Monthly Archives: July 2016

And Some Hellos…

kikiKiki Yalamanchili ’17
EE Editor-in Chief

As the school year comes to a close and we bid farewell to our outgoing seniors, I cannot help but think about how much hard work our current Editor – in – Chief, Rachel Tropp, has put into the Eagle’s Eye. It is almost daunting, as the shoes I will be filling are 10 times larger than what they used to be.

Yet, while she has immensely expanded the expectations for the Editor-In-Chief Position, she has also challenged our staff to be the best writers and workers we could be. Her passion and energy has transferred onto me, and I look forward to assume her role and carry on her legacy.

Being on the Eagle’s Eye staff since freshman year, I can easily say that our dynamic has transformed over the years. Our paper and online website have become more interactive and accessible than ever, pushing our voice across greater fields than we had ever imagined. But even more so, our team has grown to be stronger than ever. We have passionate writers and dedicated workers, and many are underclassmen. I am more than excited for the year that is to come, as the students younger than me that are taking initiative truly are impressive. It really is invigorating to have such a strong, motivated team of students ready to craft new articles or advertise to keep our paper going.

I know for a fact that we will have trouble after losing such a determined and experienced group of seniors, from our InDesign experts to our incredibly dedicated Core Three. However, with the support that I have gotten from these seniors over the past couple years and the enthusiasm of our team’s underclassmen, the opportunities are endless.

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