Monthly Archives: May 2014

Does Homework Really Help?

Katherine Boback ’17

We’ve been assigned homework since before many of us knew how to spell our own names. Now, as high schoolers, it’s safe to say that the homework load has drastically increased since we’ve left first grade, understandably. But how much is too much?

Emergency Fun For the Whole Family!

Paulina Howard ’15
EE Lifestyle Editor

There is something so awe-inspiring for children to see an ambulance, firetruck, or police car fly by their house that inflicts such pride and admiration for their hometown heros. It’s a childhood dream to fill the rubber boots of a firefighter, wear the prodigious badge of a police officer, or to be able to administer medicines via injection like a paramedic can do. And there is nothing more spectacular than feeding your child’s interest in a certain dream for their future. The best way to do that? Bring your entire family and children to Trumbull’s Emergency Medical Service’s Family Fun Day at 250 Middlebrooks Ave, Trumbull, CT on Saturday May 17 from 10:00am-1:00pm.

Losing Logan

Lia Horyczun ’16
EE Senior News Editor

Sherry D. Ficklin’s latest book, Losing Logan,  was released last week by Clean Teen Publishing. She is known for previous titles such as The Gods of Fate Trilogy, After burn: Military Brats, and Extracted: the Lost Imperials” (co-written with Tyler H. Jolley). This book is geared towards paranormal-loving audiences who like a good mystery and some romance too. Ficklin’s dedication on the book’s title page reads: “For everyone who was ever mean to me in high school. Suck it”

Into the Woods to Open May 15th at Pinewood Lake

Martha Hegley ’16
Staff Writer

The Pinewood Lake/ Milford Player’s production of Into the Woods is just around the corner. The show is set to open at the Pinebrook Theater located within the lake association’s clubhouse. Working hard since February, the cast is excited for the May 15th opening night.

Stacked Debate Team Compete as Champions

Jack Zhang ’14
EE Co-Editor-in-Cheif

You have one hour to prepare, go!” The debate team shuffled their notes, reviewed their given documents, and began to prepare an argument. The team, split up in pairs had to debate the topic: “Should Russia try back its former colonies?”
The only difference was the panel of judges threw a twist in the whole ordeal: the debate team members must only debate as if they were Russian citizens. This meant points like “National Sovreignty” were moot.