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Sophomores View “A Raisin in the Sun” at Westport Country Playhouse

By Carly Colon ’15

On October 23, the sophomores in Mrs. Acerbo’s English class had the opportunity to see the play A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry at the Westport Country Playhouse. The author of this play, Lorraine Hansberry, is an African American writer who attended college at the University of Wisconsin for two years, which led her to be interested in the arts and made her peruse studies at numerous other schools.

Autumn Adventures

Photo courtesy of  Kenealy

By Vanessa Kenealy ‘13

As the weather turns colder, Trumbull High School students come together to watch football games and share memories with family and friends. The fall season brings the changing colors of  leaves and many events at the school and in the community.

Parris Island Marine Band Entertains

By Kevin Pacelli ’14

On Tuesday, October 9, an exclusive Trumbull High School audience experienced a special treat in the auditorium. Students belonging to the THS music program, along with students on field trips from other schools, were entertained by a performance from the Parris Island Marine Band.

Mumford & Sons’ Second Album — Raw, Vulnerable and Emotional

By Alexa Pellenberg ‘15

The English indie folk rock band, Mumford & Sons, recently released their second album, Babel. It consists of fifteen edgy tracks, including the new single, “I Will Wait.”

iPhone 5 Revealed as Apple’s Reign Continues

By Marissa Piccolo ’13

On September 21st, 2012, the long awaited event finally came. It was the release of the iPhone 5, Apple’s latest version of the iPhone, which had kept loyal Apple supporters, and new customers alike, on their toes for months.

Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Shops: A Fad or Here to Stay?

By Marisa Marturano ’13

Just picture swirls of frozen yogurt with all your favorite toppings. What if you could regulate the amount of yogurt and toppings that you would want to consume? Well, you can! Did not get enough raspberries? Put some more on! Need more hot fudge? No problem! These are some of the perks of self-serve yogurt shops.

Halloween Happenings

By Tina DeLuca ’15

You hear the roar  of the trucks engine come to a halt.  He’s here. And he knows you’re home.  His footsteps thump up your walkway, each step increasing the rate of your heartbeat.  “Maybe he won’t notice me,” you think.  But it’s too late.  He sees the light on inside your house.  You huddle up against the door and…BANG BANG BANG!!!!!

Soccer Teams Have Big Goals for the Season

By Ana Tantum ‘13

The memories of the November 25th 2011 state finals are ever present in the minds of soccer players. In the upcoming 2012 season, how do both the girls and boys teams plan on bouncing back from their heartbreaking state final losses and find their way to the top?

Fantasy Football: Better Than the Real Thing?

By Mark Ballaro ‘13

Are you ready for some football? No wait, are you ready for some fantasy football? A growing trend among men of all ages and even some women is joining a fantasy football league. Gather 12 friends, sign up, and you’ve got a competition to win it all.

You Haven’t Spun Your Last Web, Spiderman

By Alexandra Allyn ‘13

The Karate Kid, Spiderman, and Footloose all have one thing in common. They are all movies given creative facelifts and remakes. However, what set them apart from the Spiderman franchise are their age differences. Both the Karate Kid and Footloose were made in the 1980s, leaving appropriate time for a remake. Spiderman, however, only has a 10 year age gap. Too soon? The right choice? Opinions seem to differ.

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