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Israel and Palestine Moving Forward: A Teacher’s Perspective

posterBy Jack Zhang ‘14
EE News Editor

Samar Sakikini was in Washington D.C. Standing outside Lincoln Center, she glanced up, looking for a sign. As soon as it was given, she, as well as many other Arabic Americans raised their hands in celebration.


Lauren Ciulla ‘16
EE Staff Wirter

Alex Gaskarth, the lead vocalist and guitarist in All Time Low, has written songs that have saved countless lives with their inspiring lyrics. All Time Low is a pop punk band that was formed in a suburb near Baltimore, Maryland in 2003.

Speak up for Mental Health

Beena Jacob ‘14
EE Staff Writer

In response to tragic recent events regarding the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on December 14, 2012, the public began to debate mental health.

Can Fast Food Be Healthy?

By Marisa Marturano ‘13
EE Staff Writer

Fast food…should we or should we not indulge in these quick, grab and go meals?

The top three fast food chains are McDonalds, Burger King and Wendys. Most teens, at one time or another, indulge in these quick and easy meals. Are they good for us, or do they contribute to obesity?

Safety and Security at School

By Michelle Hesse ‘14
EE Staff Writer

After the tragedy in Newtown, many parents, administrators, and students questioned safety in their own schools. Immediately following, students saw major changes such as lockdown drills, more security at the doors, and an addition of police officers around the perimeter. While the additions made students feel better, how does a person or community know how much security is enough?

Powder Puff Black Team Wins in Close Scoring Game

Powderuff2By Marissa Piccolo ‘13
EE Senior Lifestyle Editor

After last minute practices in the cold and months of anticipation after the original November game date was postponed due to inclement weather, the stage was set under the lights this Friday, March 15th.

The Black and Gold teams met and fought for the coveted powder puff title, a tradition for senior girls, which raises money for PTSA’s Post Prom.

Titan Challenge

News Brief

The Titan Challenge is a virtual online business simulation for high school students. During game play, students run a manufacturing company and make key business decisions on the price of product, production levels, marketing expenses, research and development costs, capital investment level, and charitable giving. Students compete against other schools making business-related decisions as they compete for scholarships.

The team of Jeanette Marini, Michael Garrity, Zack Chase, and Peter Veikos placed third in the Junior Achievement Titan Business Challenge on Friday, March 15th. Trumbull High School is the only school that has placed in the top three since this competition began in 2011.

The Truth about iPhones and Androids

imagesBy Rachel George ’16
EE Staff Writer

“Team iPhone, all the way!”

“I love my Samsung Galaxy way better than any other phone!”

Ever heard or said similar comments before? The battle continues between these phones. Which would you prefer to own? An Apple iPhone or its rival, the user-friendly Android?

Junior and Senior Classes Give Back

Marissa Piccolo ’13
EE Senior Lifestlye Editor

Each year, Cotillion provides an opportunity for upperclassmen and friends to spend the night together at the Waterview. However, what many students do not realize is that instead of giving out dance favors and mementos such as picture frames or swag bags during the evening, students use the money for a good cause.

Kings of the Court at the NBA All Star Game

basketball_hoopsBy Alyssa Breunig ’16
EE Staff Writer

Both teams, the East and West, entered the court determined to claim the 2013 NBA All Star Game title. The NBA All Star Game consists of the best players from the Eastern Conference performing against the best players in the Western Conference. Through the complaining, sweat, and fouls, the West left Houston once again with the win. While close to 75% of people surveyed at Trumbull High School voted for the East to grasp victory, they were sadly let down with the final score of 138 to 143.