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New Possibilities Help Create the Perfect “Do”

By Brittany Kubicko ‘15
EE Senior Features Editor

Have you ever wanted to try a new hairstyle to mix things up once in awhile? Do you believe that hairstyles can be as important as fashion? If so, some of the new hair trends of 2013 may be perfect for you.

Model United Nations Team Competes at Johns Hopkins University

News Brief

Trumbull’s Model United Nations team competed at Johns Hopkins University for the first time. The competition included 1,700 students from around the country and world.

TED Gives THS Students New Insights

By Noah Levy
EE Managing Editor

A select few students are probably aware of TED. No, it’s not a talking CGI Teddy Bear. TED, which stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design, is a global set of conferences formed to make “Ideas Worth Spreading.” It began in 1984 and became an annual event in 1990, and speakers address a wide range of topics within the fields of science and culture.

“Gates of Paradise” Ends a Thrilling Series

Photo courtesy of

By Lisa Carbone
EE Staff Writer

Melissa de la Cruz has written many young adult books besides the Blue Bloods novels. She has written other series like the Au Pair series about two girls living with a host family in the Hamptons, The Ashleys about girls in a preparatory school, The Beauchamp Family is about a family of witches, and Wolf Pact is a spin off of the Blue Bloods series.

Winter Storm Nemo: More than a Day Off

By Marissa Piccolo ‘13
EE Senior Lifestyle Editor

It all started innocently, students debating whether or not there would be school; however, after students woke up late Friday morning and looked outside, it became imminently clear that Winter Storm Nemo was more than anyone bargained for.

Recent Song Gives People the World in their Own Hands

By Brittany Kubicko ‘15
EE Senior Features Editor

If you have seen the semi-recent Glee episode entitled “Naked,” you would recognize the final song “This is the New Year.” The New Directions members sing the song and embrace being back in competition for the title of National Champion. Although made popular through Glee, the original song shines as well, showing that every person is important in this world. “This is the New Year,” written by the band, A Great Big World, was released on January 8, 2013 by Kickstarter, and lights up pop music, motivating people to never give up on their dreams.

Breathe In…Breathe Out

By Stephanie Guerin “13
EE Staff Writer

One of the worst things for the body and mind is stress. And, boy is stress a huge problem in high school. No matter if you’re freshmen or senior, stress will eventually find you. You may have four tests in the same day, or a quiz that you forgot to study for, or two oral presentations back to back. It is inevitable that one will feel stress at least once (but probably more) in high school. Stress mentally and physically drains you by releasing stress hormones which leave you tired and unhappy. Here are a few ways to get back to your happy place when life gets stressful.

The Healthy Lives of Teens

By Stephanie Guerin ‘13
EE Staff Writer

As people go from childhood to their teen years, they begin to take responsibility for their own lives. Their mom stops making all of their meals, monitoring their every need, and knowing their every emotion. This also means that teens control their own health and well-being as they grow older. This can be a struggle for many as they lose sight of what exactly healthy is and have no one to keep them on track.

Les Miserables from Stage to Screen

Photo courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes.

By Alex Allyn ‘13
EE Staff Writer

Ask any true theatre kids around, and when asked what their top three musicals are, Les Miserables is probably up there. So, when word came out that it was being turned into a movie, you can bet every theatre student felt like their individual “I dreamed a dreams” had come true. What became the biggest story around this production was not who was cast as whom or who was the biggest diva on set, but the music itself. What made this movie musical so different from others was that all the singing filmed was done live, not recorded.

The Summer I Turned Pretty

Photo courtesy of

Lia Horyczun ‘16
EE Staff Writer

Jenny Han’s book called The Summer I Turned Pretty was published by Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers in New York during 2009. Han, who has written numerous books, is the author of Shug, Fire With Fire, and Burn For Burn. The Summer I Turned Pretty , geared towards female audiences, is currently being turned into a television series and the author will be touring USA this year.

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