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Shattered Standards, Changed Catwalk

Kira Littlejohn ’16
EE Staff Writer

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Have you seen the drastic changes in the model industry? People with disabilities are beginning to hit the runway in a revolutionary new movement. Madeline Stuart, an Australian model with down syndrome, is one of many.  She like many others are changing the world with every strut. According to an excerpt from Madeline Stuart Model, her mother informs us that she has strutted the catwalk in New York in support of autoimmune awareness and has also become the face of Glossigirl, making her the first model with disabilities to ever do this. Miss Stuart has also been nominated for the Pride of Australia Award as well as the Young Australian of the Year Award. Her mother is sure that this is helping to end discrimination against people with disabilities everywhere. Madeline herself also wants to break people’s discriminations against people with disabilities and alter people’s perceptions of beauty according to News.

Girls Soccer Opens with a Win

Bhavya Bhushan ‘16
EE Senior Sports Editor

Less than five minutes were left in the game when a Staples defender knocked sophomore Julie Keckler to the ground. The referee called the foul and the Wreckers defense formed a wall, ready to block the free kick which could win girls soccer the game.

As captain Jill Presser stepped up to take the kick, she knew she had the power to bring the score up from 3-2. The game had been tied at 2-2 for the entire second half and the girls wanted to take down one of the top teams in the FCIAC. The day before at practice, the girls had practiced this play. Presser said, “I remember that it was now or never. This was my chance to rise to the occasion.”

Presser ran up to the ball and chipped it over the wall and into the top corner of the goal. Staples goalie Anna Sivinski dove the wrong way, nowhere close to saving the ball. Realizing that they had taken the lead, the girls hugged each other and jumped on each other as the Black Hole which filled the stands went crazy.

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