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News Brief

Congratulations to the new 2013-2014 editors of the Eagle’s Eye. Thanks to the entire staff of the 2012-2013 school year. It has been a wonderful time full of exciting changes and creative ideas.

2013-2014 Senior Staff
Kevin Pacelli and Jack Zhang

Managing Editors
Jesse Rubinstein and Brittany Kubicko

Senior News Editor
Lia Horyczun

Senior Opinions Editor
Alison Kuznitz

Senior Lifestyle Editor
Paulina Howard and Morgan Regent

Senior Features Editor
Robin Wyckoff

Senior Sports Editor
Chris Rzasa

Sports Editor
Alyssa Breunig

Senior Entertainment Editor
Rachel Tropp

Thyme for Food

Paulina Howard ‘15
EE Staff Writer

It is lunchtime, and the growling of your stomach becomes an unbearable pit; an angry bear. Anything would satisfy your hunger, but of course, nothing is better than a home-cooked meal. Unfortunately, the soccer game that is in an hour does not allow the needed time to cook a decent meal. Stuck with no other options than to eat out, McDonald’s and other fast food “restaurants” (if you even want to call them that) dominate the Tri State area. Where else could one quickly get a home-cooked meal that tastes amazing, exudes the comforts of home, and tames the wild beast of an appetite inside? Readers, look no further than Trumbull’s backyard, Soup Thyme is the best place in the world to please every craving that one could possibly have!

New Editors Say Hello

Kevin Pacelli ‘14
EE Entertainment Editor

As I’m apprehensively looking forward to the excitement and emotions of being a senior, I am more than eager to begin my final year as a member of The Eagle’s Eye staff. My responsibilities will be greater as Co-Editor in Chief, but I am ready to fully embrace them and do what I can to maintain (and hopefully improve) the quality of the newspaper.

Current Editors Say Goodbye

Vishakha Negi ‘13
EE Co-Editor-in-Chief

I’m stuck.

What should I say other than “I loved layout nights this year (though Andrew wasn’t there to singlehandedly eat all the pizza)”?

How do I avoid saying, “I never thought, when PK first introduced me to InDesign back in freshman year, that three years later I would be working with Noah and Logan on the college map”?

The Best of Times, The Worst of Times?

Rachel Tropp ‘16
EE Staff Writer

The past six months have been rough for the United States. It seems like wave after wave of unprecedented tragedy have hit, and large-scale purposeful death and injury are more prominent than any time in the recent past.

SELFless Acts from Reinvented Club

Alison Kuznitz
EE Senior Opinions Editor

The new and improved SELF club has definitely made a lasting impression on the THS student body during the course of this school year. The club ambitiously started the year with a totally new mission in mind. Instead of focusing on eating disorder awareness and body image, members wanted to branch out further and “explore other things that contribute to happiness,” says co-advisor Mrs. DeNunzio. They chose to place emphasis on one’s inner self, as proudly boasted in their slogan: “Be yourSELF, Love yourSELF.” Thus, the formerly known HIPS was transformed into SELF. This acronym stands for the motivating message of “spirit empowerment love fulfillment.”