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Chambers Choir Sings with Chanticleer

Kristi Bui EE
Senior News Editor ‘16

On March 4, 2015, the students in the Honors Chambers class participated in the Chanticleer Choir Festival. The festival offered five high schools, all from different areas of Connecticut, the opportunity to sing, practice and perform with Grammy-award winning a capella group Chanticleer. Students spent the entire day working on improving important factors of singing such as breathing, warm ups, tone and dictation as well as perfecting both the pieces they performed solo and together with the other choirs.

A new era for Trumbull Community Television

Alison Kuznitz ‘15
EE Co-Editor-in-Chief

As little kids, we all inevitably dreamed of being on television. Unfortunately, many of us never flipped to the to correct channel to realize these dreams actually came true. From elementary school graduations to chorus concerts, all major school events have been aired on Channel 17, or more recently on the town’s revamped education and government access station, Trumbull Community Television (TCT).

THS Academic Decathletes Collect Medals

The Trumbull High School Academic Decathlon Team finished 3rd in the Connecticut Academic Decathlon competition held on Saturday February 28, 2015 in Waterbury, CT. Individual team members scored highly in many of the events, receiving medals in several. This year’s team was comprised mainly of first-time competing underclassmen who are poised to challenge this year’s winner—New Fairfield High School—in upcoming seasons.

Trumbull High DECA Team Excels at States; Sends Students to Nationals

Kristi Bui ’16
EE Senior News Editor

On February 26, 2015, Trumbull High’s DECA Team competed at the state competition at the Aqua Turf in Southington. Seven members from the team will be representing Trumbull High School at the national competition

The Voices of THS

Katherine Boback ’17 and
Christina Yacoub ‘17

Trumbull High’s first poetry play, “Voice,” premiered on January 30th and proved that poetry could be fun, entertaining, and relatable to high school life.

The always engaging Colby Laracuente opened up the show, soon handing the microphone over to Madie Davids, the play’s main protagonist. In the first scene we see her struggle to speak up and let her voice be heard. Her character ultimately runs off the stage before getting the chance to recite her poem.

Hello healthier you!

Martha Hegley ‘16
EE Senior Lifestyle Editor

As 2015 rolls in, many people pick their New Year’s resolution. One of the most common resolutions out there is to eat healthier, yet usually you end up trying it for a week and then resorting back to your potato chips and chocolate candy bars. Why does this happen?

Trending: Temporary jewelry tats are where it’s at

Martha Hegley ‘16
EE Senior Lifestyle Editor

There has been a new and trendy fashion craze on the rise. Temporary metallic body tattoos that look like jewelry are sweeping the fashion scene both on the red carpet and at Trumbull High. These silver and gold jewelry tattoos can be applied as bracelets, necklaces, rings, or statement pieces. They have been sported traditionally as regular jewelry but they are also seen in more creative ways such as henna style on hands, or placed on the back.

Club Z! Annual Achievement Award – A winning effort!

The results are in and your local Club Z! In-Home Tutoring Annual Achievement Award turned out to be a huge success! Students from all backgrounds and with all level of skills and abilities had the opportunity to showcase their individual talents in an attempt to win over $10,000 in scholarship prizes. A fantastic effort was made by all applicants and winners were ultimately chosen on National and Local levels.

Slamming the Others

Tommy Switzgable ’15
EE Senior Sports Editor

The sound of the bodies hitting the floor is scary sound to some, but to a certain crowd, it is one of the most soothing sounds imaginable. This particular crowd is the wrestling crowd, a very strong and prestigious one here at Trumbull High School.

All Work, No Play

By Nicholas Grew ‘15 and
Dylan Shepard ’15
EE Contributors

Stress is defined as a state of mental or emotional strain resulting from very demanding circumstances and is very common in the lives of everyday high school seniors. Between a rigorous course load, endless college applications, and extra-curricular activities, these students are constantly overwhelmed and overstimulated. In the midst of a year that is supposed to be filled with rewarding and relaxing experiences, these teenagers are working harder than they ever have before.

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