Movie Review: Marvel’s Eternals

Eric Nteziryayo ’22
EE Staff Writer

With the new release of Marvel’s latest blockbuster, everyone’s most important question remains: is it that bad?

After the releases of by far the most colossal movies of the decade, this film was supposed to be the next juggernaut in the Marvel franchise. However, since its anticipated release, the film has received significant backlash. As many critics have rated the movie, the main issue of Eternals is that it’s too ambitious for its own good. The film is trying to be too many things at once.

Chaim Gartenberg, in his review for The Verge, best describes this overwhelming drawback of Marvel’s Eternals: The film bounds across thousands of years of human history, has no less than ten main characters, four villains, a love quadrangle, and even Marvel’s first on-screen erotic scene”.

The film strays away from focusing on specific characters and genres, leaving the film feeling dull. I wouldn’t call this movie boring, because I think that boring can be good sometimes. This film just feels underdeveloped and most likely leaves the viewer unsatisfied.

Despite Eternals suffering from trying too many ideas, it still has some qualities that make up for it. The CGI does look good, the presentation is suitable, and some of the shots are very pleasing. The characters have astounding action sequences. This movie had the potential to dive into some very interesting themes such as exploring the morality of beings beyond our understanding. Yet, this movie simply does not know what it wants to be. Ultimately, this film loses itself in its heavy ideas and gets caught in the trap of what an MCU film has to be.

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