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Holiday Gift Ideas


Manya Kidambi ’18
EE Asst. Entertainment Editor

Finally, after months of waiting, the holiday season has finally approached! Despite the lack of snow and cold weather so far, it is quite easy to get into the holiday spirit with the plethora of music that is played throughout the season. Until the big day, there is always the stress of what to get for family members and friends for the holidays. If you are a last minute person and want to purchase something under $25, here are 3 ideas for gifts that you can give to your friends and family that they will love.

HAN network FCIAC Winter Sports Tour

Screenshot (33)

Senior and captain Gina Moriello answers Rob Davis’ questions during HAN Network’s FCIAC Winter Sports Tour.


Bhavya Bhushan ’16
EE  Senior Sports Editor

On Thursday Dec 10, interviewers Bill Bloxsom and Rob Adams with HAN network interviewed the Captains and Coaches on all winter teams about their upcoming season.

Captains of the boys basketball team, seniors Jack Moore and Ben McCullough, discussed coming of their undefeated JV 2014-2015 season. In addition, girls basketball captains, seniors Kristina Vetter, Emma Maguire, and Alyssa Breunig, discussed the versatility of their team and their preseason training.

Manchester City Defeats Borussia Monchengladbach


Manchester City striker Raheem Sterling lifts the ball past the defender, over the keeper, and into the net to put City in the lead.

Bhavya Bhushan ’16
EE  Senior Sports Editor

Manchester City went into their game against the powerful Borussia Mönchengladbach with the understanding that winning the group of death would be a long shot. In order for this to occur, Juventas had to lose to Sevilla in the game that had started slightly earlier, and Manchester City had to beat Mönchengladbach.

David Silva started off the game on a good note, scoring in the 16th minute. Raheem Sterling, who turned 21 that day, held the ball from three defenders then sent a back heel pass through them to Silva. For the first time since August, Silva scored, kicking the ball over the goalie and into the back right corner of the goal.


Manya Kidambi ’18
EE Asst. Entertainment Editor

Recently, the students of the Trumbull High School Model United Nations club visited the University of Connecticut along with advisors Mr. LaBarca and Ms. Davies to take part in the UCONN Model United Nations, or UCMUN.

For the Model UN club, UCMUN is traditionally the fall conference, which is the first one of the year. Undoubtedly, this is a great conference for first time members as they have the opportunity to learn the skills of the conferences in a more relaxed environment.

The Peanuts Movie: A Classic

peanuts-movie-castAnjeli Sambasivam ’18
Archana Ajay ’18
EE  Staff Writers

The Peanuts Movie, directed by Steve Martino, is an uplifting children’s movie that many children and adults that have enjoyed previous Peanuts comics will find entertaining. Many adults will feel that this is a trip down memory lane while children are introduced to a classic movie. Charlie Brown, voiced by Noah Schnapp, is on his quest to win the love of the little red-haired girl, voiced by Francesca Capaldi.

Throughout the movie, Charlie Brown attempts to impress her through many different trials that were given to him by his friends.

The 33: Hollywood Drama or Real Life Horror?

33_contest_1200_400_widthGabby Tropp ’16
EE Senior News Editor

Imagine being trapped underground in 90℉ heat for 69 days with almost no food or water. Well this nightmare was a reality for 33 Chilean miners in 2010. A collapse at the San José Mine on August 5th left these men 2,300 feet beneath the surface of the Atacama Desert under a boulder twice the size of the Empire State Building.

    The San Esteban Mining Company, a privately owned company, opened this mine near Copiapó in 1889 to uncover the rich copper and gold deposits in the hard diorite stone of the desert. The mine had a history of accidents, many of which can be attributed to negligence on the part of the owners when it comes to safety precautions. In the dozen years before the accident, there had been eight deaths in the mines, and many other accidents because of safety violations. Additionally, the earth around the mine was known to be unstable, and many of these past accidents came about due to the shifting of the mountain. Just six months before the collapse, Chile suffered from a huge earthquake and accompanying tsunami, making the already unstable area even more dangerous. On August 5, 2010, the consequences were almost cataclysmic for the 33 miners.

Pride in What You Drive

Matthew Mihaly ’16
EE Contributor


Whether he is laying pipe or cutting grass; he’s trying to make a dollar anyway he can. As a part time plumber and private landscaper, Senior Wayne Bulkley has been working hard to save up his earnings to buy his own pickup truck. With nearly 4,000 saved up over past summers, the Summer of 2015 was the summer Wayne earned enough money to purchase a decent used truck.

“For me choosing a vehicle that was around five grand was difficult; but I never thought the truck that I would choose would have been sitting in my driveway since 2004.” Wayne said.

“Hello” Again

adeleKatherine Boback ’17
EE Staff Writer

“Rumour Has It” that Adele is back after her three year intermission from the top charts, and the statistics show it.  Her Comeback song “Hello” has become the fastest selling single in eighteen years.  On top of that, within twenty-four hours of it’s release, the music video had already been viewed 27.7 million times, according to  

In December 2011, Adele’s second album, 21, which includes record-smashing and nostalgia-inducing hits like Someone Like You and Rolling in the Deep. became the biggest- selling album of the 21st century.  As of 2014, 30 million copies have been sold worldwide.  At the 2012 Grammy Awards, Adele won Album of the Year, along with five other awards.  “This record is inspired by something that is really normal and everyone’s been through it—just a rubbish relationship,” she said upon receiving the awards.  Clearly, however, even though inspired by something normal and average, the album, and her music, was not.  

Winter Choir Concert Brings Holiday Cheer


Ms. Anne Tornillo reads to the audience the list of pieces the Men’s Ensembles will be performing for the night.

Geethika Kodakara ’16
EE Staff Photographer

The THS choir had their annual winter concert on Thursday, December 17. The concert was enjoyed by a full house; the auditorium was packed! First the concert choir consisting of sophomores, juniors, and seniors performed, then the Freshmen choir, followed by the Women’s and Men’s Vocal Ensembles, and then the Chamber Singers. The night ended with all the members of the choir singing Hallelujah, as they were joined onstage by years of the program’s alumni. The majority of songs were accompanied by  student musicians and instrumentalists, most of whom sing for the choir as well.



By Madeline Erenberg and Jack Moore
EE Correspondents

Mud, sweat, and even a few tears describe the Tough Mudder. Ms. Alexandria Davies, along with her fellow colleagues Mr. Jeffrey Cayer, Mr. Martin McGrath, Mr. Alex Kovachi, Mr. William Mecca, Mr. Jack LaBarca, and Mr. Eric August decided to start up a team and train for an intense and popular race, known as the Tough Mudder. They decided to use their dedication and commitment in the classroom in a new way, by working towards the goal of  completing a 12-mile course.