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A Series of Fortunate Events: Kendrick Lamar Concert

Lamar delivers a stellar performance in New Haven on January 10th.
Photo courtesy of Alex Baird.

By Amanda Burtnett
EE Staff Writer

There is nothing Connecticut teens love more than some good hip hop. That is why when Fairfield County residents got wind Kendrick Lamar was coming to Toad’s Place in New Haven, CT, they knew that no matter what, they would be watching him perform. The weeks leading up to the concert, the concert, and the day after were a series of fortunate events.

What not to Wear at a Job Interview

By Maddie McGillicuddy
EE Staff Writer

People say first impressions mean everything. When meeting someone for the first time, he or she will always remember the way one presents oneself, especially when it comes to appearance. By doing something as simple as putting on a nice outfit or fixing his or her hair, the individual’s effort to look cleanly and well-put goes a long way.

Easy Does it Thrift Shopping

Photo courtesy of Scott Irvine.

By Marisa Moutinho
EE Opinions Editor

It’s very easy to walk into any store and get overwhelmed, but a thrift store gives many shoppers a bit more anxiety. Not just because it’s all used clothing… mainly because it’s all different. At least in your generic run of the mill store the clothes are on display in bulk with multiple different sizes to be chosen. See where that extra notch of anxiety would come into play? Not only do you have to shift through hundreds of randomized items, you also have to have your fingers crossed that when you find that perfect item, it is, well, in your size.

Soccer Without Borders: Playing for a Change

By Ana Tantum
EE Staff Writer

Soccer Without Borders is a non-profit organization that uses soccer as a vehicle for positive change in third world countries. I had the opportunity to work with SWB and volunteer at their camp in Granada, Nicaragua last summer. I was introduced to an inspiring group of girls who have displayed great bravery in order to play the game they love. In a country where girls playing sports is frowned upon, these girls receive much backlash from their peers, neighbors, and even family for wanting to play a sport that their society believes in only for boys. Also, majority of these girls come from impoverished families and would not have the resources to play if it weren’t for Soccer Without Borders. The following article explains the five day World Cup themed camp that I helped host in Nicaragua during a week the girls had break from school.

Back to the 1990s

Top Nine Movies of 1999

By Noah Levy
EE Managing Editor

People saw many creative, interesting and original films released in 1999, and some even got the recognition they deserved from the public. And then there was The Phantom Menace. …the less said about that colossal disappointment, the better. Still, the best of the best deserves to be recognized.

Peace of Mind

By Amanda Burtnett, Maddie McGillicuddy, Jess Lepore, and Carly Goroff
EE Staff Writers

Mr. Pijar, the Incident Coordinator, announced a lock down drill at 1:15 pm on January 17, 2013. All teachers locked their doors, turned out the lights, and pulled down the shades in the classroom. Students were expected to move away from the doors and windows and remain quiet.

Coming Together for Newtown

By Jossy Layedra and Vanesa Kenealy
EE Staff Writers

Trumbull High School students and staff continued to show support for the Newtown community in a myriad of ways. Exactly a week after the tragedy, Mrs. Luby, B House Principal, came on the intercom and addressed the school as both a member of THS and as someone who lives in Newtown. When she was done speaking, students and staff came out of their classrooms to stand in the hallway, holding hands. As a profound and powerful silence filled the halls, a bell chimed 26 times to remind the students and staff of each innocent life lost at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

On Thin Ice

By Matt VonSchleusingen
EE Staff Writer

With the 2012-2013 NHL season currently in a lockout between the players and the league officials, hockey seems to be at a halt. However, for the Trumbull Eagles Varsity hockey team, the word ‘halt’ is the last thing that describes them.

Clothing Drive Successful for the Holidays

By William Hatoum
EE Staff Writer

The months of November and December turned out to be surprisingly successful at Trumbull High School when it came to donations for the First Baptist Church of Bridgeport. The clothing drive at THS, held for several weeks through November and December, was run by The HIPS and Broken Shells clubs. Students brought in many bags full of clothes filling classrooms and Mr. Pijar’s office.

On the Slippery Slopes of Trumbull

By Taylor Milne
EE Staff Writer

Christmas Eve’s snowfall marked the start of wintery weather. The thought of waking up to a winter wonderland-like scene on Christmas brought joy to many but for travelers driving, the snow was a nuisance.

Travel plans are often ruined, especially for teens who are often inexperienced drivers. With snow comes dangerous driving conditions and teens need to be careful. As children grow older their excitement over snow diminishes. For many Trumbull High School students who stayed in Trumbull, the snow was an annoyance.

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