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Beauty Behind a Camera

Lia Horyczun ‘16
EE Senior News Editor

Have you ever wanted to learn about true photography with others? For years, students at Trumbull High have wanted a photography club. This year many of these wishes have come true. Mr. Bracksieck and his senior advisers Sydney Sheehan, Lauren Jacobson, and Lauren Squires have put together Trumbull High’s first photography club.

Trumbull Eagles Off To Best Start Since 2010

Chris Rzasa
Senior Sports Editor

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

The Trumbull Eagles football team is off to their best start since 2010. Through the first half of the season they are 5-1, losing only the first game of the season to Shelton by a whopping score of 20-57, but that was no indication of what was to come. Since then they have defeated Fairfield Warde 28-21, Stamford 42-6, Norwalk 28-6, and Westhill 49-16, and then defeating Greenwich in their most recent game, 50-44. Starting quarterback Nick Roberts may only have a 56% completion rate (97-173) he has thrown for 1,601 yards and 20 touchdowns. That’s about 266.8 yards a game and about 3 touchdowns a game.  Roberts also has 15 rushing yards on 9 carries. Roberts’s main target has been #7 TJ Hayduk who has 26 receptions for 472 yards. Roberts had this to say on why this year is so much better than the past two “The experience that we have on both sides of the ball. Zach Thompson, Phil Reardon, and myself have started since we were sophomores and Tj Hayduk and Nick De Rosa and Andrew Marino started last year. The experience is a big part. We’ve also been unhappy with where we were the past two years so we were eager for change”

Fall is Stress Season for THS Seniors

Michelle Hesse
EE Staff Writer

The fall season at Trumbull High School is one of the most exciting times, when students are most spirited about their school as they watch the football, soccer, and field hockey games. However, for seniors, fall is the most stressful and confusing time of their year as they start filling out applications and applying to schools. The application process can be confusing and unclear to a lot of students, since it takes a lot of research to find out all the different due dates. It is hard to pick a time to start this process, and determine when it is finished.

Trumbull Firefighters Run in Tunnel to Towers Race

By Trumbull Times on October 8, 2013

On Sunday, Sept. 29, four members of Trumbull’s Long Hill Fire Department, two members of the Trumbull Center Fire Department and three members of the Nichols Fire Department joined over 25,000 people running the 12th annual Tunnel to Towers Race in New York City.

The run commemorates FDNY firefighter Stephen Siller, who was off duty on 9/11, ran through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel to ground zero wearing all of his bunker gear, located his crew and, unfortunately, perished with 342 of his fellow firefighters when the towers fell.

Trumbull’s Teacher of the Year Vies for State Title

Carley Berlin ’14

A life-size poster of Drew Brees, Super Bowl-winning quarterback of the New Orleans Saints, poses in the corner of his room. Newspaper clippings of his favorite team cover the walls. The dry-erase board shows the Saints’ record for the season. It is clear that Brees is an inspiration to Eric August, a Trumbull High School teacher.

August has been named ‘Teacher of the Year’ in Trumbull, Connecticut for the year 2013.

Eric August started teaching at THS six years ago. First an attorney, he switched his profession to help students. “I loved the interaction between students and the idea that you’re helping the next generation,” said August.

Take the High Road When Snacking on Vacation

Paulina Howard ’15
EE Senior Lifestyle Editor

Summertime is all about the travel. Who went out of the country? Who met someone famous? Who did something daring and epic while on vacation? It is all part of the high school experience: always subconsciously trying to “out vacation” our peers. Sure, vacations are so much fun and relaxing once you are there, either basking in the sun on the beach in California, or jumping off of cliffs in Fiji. However, the travel time is the stressful and agonizing aspect of every vacation. Whether you are jam packed into the car with the rest of your family, crammed in coach on the plane, or taking the scenic route via the train, it is a lot of time to be stuck sitting and doing nothing. So it is obviously human nature to eat our way through the travel time. But are we really aware of the empty calories and immense grams of fat that we are ingesting while sitting and doing nothing? Not likely.

THS Launches BYOD

Ian Matz ’14

“What’s that in your hands?”  “Put it away!”  “Give me the phone!”  Teachers dislike it when their students are distracted in class by an electronic device, but are these traditional demands a thing of the past? Trumbull High School students will begin to find that out this week. The school officially opened up its Wi-Fi network to the student body on Monday morning.

Over the past year, the Trumbull Board of Education has been devising a policy that will enable students to bring their own electronic devices to school and connect to the Wi-Fi outlets that have been built into each classroom.  Nicknamed BYOD, or “Bring Your Own Device”, the new policy was scheduled to launch Monday, September 16th but had been delayed due to a recent power issue at the school.      

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