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The Serious Case of Senioritis

Lia Horyczun ’16
EE Co-Managing Editor

senioritisIt’s that time of year. Your parents called you in sick for the third time in a row, because you only are thisclose to being done with first semester of your last year of high school. Homework is being completed the day it’s due versus the night before. Lack of studying and low quiz/test scores have been occurring. And motivation to strive for an A has declined.

Seniors are approaching their last midterms of high school and everything seems optional. The hard work is finally paying off. The hideous SATs have been taken, college essays have been written, applications are sent in or in the midst of being sent in, and the days are flying by. The seniors are ready to say goodbye to being Eagles and hello to their new college mascot.

Go Google or No Google?

hero_logoJessica Parillo ’18
EE Senior Opinions Editor

In this day and age, technology has become an important part of our everyday lives. Admit it– we’ve all become glued to our smartphones, we’re constantly checking social media, and we’ve spent countless hours binge-watching shows through websites that stream movies instantly. It’s hard to deny the impact modern devices have on our daily routines. The question is, how big a role should technology play in schools and education?

THS Orchestra Performs in Annual String Fling Concert

Pictured (left to right): Benjamin Vu, Lauren Knapp, Jennifer Hance and Bhavya Bhushan pose for a photo during the THS annual String Fling. Photo courtesy of Bhavya Bhushan.

Pictured (left to right): Benjamin Vu, Lauren Knapp, Jennifer Hance and Bhavya Bhushan pose for a photo during the THS annual String Fling. Photo courtesy of Bhavya Bhushan.

Kristi Bui ’16
EE Co-Managing Editor

On Wednesday, November 18, the members of the Trumbull High School Orchestra performed in their annual String Fling concert. This concert featured not only the members of the high school orchestra, but the members of the middle school and elementary school orchestras as well.

There was a wide variety of music performed at the concert, ranging from classical to pop music. The high school orchestra performed Hero’s Journey by Soon Hee Newbold, The Magical World of Harry Potter and Peer Gynt suite Movements 1 and 4. They also performed Viking with the middle school orchestras, and Pepperoni Pizza Rock with all of the orchestras present at the event.

Mock Trial Achieves Victory


Top photo from left: Olivia Bellero, Isha Dalal, Dario Arganese, Vanessa Woods, Annika Redgate, Elizabeth Wynne, Bella Ryder. Bottom photo from left: Devanshi Thakkar, Astonique Robinson, Emma Schober, Geethika Kodakara, Elena Kemper, Melissa Doran, Lauren DeNomme, Sarah Angelo, Steven Stanton, and Advisor Mr. August.

Rachel Tropp ’16
EE Editor-in-Chief

On Thursday, December 10, the THS Mock Trial juniors and seniors attended a regional competition at the Waterbury Superior Courthouse. Just the previous week, the Futures team, comprised of freshmen and sophomores, won their competition, and the pressure was high for the upperclassmen, whose win would allow them to progress to the next levels of competition.

To prepare for this round, the Mock Trial students have been meeting regularly since October. The closer to the competition, the more frequently they met and the longer their meetings became. They needed to memorize speeches that, for some, were almost 20 minutes long, although they aren’t read all at once.

College and Career Readiness Forum Slated for January 6th

Kate Ariano ’18Capture
EE Staff Writer

This year’s Superintendent’s College and Career Readiness Forum, scheduled for Wednesday, January 6, at 7 PM in the Trumbull High School Auditorium, will strive to expose students to opportunities that Trumbull High, as well as the middle and even elementary schools, offers in forming the bridge between childhood education and college and career life. The invitation reaches out to students from eighth to twelfth grade as well as their parents.

BICEN Sweeps the State

This year's team members stand in front of the CCSU Social Sciences building where the competition took place.

This year’s team members stand in front of the CCSU Social Sciences building where the competition took place.

Kiki Yalamanchili ’17
EE Senior Features Editor

Major congratulations are in order for Ms. Boland and her We The People team, as they have once again been crowned Bicentennial State Champions on December 11th at Central Connecticut State University. This year, the team also swept the state in each individual unit category, making this class truly unique.

We The People is run by Civics First Connecticut, a non-profit association which conducts civics-related education programs and projects in Connecticut’s schools. Specifically, their We The People program was established to “promote civic competence and responsibility” amongst all American students. The program has been run since 1987, and has educated over 28 million students during its lifetime.

Yale Model Congress Gets Things Done (And Takes Home the Rewards)

The Model Congress team poses at Yale with their coach Ms. Boland.

The Model Congress team poses at Yale with their coach Ms. Boland.

Manan Manchanda ’19
EE Staff Writer

Trumbull High’s Model Congress team had the honor of going to Yale University this past weekend to partake in Yale Model Congress (YMC). These students were given the opportunity to debate real world issues and formulate opinions on other delegates’ bills.

Model Congress provides high school students with an opportunity to learn about and experience the American legislative system first hand. Yale Model Congress, like the U. S. Congress, consists of small, specialized committees of approximately 20 students modeling the committees in the U.S. House and Senate. Delegates from all over present their bills in these specialized committees. Bills and resolutions passed in committee sessions earn consideration in the full House or Senate. Those passed during full sessions reach the Yale Model Congress President, modeling the Unites States’ president, who signs them into YMC law.

News Brief-Ugly Sweaters Return For The Class of 2016

image1Wednesday December 23rd was the last day of 2015 for the seniors. It was a momentous day where the class of 2016 seniors wore their festive ugly sweaters to class. This is a long time tradition carried on by the seniors each year right before the December break begins and this year was no exception.

Seniors Gabriella Lindade and Gabriela Misiewicz both commented, “it’s an exciting day full of holiday spirit! And I’m so glad to spend the last day before break with my friends!”


Hello 2016’s Fashion Trends


The bob is back!

Kira Littlejohn ‘16
EE Staff Writer

2015’s fashion reign is coming to an end as 2016 lingers around the corner. Don’t fret over what trends will be lost at the change of the year. A plethora of new fashionable opportunities arrive in 2016.

Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue are already listing what will be trending this spring. According to them, Jonathan Sanders, Alberta Ferretti, and Rebecca Minkoff are some of the few designers that appeared.

Be prepared for some fashion relics in spring 2016. Seventies inspired suede and Victorian inspired garb such as puffy sleeves and high collars froliced the runway. According to Harper’s Bazaar, seventies garb won’t end there. Tie-dye will also be all the rage meanwhile, lace and English-styled sleeves will bring out the softer Victorian trend.

Debunking the Link Between Autism & Vaccinations

allergy shotsSteven Stanton ’15
EE Contributor

January 5th, 2015. The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) receives a report of a suspected measles case. The victim is a child aged 11, unvaccinated, with a rash onset December 28th. Notable travel history? Disneyland parks in Orange County, California.

January 7th, 2015. In just two days, the CDPH had received a total of seven confirmed measles cases,  all of whom had visited the Disney theme parks from December 17-20.

February 11, 2015. A total of 125 measles cases have been diagnosed with confirmed measles cases. Now with cases in Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska, Oregon, Utah, and Washington, it had become bigger than the CDPH. Now it was a concern with the Center for Disease Control (CDC.)