on, we’re going to be the metaverse first, not Facebook first,” said Zuckerberg in the annual connect conference on Thursday, October 28. The company, in an effort to rebrand to better reflect their values and interest, has changed its name from Facebook to Meta. (Random side note to aspiring stock traders out there, a company known as Meta materials, which is completely unrelated to Facebook and the Metaverse, has seen a dramatic surge in stock prices. Please be sure to do research on the company before dumping your life savings on it). 

A metaverse, as the name implies, is a virtual universe of endless, interconnected virtual communities where people are able to meet, work, and play. This is done through virtual reality headsets, augmented reality glasses, smartphone apps, and other devices, reflecting the shift into VR and AR technology these past few years. Mark Zuckerberg plans to bring the internet back to life and create an experience so realistic, people will have a hard time differentiating between reality and technology. 

“It’s the next evolution of connectivity where all of those things start to come together in a seamless, doppelganger universe, so you’re living your virtual life the same way you’re living your physical life,” said Victoria Petrock, an analyst who follows emerging technologies, in a recent interview with NPR.

COVID’s Effect on the Entertainment Industry

Thomas Ou ’24
EE Staff Writer

It seems as if nothing can be saved from the curse that is COVID, and this remains true when it comes to the Entertainment Industry. The  past year has brought about many delays with major movie releases as well as popular television shows. TV shows that used to have live audiences are forced to make do with empty studios or have their production temporarily suspended. Video game releases are being pushed back with major video events such as E3 and the Tokyo Game Show as well as music festivals like the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival and most other concerts being canceled. The entertainment industry has taken a big hit as a result of the disease, and only time will tell how the ripple effects of this will alter the future of entertainment.

It’s no surprise that movies are forced to take a production halt due to the risks of filming in a deadly pandemic. A delay within one movie can lead to a production setback for the coming decades as evidenced by the entire Marvel Phase 4 being pushed back a full year. Before the pandemic, there had already been a decline in film attendance and it has now worsened in most major countries, leading to the major studios such as Warner Bros., Walt Disney, 20th Century Fox, Sony, and Universal going from releasing 20-25 major films in the 2000s to around nine in 2019 according to analysts.

The many downsides in this new age of entertainment have only been made worse by COVID. This virus has basically killed off the already-dying movie theaters, giving rise to the many online streaming services. While this could be looked at in a positive light, these numerous streaming services are really getting out of hand and it has no sign of slowing in the near future.

Streaming was created as an alternative to the expensive bundles that contain a bunch of useless shows and channels that come with cable TV plans. But now with the rising prices, each company taking their shows and putting them under only their services, and service-exclusive originals, the services have become the very thing they swore to destroy. Whereas before one could not watch Discovery Channel and NBC Sports without paying the $80 fee for both cables (as well as getting 50+ channels you won’t end up watching), nowadays one can not watch Umbrella Academy, The Handmaid’s Tale, Dickinson, Westworld, and The Mandalorian without paying for five different streaming services monthly (and now getting 500+ shows you won’t end up watching). While the TV industry is able to produce more original content every year, our wallets won’t be able to keep up with all the new services and , in the end, we will end up missing out on many great shows.

Making History: Vice President Kamala Harris

McKaylan Connolly ’23
EE Staff Writer

On Wednesday, January 20th, 2021, Kamala Devi Harris was sworn in as the Vice President of the United States in front of the U.S. Capitol by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. This makes her the highest-ranking woman in United States political history. Vice President Harris commemorated Inauguration Day as a day of many firsts. Kamala Harris is the first ever woman Vice President, breaking the glass ceiling by holding a position held by men since the start of our democracy. Not only is Harris the first woman holding the nation’s second-highest office, but also the first Black woman and person of South Asian descent to hold the position. 

Harris started her education at Howard University. She then went on to earn her law degree at the University of California, Hastings. She began her career at the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office and became the top prosecutor for San Francisco in 2003. Then, she started her political career when she was elected Attorney General of California in 2010, becoming the first woman and the first black person to serve as California’s attorney general. She was even re-elected to the post in 2014. Harris then went on to serve as the junior United States senator from California from 2017 to 2021. She made a name for herself in Washington with her bold prosecutorial techniques in Senate hearings, and slammed her adversaries at prudent moments that at times went viral. On January 21, 2019, Harris officially announced her candidacy for president of the United States in the 2020 United States presidential election. However, she eventually withdrew from seeking the 2020 Democratic nomination and became President Joe Biden’s running mate. 

Kamala’s position is significant in more ways than one. By holding the position of Vice President, Kamala has expanded the role of women and racial diversity in politics and government. Millions of people who have never seen such representation in this country will now see themselves reflected in one of the country’s highest-ranking leaders. Her position in office is even more relevant in a time where the nation is grappling over institutional racism and the disproportionate effects that COVID-19 has on black and brown communities. 

Kamala brings a notion of hope to a variety of communities and starts a legacy for many to follow. As she stated herself, “While I may be the first woman in this office, I will not be the last.”

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