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Trumbull Baseball Shuts Out Top-Seeded Ridgefield

Ava Inesta ’22
EE Sports Writer

Captain Connor Johnston at the mound, dominating the Tiger’s lineup through 6 innings.

The Trumbull baseball team convincingly beat Ridgefield 7-0 at home on Friday April 22nd.

FCIAC baseball has been very competitive this season, and outcomes of games aren’t always as expected. With this game being Ridgefield’s next game following their statement win over top seeded Fairfield Warde, the Eagles were aware that the Tigers had some momentum rolling. Trumbull knew that they had to come into this game playing their best baseball.

Starting pitcher Connor Johnston took the mound for the Eagles at home with junior Scott Gell as catcher. Throughout the game, with Gell at the plate and the rest of the fielders playing tough defense against the Tigers, they prevented any runs from scoring. Senior captain, Johnston, pitched a shutout for the Eagles through six innings. He allowed four hits and had 10 strikeouts.

With Johnston’s performance, he made the Ruden Report Fairfield County Bank player of the week voting poll for the week of April 25th.

After scoring early in the game, senior captain Dylan Moran added to the score in the 3rd inning with a 2-run homerun putting Trumbull up 3-0. To add insurance for the Eagles, senior Paul Visconti scored and extended the Eagles lead to 5-0. Then, to top off the offense, in the bottom of the 5th, senior Kevin Katragadda hit a 2-run home run. At the end of 7 innings, Trumbull defeated Ridgefield 7-0 and improved their record to 5-4.

“It was a great team win all around”, said Katragadda of his team’s performance. “We knew coming into the game that we were up against a really solid team, and we came to play. Connor threw a gem, we played solid defense and obviously the bats came alive. Dylan put some runs up early for us with that big swing and it felt good to tack on some more with my homer”, he added.

The Eagles continue to compete multiple times a week as they are in the middle of their regular season. They hope to keep up these kinds of wins and gain a spot in the FCIAC and CIAC playoff brackets.

Inclusion Spirit Week Celebrated

Isa Lee ‘23
EE News Editor

THS students join the SHADES club in celebrating #THURSDAYSINBLACK.

Trumbull High came together with an Inclusion Spirit Week from March 28 to April 1. It was a week where everyone could celebrate their true selves and show support for mental health challenges, diversities, the LGBTQ community, and women of color. Students and staff made their support known through their fashion choices.

The beginning of the week began with Mental Health Monday or Neon Day. We joined Youth Advocating for Youth (YAY) and wore neon to shine a light even during dark times.

YAY wants you to know you are not alone and help is always available. YAY promoted mental health resources and distributed bracelets with positive messages on them. This was a major success, with the ability to spread mental health resources around the school to help students when they are struggling. The lunch tables had carefully curated, laminated, lists containing resources for an array of situations.

The bright neon yellow posters around the school also had the resources listed. Mathew Which, a member of YAY, explains his participation: “It was wonderful to see the Trumbull High School student body come together to build a more inclusive environment for all students. It is of utmost importance for every student to feel welcome at Trumbull High School, and the Inclusion Spirit Week provided an opportunity to continue to build our community with that in mind.”

Winch also reminds us to follow @youthadvocatingforyouth on Instagram to see more ways to spread positivity and access resources. 

Next, the Peer Leaders Club created a diversity day to wear colors that showcase heritage and unique experiences.

“Through my efforts of helping to plan inclusion week, I felt it was important for me to participate in each of these days to show my support”, said junior, Reshma Kode, who showed her diversity through her clothing. “Specifically, for diversity day, I wore orange and green to represent the colors of the Indian flag and represent my culture. It was amazing to see how everyone proudly showed off their different cultures, allowing the school to come together as a community and promote acceptance”.

Time For Spring Cleaning

Ashley Moran’23
EE Staff Writer

Spring cleaning: A time to reset our lives and declutter from winter stress and anxieties. Taking this time to open the curtains and see the sun shining in and getting to decluttering our lives is exactly what we all need. These moments set us up for success. Cleaning and living in a decluttered environment can de-stress your life and improve your focus and mood.

When you live and function in a clean environment; it makes it easier to get your tasks done while also making you feel put together because your room is put together. Not only does functioning in a clean environment benefit you. But I find taking the time to clean and listen to music is all I need to feel productive and enhance my mood. 

Katlyn Nielson, A Junior says, “I love spring cleaning because it helps me feel good and fresh about not only the new chapter in my life with the new season, but also with how clean and complete I feel after I am done”.  

 Another way to shed yourself from the winter and leap into spring is decluttering. Getting rid of clothes and other belongings that do not fit you or you have no need for is beneficial. Giving to a local Goodwill or other community programs is a great option. So take this time to shed the winter anxieties away and make room for summertime and end-of-year festivities.

Winter Percussion Heads to National Competition

Amanda Cottica ’23
EE Staff Writer

The THSGEMB Winter Percussion Show, “Beautiful Angels”

The Trumbull High School Golden Eagle Marching Band takes their show “Beautiful Angels” to the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio. Between April 21 and April 23, the group will perform against other winter percussion ensembles from various states. Their sets include musical numbers from Beethoven and Michael Jackson, maintaining their theme of using music from deceased artists.

Following their Winter Guard, who competed in early April, the THSGEMB will compete in the Truist Arena in Northern Kentucky for the preliminary rounds. Advancing past the preliminary rounds will result in a trip to Dayton, Ohio where the finals will be held.

THS Rugby Takes the Field

THS Rugby pictured after their first win.

Kylie Totten ’24
EE Sports Editor 

Time to add rugby to the long list of Trumbull High sports! This spring over 60 THS students, both new and advanced players, came together to form three new rugby teams: Boys Varsity and JV Teams and Girls Varsity Team. In the past couple of months these students have tried out, practiced, and competed, and for a lot of the students this was the start of a whole new experience. 

The boys Varsity and JV teams played their first games last Friday (4/1) and the Girls Team played their first game Thursday (4/6). The boys played against Simsbury and the girls played against Staples High School, both of which were more experienced than the Trumbull teams. Every single team came back to Trumbull High with their first ever win in their first ever game. 

The boys Varsity team defeated Simsbury 45-20, and were led by captains Corbin Smith, Jeff Adintori, Andre Caraballo, and Anthony Desautels. The MVP of the game was Corbin Smith, who scored three of the teams seven trys (worth 5 points) and all five of the teams’ conversions (2 points). The other trys were scored by Chris Scalise, Jeff Adintori and Andre Caraballo.

The boys JV team also beat Simsbury JV team with a final score of 55-33. The game was led by captain Jonathan Hall, who was also the MVP of the game. Hall scored four of the teams nine tries and four of the teams 5 conversions. The rest of the teams trys were scored by Wesley Dayton, Charlie Keller and Harsimar Singh, and the rest of the conversions were made by Wesley Dayton.

The girls team took on Staples this past Thursday, and captains Devin Campbell, Samantha Agostin and Jasmine Rivera led the team to a 27-5 victory. The 5 trys of the game were made by Samantha Agostin, Hope Platt, Megan Sullivan and Faith Brown. The one conversion of the game was made by Sienna Hoefer.

Parker Project Benefit Concert Announced

Maggie Russell ’24
EE Staff Writer

The 16th annual Parker Project Benefit Concert will take place this year on Saturday April 30, 2022 at 7pm in the Trumbull High School auditorium. 

The two-hour concert, which includes performances by both the THS Dance Team and Chorus, promises great entertainment as well as an opportunity to support important local causes, according to Cathi LaChioma, Administrative Director of the Rockwell Dance Center, a prominent sponsor of the event. 

Previously known as the S.A.M. Benefit Concert, this year’s event will continue to support the Steven A. Merrihew Performing Arts Scholarship, an award granted to THS seniors who are going on to study the performing arts in college. 

The scholarship was established in memory of a Trumbull resident and THS graduate who was involved in the performing arts before he was killed tragically and suddenly in August of 2006 at the age of 20 – hit by a tractor trailer on I-95 on his way home from work. 

This year’s benefit will also support #CapalboStrong, the community charity associated with Charlie Capalbo, a Fairfield resident and former goalie for Ludlowe High School who has been fighting cancer for the past 5+ years. 

Organizers of the event approached Capalbo and asked if they could do this year’s benefit in both his and Steven’s name, according to LaChioma. He agreed but only on the condition that any funds raised for #CapalboStrong would go to two local cancer charities: Infinite Love for Kids Fighting Cancer and LIVFREE. 

Footloose is a Wrap!

Kylie Totten ’24
EE Section Editor 

It’s time for the cast and crew to take their final bow, because Footloose is officially a wrap! This year’s school musical, Footloose, made its final debut Sunday, 3/27, and it was a huge crowd pleaser for everyone who went to see. So before we start thinking about what’s next, let’s talk about all the hard work into making this play a success.

So why Footloose? Director Mrs. Spillane said, “We knew that we wanted a show that was going to be really joyful, that people just kind of needed that in their lives”. It’s been a few tough years for the theater department, as well as the rest of Trumbull High, while dealing with the COVID-19 outbreaks. So a play like Footloose, with so much color and noise, and especially dancing, was just a great play to boost spirits and put a smile on people’s faces.

This year’s musical featured a huge cast, but prominent roles included: Ren McCormack (Nicolas Ferreira, 10) , Ariel Moore (Nora Watson, 10), Reverend Shaw Moore (Nathan Ayotte, 12), Vi Moore (Mia Bekech, 12), Willard Hewitt (Tim Spillane, 10) , Rusty Rodriguez (Ella Cook, 12) and Chuck Cranston (Paul Litchfield, 10). 

Family, friends, students, and teachers filled the auditorium night after night, supporting the cast and crew as they put on an amazing performance. Nicole Soares, a sophomore at Trumbull High who went to see the play, said, “I loved it! I was right up front so it really felt like I was in the musical. I would tell the cast and crew that I am SO PROUD, and I’d like to thank them for all the dedication and hard work they put into the musical”. 

It truly is amazing what the cast was able to accomplish in just a couple months, especially after the last two years. Obviously the production wasn’t without its challenges, one of the main ones being that until March they were still required to wear masks while rehearsing. But all the hard work just made the moments on stage that much better. 

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