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Midterms 101

Christina Kingan ’23
EE Features Editor

As midterms are mentioned more frequently these days, it’s important to understand what they are, the schedule modifications they invoke, and what preparations are necessary to be confident during these tests. Midterms are the exams around the end of the first semester, meant to measure how students have been performing and what knowledge they retain. These exams will start on the Thursday following Martin Luther King  Jr. day, the 20th of January. They will end the following week on Tuesday the 25th. The format of these exams is structured in two period blocks. On the first day of testing exams for period one and two will be taken. On day two of testing exams for periods three and four will be taken. This pattern occurs for day three and day four as well. 

Studying for midterms can be stressful and challenging for people who don’t know where to start. It’s important to first heed any advice given by teachers on what topics to study and complete any packets given. If you feel that you need additional support consult your teacher and see if they can offer anymore assistance. Looking over past tests can also be beneficial to see what you didn’t understand as well as review what you did. Looking over notes or assignments can also be helpful in reviewing what you need to know. Watching review videos on YouTube is also a great strategy as some students find it easier to listen than go over notes. It’s a good idea to talk to upperclassmen who might have taken the test already and can provide any advice on how they were successful when taking the exams.

“Don’t wait until the last minute and try and plan ahead,” advises senior Anju Rajah when asked for her perspective on successful midterm preparation. “For example, if there are five units, do one per night and then designate one night for review”.

She encourages students to utilize a spread out study plan like this, making sure they’re not overwhelmed by the amount of information they are trying to remember.

Midterm Study Tips Help Relieve Stress

Ashley Moran ’23
EE Staff Writer

The pressure of midterms and the upcoming closure of the semester causes a great deal of student stress. However, it’s important to remember that we are all in the same boat. Even with the change in date of the midterms to give us more time to prepare, it is still is a lot with the mountain of packets and other work we have to get done. Here are a few things that I do to relieve stress that might be of help to you too:  

  1. Take a breath: sounds basic but taking a moment to reset and ground yourself can help
  2. Do work in sections: Switch up topics when studying so you don’t get as bored studying
  3. Take study breaks: Grab a coffee or a snack to energize yourself. 
  4.  Organize a study group: Get together with friends who are talking the same class and review together 
  5. Move around: Don’t stay in the same place for all of your studying, changing your scenery can help

Trumbull Boys Basketball Brings Home the Holiday Tournament Trophy

Ava Inesta ’22
EE Sports Reporter

Senior Captains, Ray Vicente and Connor Johnston, receiving the Stratford Holiday Tournament trophy.

While the majority of Trumbull High’s community was enjoying their winter break, sports were still on the go; specifically the Trumbull Boys Basketball Team. 

In the middle of Trumbull’s week off, the basketball team traveled to Stratford High School to face the Red Devils. Originally, Trumbull was scheduled to play Joel Barlow first, then move onto the second round of the tournament. Unfortunately, circumstances changed when Joel Barlow had to postpone the game due to Covid-19 related issues. As a result of this, the Eagles advanced straight to the championship game to play the Stratford Red Devils after they defeated the Morgan Huskies in the first round.

With the Eagles going into this game having a 2-1 record and the Red Devils previously undefeated with a 3-0 record, this matchup was predicted to be close. 

As expected, this game was definitely a nail biter but it ended in Trumbull’s favor. On the night of December 29, the Eagles defeated the Red Devils 59-56. This year, the Eagles are young and pretty inexperienced on varsity courts. They also lack some height elements which makes their defensive game extremely significant in order to win games. But, this team showed their abilities in a close knit game and how their team efforts can bring them all the way.

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