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Why hasn’t Aaron Rodgers Been Traded Yet?

Jude Magnotti ‘26
EE Sports Columnist

Current Green Bay Packer, Aaron Rodgers

The past few weeks have been chaos for Packers and Jets fans alike. Packers star QB Aaron Rodgers came out and said that he “intends to play for the New York Jets”. However, the two teams have yet to negotiate a deal.

Everyone knows by now that it will (or should) happen. The only question is when, and why has it not happened yet?

The reason for this is that, according to multiple sources, the Packers asking price for Rodgers is extremely high. They are reportedly demanding multiple first rounds picks, but for a 39 year old QB that just came off the worst season of his career this is too much for the Jets.

If Rodgers doesn’t work out, they will need those first round picks to acquire a new QB. The Jets have many extremely talented players and they should not be willing to waste their potential through a bad trade.

Now, this trade has been the worst kept secret in the NFL for many weeks. However, just because Aaron Rodgers intends to play for the Jets, does not mean he will.

With the Jets not willing to give the Packers picks, it is possible that they could start fielding calls from other teams and ship him somewhere else against Rodgers’ wishes. This would come as a shock to both the fans and players, but if the Packers can manage to squeeze more out of another team, they do not have to trade him to New York.

The Packers are trying to acquire as many draft assets as possible to build around their young core. Rodgers will 100% be traded this year, but to whom and for how much is not yet determined.

It is still very likely that Rodgers is traded to the Jets. He has done so much for the Packers and they hopefully will repay him. However, the possibility of him going somewhere else is still definitely out there and something interesting to think about.

The Decline of Modern Movies

Thomas Ou ‘24
EE Managing Editor

Earth’s mightiest heroes unite to face their greatest challenge yet in the epic finale, Avengers: Endgame.

In the fall of 2019, Martin Scorsese, the director of the critically acclaimed movie, The Irishman, inflamed the internet after an interview with Empire Magazine. When asked for his opinion on the current state of cinema, particularly the popular Marvel Cinematic Universe, Scorsese told the reporters that “superhero movies are [akin] to theme park rides,” a grotesque degradation of a once beautiful media.

In a subsequent article published in the New York Times, Scorsese lamented that movies are no longer “the cinema of human beings trying to convey emotional, psychological experiences to another human being”, but rather shallow entertainment “devoid of genuine revelation, mystery, emotional danger, and risk”.

Amidst the social media cesspool of paradoxical arguments and inflammatory rhetoric that followed in the wake of these interviews, I found myself growing more enamored with Scorsese’s claims. 

In two generations, we have gone from thought-provoking, visual masterpieces like The Godfather Trilogy, Seven Samurai, Citizen Kane, and Raiders of the Lost Ark that each, in their unique way, advanced the cinematic medium and artistic human achievement, to modern garbage like Transformers, Fifty Shades of Grey, Emoji Movie, the live action version of Mulan, and countless others that achieve little more than fueling the already bloated societal indolence.

That is not to say that these movies hold no inherent value; it is as Scorsese had suggested, that modern movies are amusement parks where I can anticipate, laugh, and sometimes shed a tear in good fun with friends. However, I seldom find myself salivating at the prospect of seeing another or deriving any deeper meaning from them. The movie industry has been debased to a deluge of detritus and, by analyzing the economic and social drivers behind movie making, I can pinpoint this problem to the studios’ fraught attempts to appeal to a modern audience. 

In this capitalistic society driven by consumerism, the main objective of movie studios is to generate the greatest net sum between the cost of their investments and the end product. On its own, this is not a cause for concern; healthy competition is the breeding ground for innovation and creativity. However, the profit in film-making does not stem from ingenuity but rather uniformity. Every element of the movie business has been carefully crafted to produce regurgitated recipes rather than something spectacular because people have gotten completely complacent with mediocrity and this mediocrity sells

The Best Knicks Team In A Decade

Jude Magnotti ’26
EE Sports Columnist

Jalen Brunson of the NY Knicks

The New York Knicks have certainly not had the best go of things recently. Over the past two decades the Knicks have had a few talented teams, but unfortunately they have never been able to replicate the same success they had in the Ewing and Frazier errors. They have blown several playoff leads, only won one playoff series, and have only made the playoffs 4 times in the last two decades.

The high point for them has been the 2013 season in which they made it to the second round with Carmelo Anthony at the helm. Even just two years ago the Knicks had a shocking season in which they got to the playoffs on the back of an all-star season by Julius Randle.They would have won this series as well if it had not been for Trae Young.

However, last season was back to what Knicks fans were used to in which Julius Randle took a massive step back and they missed the playoffs.

Over the off-season, fans demanded serious changes be made. They needed a second star to pair with Julius Randle, so they went out and signed Mavericks guard Jalen Brunson.

Brunson had been very good working alongside Luka Doncic but had so much more potential if he just had his own team. Many people believed that the Knicks had overpaid for Brunson but those people have been proven dead wrong. Brunson has been everything the Knicks could have wanted and is averaging 23 points and 6 assists a game.

The Knicks are currently 5th in the Eastern Conference and are trying to make a push for a top 3 seed. The signing of Brunson, the trade for Josh Hart, and the development of Immanul Quickley have all made a huge impact on the Knicks success. This, combined with a bounce-back season from Julius Randle has led the Knicks to many exciting moments including a massive 9 game winning streak with multiple overtime victories over teams like the Celtics and the Heat.

As the season winds down, it is very likely that the Knicks will at least make the playoffs. However, what is different about this run is they actually have a chance to win a playoff series. The Knicks have shown all season that they are capable of battling with some of the powerhouses in the East and definitely have the potential to make it past the first round and possibly even go to the Eastern Conference Finals.

42nd Street Hitting The Stage

Kylie Totten ’24
EE Managing Editor

Students rehearse for the THS production of 42nd Street

It’s that time of year once again! This year’s musical, 42nd Street, will make its opening debut Friday, March 17th at the Trumbull High theater. There will be four additional performances on the 18th (Saturday), 19th (Sunday), 24th (Friday) and 25th (Saturday). Tickets are available on the THS Musicals website, and each cost eighteen to twenty dollars. 

Last year’s musical, Footloose, was a huge success, and people are excited to see what the Thespians have in store for this year.

“I’m so excited to see 42nd Street because of all the hard work my friends put into it”, said junior Taylor McGeachy. “And after Footloose was so fantastic, I expect 42nd Street to be just as amazing”.

42nd Street is a stage musical and movie based on the original novel written by Bradford Ropes in 1932. It is the story of Peggy Sawyer who travels from her small Pennsylvania hometown to the big city, and quickly lands a job as an ensemble member for a new Broadway musical. But when the leading lady breaks her ankle, Peggy needs to step up and become a star in order to save the show.

This year’s musical features a huge cast, but prominent roles included: Peggy Sawyer (Nora Watson, 11), Billy Lawlor (Nick Ferreira, 11), Dorothy Brock (Olivia Mate, 12), Julian Marsh (Tim Spillane, 11), Maggie Jones (Catalina Mozzo, 10), Bert Barry (Jacob Chaffee, 11), Andy Lee (Luke Hatzis, 10), Abner Dillon (Syed Naqvi, 12), and Ann Reilly (Juliana Hemond, 10).

The cast has been working tirelessly for the past ten weeks in order to prepare for the show. They have spent many days after school memorizing lines, practicing the songs, and most importantly, learning all the new dances that are part of the show.

“All the dancing was really challenging”, said junior Nick Ferreira. “But everyone worked so hard and improved so much, and we can’t wait to bring it all together for opening night”.

The cast were not the only ones putting in the work. The crew spent all those rehearsals painting sets, working with the music, programming the lights, and ultimately working to make sure everything runs smoothly in all aspects of the show. 

Members of the cast and crew should be incredibly proud of all the work they put in to bring 42nd Street together, and this weekend they will have the opportunity to bring all that work to life for the very first time on opening night. Trumbull, it’s time to buy your tickets and prepare your applause, because 42nd Street is ready to hit the stage!

The Course of Our Next Year

Ariana Sebourne ’24
EE Staff Writer

As each quarter comes to a close, we are becoming closer and closer to a successful end to the 2022-2023 academic school year. I am sure we can agree that this year has offered many twists and turns for the better, and the brunt of the good comes from all the opportunity Trumbull High has to offer. Nearing the beginning of an end, comes the mind consuming, yearly tradition of course selection for the 2023-2024 school year. A time full of stress, curiosity and “of course” change. 

Coming this fall, is a new feature in Trumbull High that is sure to be quite the adjustment for us all. Not only are we experiencing a change in grades and classes, but a new schedule is also imminent. Where some see a flaw in the system (with a few inconveniences present), the situation should be looked at with a new perspective. It is a clean, fresh start with a shot in a new direction. This “8 Drop 2” schedule allows for an increased chance in each student’s ability to take a class that is advantageous to them. Whether you want to pack your schedule to the brim, or create a schedule that is catered to a specific degree—this new schedule will allow each THS student the choice to do so. 

For many, the multitude of courses Trumbull High offers can be very overwhelming. Ranging from Intro to Piano, to Painting 1, and all the way to Multivariable Calculus, it is easy to get caught up in choosing a class that is the perfect fit for you. The decision between a want and a need for a class, becomes a very fine line that should be taken into consideration during the decision making process. Incoming freshmen are being introduced to a wide variety of possibilities. Simultaneously, the rest of the student body are also getting the opportunity to delve into new chances, and explore their own intellectualism. 

As a junior myself, I have noticed a common theme within the class of  2024 student body. Many students have burdened themselves with choosing classes that will help them excel in terms of college rather than personal interest. This is not to criticize it as a bad thing, yet as a universal mindset amongst a group. While this observation does not account for all 534 students, here at Trumbull High, it is safe to say a vast majority of students tend to focus on the future rather than the now. This can be seen as both a beneficial aspect of the ever-constant working mind of a college-bound student, and a jab at the intellectual toll we put on ourselves. 

With such high stakes for some in place, this minuscule task of creating a schedule develops into something way bigger than intended. A game of tug-o-war becomes you, and you’re left to decide which way you would like to be pulled. Albeit— it may sound dramatic—the fate of your next year is ultimately up to you and the person you would like to be.

Oscars Preview: This Year’s Worst

Raphael Sullivan ’23
EE Staff Writer

Moviegoers might be excited to watch the upcoming Oscars on March 12th. Many great movies will be discussed and rewarded for their incredible storytelling abilities and acting. However, some not-so-great movies will also be showcased. The Oscars are pretty famously rigged, as almost every award show is. 

The Emmys nominated the infamous Emily in Paris and the Oscars let Shakespeare in Love beat out Saving Private Ryan. “Over the past four years, best picture winners generated an additional $19 million at the box office”, according to Business Insider. That’s more than 42% of total ticket sales.

The King’s Speech, for example, was initially projected to gross just $30 million, but after its subsequent nomination and victory, it went on to make more than $400 million in the box office.

This year, it’s pretty easy to spot the plants. So I would like to go over which of this year’s nominated movies are plants and who I think will realistically win.

Now, when I talk about “buying” your way into the Oscars, I don’t mean just straight-up giving money to the judges. While I don’t deny that this may happen, the most common practice of bribing includes giving the judges experiences of exclusive interviews. For example, Emily in Paris flew the Grammy judges out to an all expenses paid trip to Paris in order to “watch the production”.

Directed by Baz Luhrmann with Austin Butler playing the lead, Elvis. This is an incredibly inaccurate retelling of the life of Elvis Presley. While it is filled with many hit Elvis songs (many of which I am a fan of), Elvis is a failure in both an educational sense and an entertaining one. Many moviegoers leave the theater disappointed at this new biographic film. Elvis most definitely bought its way into the Oscars as I believe it is undeserving of any awards, including best music.

Avatar: The Way of Water
James Cameron’s masterpiece, Avatar was previously the highest-grossing film of all time. While it made a lot of money, Avatar has pretty famously been at the expense of many jokes. The main issue people have with the first was its forget ability. This issue was definitely not fixed in the newest Avatar, Avatar: The Way of Water. This movie, much like the previous one, is absolutely stunning– the CGI is groundbreaking. However, this does not make up for the boring plot. Many watchers were forced to drop out halfway due to the extremely slow pacing and lack of real plot. This movie is a step better than Elvis as I do think it deserves recognition for it’s beauty.

It’s Dame Time In Portland

Jude Magnotti
EE Sports Columnist ‘26

There are many debatable things in the NBA; the impact of Damian Lillard is not one of them. Now at 32 years old, Lillard is putting together the best season of his illustrious career so far.

Just to recap, throughout this year alone, Lillard has become the Blazers all-time leading scorer, averaged 33 points and 7 assists a night, led the Blazers to a 60% winning percentage when he has 30 or more points, and most recently scored a jaw dropping 71 points in only 39 minutes against the Houston Rockets.

He made the All-Star team and is an All-NBA selection lock. However, despite Dames massive production the Trail Blazers sit at 29-33 only good enough for twelveth in the West and two games out of the play-in.

How can one player produce such mind boggling numbers and still not have his team even in the playoffs? Well there are a few things that contribute to the Blazers lack of winning; the number one factor being defense.

The blazers have had a potent offense this year putting up well over a 100 points per game, but their defense is not quite as good. They are still in the bottom tier of teams allowing more than a 115 points a night to all types of teams. Some of this blame goes on to Dame as he is not the best on the defensive side of the ball. However, this problem stems from their lack of size. Their average size standing at a measly 6 foot 6 is the second shortest in the league behind the Miami Heat at 6 foot 5.

Size does matter and Blazer defenders are often simply shot over or ignored entirely due to the massive height difference. If the Blazers want to even have a chance at getting into the playoff picture they will need the return of Bosnian 7-footer Jusuf  Nurkic who has been injured for the past month.

Newest Club is in Pursuit of Dispute

Sutton Caba-Bodie ’24
EE Student Activities Reporter

Are you someone interested in learning more about debate or an experienced debate member? Or maybe someone looking to develop their argument/synthesis skills? Well then, you’ll definitely like the Debate Club, Trumbull High’s newest student activity. 

When a student reached out to Ms. Moriello, a teacher here at Trumbull High, about starting up a debate club, Ms. Moriello took charge. She spoke with previous advisors for debate and learned how much students had previously enjoyed it and the topics they explored. 

“Debate is a really invigorating way to think about things”, said current member of the Ethical Debate Club, senior Ayushi Singh. “I’ve found myself becoming much more aware of the issues in the world and becoming more understanding of different viewpoints, and I think that’s incredibly important in the age we live in today”.

While similar to the Ethical Debate club in the fact they both debate, there are some fundamental differences. For example, while the ethical debate club covers real life ethical issues and a need to choose a side that they think is correct and argue it accordingly, the debate club covers a wide range of topics, such as current news, and argues both the positive and negative oppositions of a topic. In addition, in debate tournaments, students are provided with specific resources to create their arguments.

Ms. Moriello states that the overall goal of the Debate Club will be to “improve our abilities to create an argument supported with logical thinking and also develop our public speaking skills”. 

New Courses Spark Excitement Among Students

Sarah Bogen ’24
EE Staff Writer

As course selection has recently been underway, the program of studies has been expanded, giving students the opportunity to sign up for new, intriguing classes. 

In the upcoming school year, new courses will be available in the subjects of English, history, and science according to the newly released Program of Studies. These courses include the story of self, astronomy, forensics, science research, and Native American history. With the new schedule beginning in the upcoming school year, students will have the opportunity to take more courses of their choosing, including these new, fascinating courses. 

Story of Self is a half-year English course available to seniors. This course explores the concepts and influences that work to make us as individuals. This new English course, pending board of education approval, guides students to think introspectively as it is designed to focus on students who may be asking themselves questions regarding their purpose and personal life experiences. This course promotes critical thinking and reflective practices through the narratives explored throughout the semester. 

Native American History is a half year elective course available to all grade levels. This course provides students with an overview of Native American history in Connecticut and the northeast. Cultural aspects and relationships between tribes in Connecticut both now and in the past will be explored. This new course will provide students with, “…an understanding of the importance of tribal heritage and identity from a historical perspective”, as stated in the program of studies.

Science Research is a half year science course available to juniors and seniors that is currently pending board of education approval. In this course, students will have the opportunity to conduct research on a field of interest and create their own experiments through this research. Following the research completed within the course, submissions to state or local science fairs are encouraged. This class is an excellent opportunity for students who desire to deeply explore a field of their choosing. 

In addition to the more flexible newly added science course, there are more structured science courses as well. Forensics, the application of science to criminal law, is a half year science course available to juniors and seniors. The course will investigate the history of forensic science and apply the learnings to hands-on scientific tests, including lab investigations, in class. 

Among these new courses is Astronomy, the study of celestial objects and the universe. This is a half year science course available to juniors and seniors that dives into the history of discoveries made in outer space. However, both of these intriguing new courses are pending board of education approval. 

These new science courses will be of large help to students seeking to meet the STEM elective credits with the new schedule.

Shining Bright: A Spectacular Super Bowl Halftime Show

Thomas Ou ‘24
EE Managing Editor

Barbadian singer Rihanna’s iconic super bowl pose

On Sunday, February 5, 2023, Rihanna took the stage for the Super Bowl halftime show, giving an unforgettable performance that left fans in awe. Despite being pregnant at the time, she still managed to deliver an impressive 12-song showcase.

The performance was heavily anticipated, with fans eagerly awaiting the singer’s return to the stage after a long hiatus. According to NBC Sports, the show featured a mix of new and classic songs, showcasing Rihanna’s musical range and versatility.

The setlist included hit songs such as “Umbrella,” “We Found Love,” “Diamonds,” and “Love on the Brain,” among others. The show was praised for its high energy and stunning visuals, with Rihanna showcasing her incredible stage presence and vocal talent.

Despite being pregnant, Rihanna did not let her condition hold her back. While she did not dance as much as in previous performances, her stage presence was still captivating, and she made use of clever choreography and visuals to deliver a memorable show.

Overall, the 2023 Super Bowl halftime show featuring Rihanna was a tremendous success, leaving fans buzzing about the singer’s incredible talent and stage presence. With a mix of classic hits and new songs, it was a performance that showcased the depth of Rihanna’s musical prowess and left a lasting impression on audiences.