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Is There Enough Respect for Our Heroes?

Katie Herndon ’14
EE Staff Writer

There is much controversy over whether or not we should have school on Veterans Day. Students constantly complain, “other schools get the day off, why don’t we?” However, the schools counter that if we did not have school, students would not be remembering these veterans on this day. Yet, we do not end up acknowledging them in the classroom setting anyway.
Our neighboring town, Stratford, does a bit more than Trumbull. According to the Stratford Patch, this year the town of Stratford will not be attending school and there will be an event to remember and acknowledge veterans. The town will be hosting an Appreciation and Resource Event where all are welcome with a free continental breakfast and lunch included. Upon being told this information, Trumbull High senior Alexa Ruff stated, “I wish we did more stuff like that. It would be nice if we could recognize the veterans more in our town.”

Our Nation’s Capital: A City to Visit on Veterans Day

Ian Matz ’14
EE Staff Writer

Coming up around the corner is one of our nation’s most cherished days on the calendar. November 11th is celebrated as Veterans Day, a date dedicated to those who have sacrificed so much for their country. Even with the United States government coming out of a recent shut down, the city of Washington D.C. will carry out its annual Veterans Day events.
The holiday was established in the early twentieth century to celebrate the end of World War I, formerly known as “the War to end all wars.” Each year since, parades, public speaking, and ceremonies take place all over America on this special day in honor of those who have fought to protect our way of life. Most citizens attend local events, but few bother to check the happenings in our nation’s capital on Veterans Day.

A Paper Book With Concrete Messages

Carley Berlin ’14
EE Staff Writer

“Paper Towns is about what we do and do not see when we imagine each other,” said John Green in a videoblog about his book.
John Green is an American author and hilarious video blogger. In 2006, he won the Printz Award for his first novel, Looking for Alaska. Six years later, his The Fault in Our Stars made the New York Times best seller list and is now being turned into a movie.Other works by Green include: An Abundance of Katherines, Let it Snow, and Will Grayson, Will Grayson.
Paper Towns, written by John Green, is one of those books that a reader will not be able to put it down.

iPhone 5c: Bust or Breakthrough?

Sydney Sirkin ’17
EE Staff Writer

The iPhone 5c has many great qualities like Siri, fun colors and 4G networking. Unfortunately, these great features are unknown not only to many students at Trumbull High, but to many people on the market for a new phone as well. What could have caused the iPhone 5c to get such a bad reputation?
“The iPhone 5c is cheap looking. It looks as if it could break very easily,” says 9th grader Kiki Yalamanchili.
In fact, according to a survey conducted at THs, 3 out of 5 students believe the 5c is a terrible phone.
“Apple is downgrading fast. They think they can make a cheap plastic phone and people will actually buy it,” stated Ajshe Zulfi .
Moreover, the price may be another factor that contribues to the iPhone 5c’s negative reputation. Although the iPhone 5c is a comparably cheaper price than most iPhones, it may not prove to be the best investment.

Remembering Pat Tillman, a Hero on and off the Field

Tommy Switzgable ’15
EE Staff Writer

As we transition from October to November, we forget about Halloween, tricks, and treats, and start to look forward to the elements of turkey, family, and especially Veterans. Veterans Day is one of America’s proudest holidays, as we remember those who fought for our country and risked their lives for our freedom. When this day comes around, the mind of a true football fan immediately jumps to the story of the beloved Pat Tillman.

Freshmen Warned on Underage Drinking

Robin Wyckoff  ’15
Senior Features Editor

On November 12, 2013 the Trumbull Partnership for Underage Drinking (TPAUD) sponsored its annual Underage Drinking Forum at Trumbull High School for students and their parents. This 2 ½ hour program is put on every year for all Trumbull High School freshmen. Because there are so many students, the freshman classes are broken up into two groups. Students with last names A-G were in the gym and students with last names H-Z were in the auditorium. Link Crew Leaders, some sports team members, and the Trumbull Police Explorer Post #659 were recruited to help parents get around and to help students stay focused. The night for everyone started out with a performance of the National Anthem from the THS Chamber Singers and from there Mr. Guarino, and Dr. Cialfi introduced the assembly.

A Different Life: Interview with a Veteran

Jackie Sheehan ’14
EE Staff Writer

World War II Veteran Edward Sheehan, resident of Bridgeport, shares his wartime memories with The Eagle’s Eye.

Eagle’s Eye: What branch did you serve for in the arm force?
Sheehan: The United States Navy.

Eagle’s Eye: Why did you choose to serve for this specific branch?
Sheehan: My father was in it in World War I and I was lucky to get the same one as he got…I was lucky to get it. You don’t always get the branch you prefer to be in. I got it by luck. My friend Eddie McPadden got into the navy with me as well. We went up to New York State to train, almost up to Buffalo, NY.

November: a Time to be Thankful

Gabrielle Joachim ’14
EE Staff Writer
With November comes Thanksgiving, a time to be thankful, but materialistic objects like your iPhone and latest additions to your wardrobe are not the only things to be thankful for. Veterans all over the U.S. are not being thanked for risking their lives for Americans. It is understandable that many do not know how to thank a veteran. It may be an uncomfortable or difficult experience for some, but this does not mean that we can ignore it. Here are five simple ways you can thank veterans!
It is extremely easy to write and send an eCard to a veteran using, a website designed specifically for thanking a veteran or service member.

Catching Fire Review (No Clever Title Necessary)

Kevin Pacelli ’14
EE Co Editor-in-Chief

After seeing Catching Fire in theaters, I can officially say that Panem is not a place I want to live. OK, well maybe I knew that before. But the second installment in the Hunger Games series is so beyond sinister that I know it with even more confidence. And I happened to love every second of the two and a half hour film.

The second part of a series rarely exceeds or even matches the quality of the first, but Catching Fire is undoubtedly an exception. Anything you loved about the first one has been improved upon, and anything that bothered you has been adequately adjusted.

Veteran’s Day: A Day to Remember

Smantha Marzulli ’14
EE Staff Writer

A day of remembrance comes around every year, as people all over the world thank the veterans who have served our country. Each year Trumbull High School files seniors into the school’s auditorium to sit in on an assembly and thank the veterans who have made our country the way it is today.
Trumbull High School has been running this assembly for 11 years, and each year veterans from all branches of the military come to speak to our seniors.

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