Novel Foods Surface on TikTok

Christina Kingan ’23
EE Staff Writer

Cloud Bread

Throughout quarantine, social media has kept relationships alive and has become such an influential part of how we connect and interact with one another. The variety of platforms makes people so much more accessible then we could have anticipated. Social media was our only tether to the world outside our confined houses for months, and for some of us even currently. 

One of the platforms whose popularity has exponentially grown is TikTok. With 689 million monthly users internationally, it is worthy to be deemed as one of the most appreciated and used social media apps. One of the most liked aspects is the range and types of videos presented. Videos range from comedic to informative. People can share their experiences or just scroll through hoping to cure their boredom. 

One of the most popular genres of TikTok videos is cooking. Users can share recipes or try out popular cooking trends. Some of the most popular recipes include cloud bread, whipped coffee, nacho table, dip night, pancake cereal, and nature’s cereal.

Cloud bread is more arts and crafts than it is food. It is edible as it’s made out of egg whites, sugar, cornstarch and optional food coloring, which is encouraged. It’s known for its texture and cloud like structure, admired for its squishiness and color. 

Whipped Coffee

Whipped coffee was also a craze in the earlier stages of quarantine. The creamy consistency of the drink is what is appealing to most. It’s a fun, creative twist on, for most, an everyday drink. This drink was so appetizing, people who didn’t have the appropriate foaming tool went to the lengths of hand mixing to obtain the fluffy texture. This trend sparked a chain of new takes on old drinks. 

Nacho Table

Nacho table is basically nachos just without the plate. A multitude of different chip flavors and brands are layered out onto a table covered with aluminum foil in hopes that the clean up will be easy. Nachos are then assembled in the same fashion they would normally be, adding cheese and choice of toppings on top. This quirky take on nachos was made and enjoyed by many on the social media app. 

Dip night is essentially many different types of dips and their accompanied vessels. There are a variety that are made from savory to dessert dips. Buffalo, guacamole, smoked queso, smores, and cookie dough dip are all frequently made. Graham crackers, fruit, chips, cookies and more are all good dipper selections.

Pancake cereal is a bowl of mini pancakes usually created by placing the mix in a squeeze bottle, allowing them to take the form of a regular pancake but minimized. People who created the mini pancakes usually drizzled syrup over them, and if desired, poured milk in the bowl to mimic classic cereal. 

Nature’s cereal is a new obsession circulating through TikTok at the moment. It involves blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, pomegranate seeds, ice, and coconut water. As these are the original fruits people are welcome to incorporate their personal favorites. This trend inspires many and is a prime example that healthy food can be delicious. This trend has spread throughout social media and made such an impact that recipes for this simple snack are already being posted.

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