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AP Exam Advice Offered

Christina Kingan ’23
EE Features Editor

As juniors finish up their SAT and NGSS assessments, many must now prepare for AP season. AP tests start in early May and many teachers advise students to start their studying process soon to ensure that they can cover all content with the much needed comprehension of the material. 

Recommended methods of studying include practice questions, reviewing material through reading the textbook, and looking over past tests. Teachers will usually urge students to look over past notes and try to review the highlights from each unit. Making sure a student has a reasonable understanding of the entire course is crucial. However, this can be a hefty amount of reading. YouTube videos are very effective and, speaking from experience, provide a student with a strong understanding of the main concepts necessary to know. All AP classes will have YouTube videos or Khan Academy videos at students’ disposal. 

Junior Caitlin Carley encourages students to “purchase the class’ flashcards and preparatory test book and spend thirty to forty minutes studying in the days leading up to the exam”. She found this method very helpful and felt prepared to be successful on the test. 

AP tests can cause student stress and it is easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of material needed to review. It is important to remember that every minute of studying dedicated will only help your score, no matter how much you study!

Starting is one of the most difficult steps, so keep in mind that anything you do will be beneficial. One tip from past experiences is to divide your workload into sections. For example, AP United States History consists of 9 units. All will be covered on the AP test which can be intimidating. However, when you split up the course into sections, it seems like less work to review. Two days can be dedicated to the first unit, and the next two days for unit 2 and so forth. 

Remember to try your best and do not hesitate to reach out to teachers and upper classmen for guidance on how to excel on your exam.

Trumbull Agriscience Welcomes New Lambs

Abby Poplawski ‘23
EE Staff Writer

Two sets of twins cuddling in the corner of the barn.

Every year the female sheep or ewes, at the Agriscience farm, are bred to have lovable lambs that are then cared for by the junior and senior students that major in Large Animal Science taught by Mrs. Trojanoski. 

Most lambs are born in late winter as sheep are seasonal breeders. Their estrus cycle is determined by day and night length. Sheep are long night and short day breeders so they are bred late summer or early fall and will give birth in the winter.

In early January, Ultrasound Technician Nancy Miniter of PregNancy Ultrasounding, came to the farm to perform ultrasounds on the sheep. The students helped keep the ewes calm and still, prepared them for the procedure, and then documented information on the ultrasound chart. The ultrasounds estimated about a dozen lambs as well as their due dates which helped the Agriscience staff prepare for their arrival and determine how much food each ewe would need. 

This year, there were eight pregnant sheep that went through a 147-day gestation period before giving birth in late February and early March. The upperclassmen in Large Animal Science are able to have a hands-on experience with the sheep and help with the birthing process if required. They also helped vaccinate the newborn lambs after their birth with a subcutaneous tetanus shot as well as a booster two weeks later.

Rugby Season Starting

Christina Kingan ’23
EE Features Editor

Trumbull High has made a new addition to their spring sports lineup: boys and girls rugby. The team officially started practice on February 28th on the football field after school.

The team has been meeting for a few months now, practicing on Wednesdays and Sundays, introducing the new players to the rules of the game.

Official practices will be held on Mondays-Fridays for boys and Mondays and Wednesdays for girls. Boys rugby is from 5:30-7:00 and girls practice runs from 7:00-8:30.

Coming into the new season, players are excited to finally be on a team affiliated with the school and to play with their classmates. Scrimmages will take place during March, the first one being against West Hartford on the 19th.

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