Rugby to Debut in Spring

Christina Kingan ’23
EE Features Editor

Trumbull High is infamous for its expansive sports department and it is lucky to have a new edition this spring. The new rugby team is having it’s first season spring 2022.

Rugby is a skillful and aggressive sport that has much physical contact. It is similar to football but many of the rules differ and regulations regarding protection is less significant. One thing that is immediately noticed is that players are only required to wear a mouth guard when compared to football which utilizes full padding.

The goal, like all games, is to score against the opponent. Players try to get the ball to the try zone, the term for the opposition’s end zone. There are few rules of conduct, allowing players to essentially use any means to get the ball from their opponents and score. 

Junior Anthony Desautels was involved in exposing the sport to our school community. Destautels and others have “played for other clubs for multiple years” he says, and feels that Trumbull would benefit from having a team affiliated with the school. The sport is enjoyed by many and he feels “others at our school will love the game just as much as we do”.

They are “excited to finally have a team for our own town,” getting to play the sport they feel passionate about and getting to represent their school simultaneously. Desautels emphasizes the sense of community established and knows that sense is parallel to the goals of the school. This community is what is strived for, and what is hoped this team will deliver.

This exciting new sport is not only a boys team but will also be establishing a girls team too. Women’s rugby has been an increasing trend and Trumbull is following. All students are welcome and encouraged to join. 

They plan on starting practice in late February. The link to sign up can be found here:

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