Monthly Archives: September 2016

Fooled by the “Health Halo”: The Truth About Organic Food

organic-foodArnav Srivastava ’19
EE Co-Opinions Editor

As 2016 is speeding by, the trend of supporting and purchasing organic foods is becoming stronger and stronger. However, as many recent studies are starting to show, organic foods may not be as heavenly as we all had assumed.

The organic food business is definitely a booming industry. Numerous stores are stocking their shelves with this “healthier,” “cleaner,” and simply better food as the multi-million-dollar agricultural field is increasing in size by around 10% per year. In fact, with these flattering associations to these products, people are willing to pay 7% – 47% more to purchase organic foods compared to regular food items. The willingness of so many customers paying extra for organic has been dubbed as the “Halo Effect.” In spite of that, this extra cost may be going in vain.

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