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Halloween Costume Ideas

Lia Horyczun ‘16
EE Staff Photographer

Ever been on a tight budget for Halloween? Well, it’s always best to stick with clothes from your own closet; only buy the necessary items. If you plan to be a princess, buy a cheap tiara. Stores like Michael’s are perfect for finding a wide range of items. But, most importantly: be creative and work with what you have. Dressing up for Halloween is all in the name of fun.

A Fight for the Season

Jason Micalizzi ‘15
EE Contributor

Trumbull High School soccer has always been about tradition and winning. Being apart of the team means that you will do whatever it takes to obtain victory. Great players have come and gone, such as Keith Bond (Yale), Nick Weinstein (Bryant University), and many more notable athletes. Wearing the Trumbull soccer logo means that you are an elite player that is representing the school. Every year the soccer team puts on a show and never disappoints the loyal fans.

Your 2014 Trumbull Eagles Football, Team Forming a New Legacy

Seth Wittstein ‘15
EE Contributor

The 2013 Trumbull football team was no joke. Finishing with a hard earned 8-3 record, they were a force to be reckoned with in the competitive FCIAC. Overcoming  teams such as the Fairfield Warde Mustangs, Stamford Black Knights, Norwalk Bears, Westhill Vikings, Greenwich Cardinals, Wilton Warriors, Danbury Madhatters, and the Bridgeport Central Hilltoppers, the 2013 football team left their mark.

Come 2014, the football team was gutted. What survived graduation on offense were linemen Greg Goldman, Jon Newland, and Cory Haslem. As for defense, the one man left was linebacker Jack Kelly. Clearly, big shoes, or cleats, were left to be filled. But the team was up for the challenge.

The Man Behind the Suit

Nicholas Grew ‘15
EE Contributor

Each day kicks off at 7:27 am with a familiar voice coming over the loudspeaker. Giving a warm welcome to the Trumbull High Community followed by the Pledge of Allegiance, Mr. Guarino creates a typical morning routine within the school. The second year principal makes it a point to engage in the THS Community by walking around, communicating with teachers, and pausing in the halls to say hello. As the school day progresses, Mr. Guarino checks his emails and plans events such as spirit week to provide students with a dynamic educational experience.

Book review: Story of a Girl by Sara Zarr

Lia Horyczun ’16
EE Staff Photographer

Rating: 9 out of 10 stars.

Sara Zarr’s first published book, Story of a Girl, was released in 2007 by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. She is known for previous titles such as Sweethearts, Once Was Lost, and The Lucy Variations. This realistic fiction novel is geared towards young adult readers. It deals with coming of age and how to deal with past mistakes.

The New Mike in Charge

Haley Fuimara
Megan Wright

A cork board full of pictures of athletes on the left, and a door leading to the weight room on the right. The smell of dirty pads and equipment fill the hallway as the bright ceiling lights guide the way to the closed wooden door. Two knocks grant access inside the office of the new athletic director, Mike King. Eight-twenty on a Tuesday morning and Mr. King is hard at work, preparing for the upcoming fall opener games. Customized posters designed by the man himself accent the black, gold and white themed room, adding a sense of family and school spirit. The motivational books containing inspiring quotes fill the rectangular back table. A big black couch posted up against the back wall provides the site of personal interview. In just short forty-five minutes Mr. King will be able to give the community a better idea of what it is like to be thrown into a new school as the head athletic director.

The New and Improved Mr. Manuel

Jacob Robbins
Courtney Arison

One of Trumbull High’s most beloved teachers is no longer teaching. But no need to fear- Mr. Todd Manuel is still here. From business teacher to C-House principal, Mr. Manuel has taken on a new role in the THS community. The transition for all 300 accounting, marketing, and entrepreneurship students has not been easy but after talking to the man himself, it is evident that this transition will take him beyond his hopes. From affecting the lives of 300 students, he will now be affecting the lives of over 2000 students. What the remarkable Mr. Manuel had to say about his past and future at Trumbull High is one of a kind.

Adventures in Europe

50 Students Enjoy the Trip of a Lifetime

Ginnila Perez ‘15
EE Staff Writer

Just as most students were finally catching a breath of air after finals this past June, a group of around 50 Trumbull High students, teachers, and parents were packing their bags, double checking passports, and making last minute shopping runs for toothpaste.

On June 28 the group headed out to spend the next ten days oversees on a tour of Europe centered around the events of World War II. The trip was headed by a diverse group of chaperones including, Mrs. Rubano, Mrs. Guadagnoli, Mr. Matthews, Mrs. Santelli, Mr. LaBarca, Mr. Ostrander, Mrs. Conti, and Mrs. Benedict.

If I Stay… the New Fault in Our Stars?

Rachel Tropp ‘16
EE Entertainment Editor

Since its release on August 22nd, If I Stay has been both the object of tears and criticism. Based on the book by Gayle Forman, the movie follows cellist Mia Hall in the aftermath of her family’s tragic car crash. The lone survivor, Mia finds herself in an out of body experience.She watches her friends deal with her coma while she engages in a series of flashbacks that cause her to question whether she should stay and live on in a family-less world, or whether it would be easier to die.

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