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Athletic Director, Mr. Herbst, Retiring

Christopher Rzasa
Senior Sports Editor ‘14

For 38 ½ years there has been one constant at Trumbull High School. Whether he was teaching or being the Athletic Director, Mr. Herbst was always there with the best intentions of making Trumbull High better. One Thursday afternoon in February I had the honor to sit down for a while and talk to him about what his career at Trumbull High was like.

Fall Sports Banquet

On January 30, 2014 Trumbull High School held its Fall Sports Award Ceremony and Banquet.
Photos by Ralph DeLuca

Lady Eagles Edge Out Rivals in FCIACs

Christopher Rzasa
EE Senior Sports Editor ‘14

For the past couple of years the Trumbull Lady Eagles basketball team has been a major competitor in the FCIAC, and the 2014 season is no different. So far this year they are 10-6 overall and 9-5 in the FCIAC. Although they haven’t yet lived up to last year’s season where Lady Eagles went to FCIAC finals, this season is not one to overlook. This the team’s offense is off the charts, scoring 50 or more points in 8 of their 14 games up to January 31st, scoring 752 total and averaging 47 points a game. Now, their defense has been pretty solid, only allowing an average of 31.2 points a game and 499 total.

Eat Your Heart Out

By: Paulina Howard

EE Lifestyle Editor

February 14th. The day that couples look forward to bask in each others love and affection. The little gifts, the tender kisses, affectionate embraces, candlelight dinners for two, and of course  chocolates to express how sweet your relationship is. Or, you can be on the other end of the spectrum…bitterly alone, indulging in a bucket of ice cream, sobbing over the perfection of Ryan Gosling in The Notebook in your pajamas, buried in three blankets on your couch. Whatever your case may be, food is still such an important aspect in order to make this an enjoyable holiday. Why settle for processed store bought desserts when you can earn so much more respect and love from your significant other by making them a special dessert? And isn’t the whole pint of ice cream thing kind of getting old? If that is how most of your weekends are, change it up for Valentine’s Day and treat yourself to something special! Might as well enjoy yourself while mellowing in your perpetual loneliness.

Weather or Not to Play

Thomas Switzgable

One of the main storylines before the Seattle Seahawks’ 43-8 pounding of the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII was the factor of weather. The Farmer’s Almanac predicted a blizzard for Super Bowl Sunday, as they are correct 85% of the time.

Lucky for America, the tri-state area was gifted with an unnaturally high 49 degrees Fahrenheit at the beginning of kick-off. There was little to no precipitation until it started to drizzle lightly in the fourth quarter.