Footloose is a Wrap!

Kylie Totten ’24
EE Section Editor 

It’s time for the cast and crew to take their final bow, because Footloose is officially a wrap! This year’s school musical, Footloose, made its final debut Sunday, 3/27, and it was a huge crowd pleaser for everyone who went to see. So before we start thinking about what’s next, let’s talk about all the hard work into making this play a success.

So why Footloose? Director Mrs. Spillane said, “We knew that we wanted a show that was going to be really joyful, that people just kind of needed that in their lives”. It’s been a few tough years for the theater department, as well as the rest of Trumbull High, while dealing with the COVID-19 outbreaks. So a play like Footloose, with so much color and noise, and especially dancing, was just a great play to boost spirits and put a smile on people’s faces.

This year’s musical featured a huge cast, but prominent roles included: Ren McCormack (Nicolas Ferreira, 10) , Ariel Moore (Nora Watson, 10), Reverend Shaw Moore (Nathan Ayotte, 12), Vi Moore (Mia Bekech, 12), Willard Hewitt (Tim Spillane, 10) , Rusty Rodriguez (Ella Cook, 12) and Chuck Cranston (Paul Litchfield, 10). 

Family, friends, students, and teachers filled the auditorium night after night, supporting the cast and crew as they put on an amazing performance. Nicole Soares, a sophomore at Trumbull High who went to see the play, said, “I loved it! I was right up front so it really felt like I was in the musical. I would tell the cast and crew that I am SO PROUD, and I’d like to thank them for all the dedication and hard work they put into the musical”. 

It truly is amazing what the cast was able to accomplish in just a couple months, especially after the last two years. Obviously the production wasn’t without its challenges, one of the main ones being that until March they were still required to wear masks while rehearsing. But all the hard work just made the moments on stage that much better. 

When asked what her proudest moment of the show was, Spillane said, “One of the best days for me was the Saturday before opening night, the sitzprobe, where all the performers work with the band for the first time. It was just so exciting to hear that, people started crying when we sang the first song, it was just so powerful”. 

Members of the cast are incredibly proud of the show they put on, although a little sad it has to come to an end. This cast, crew and everyone else involved truly deserved every moment of praise and applause, because of every moment of hard work they put forward. People left that show dancing and smiling, and that’s the kind of impact a great show like this can have.

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  1. Caden Chaffee says:

    The Footloose play was the best!!!!!! Can’t wait to see it again. Great job to the cast, crew, choreographers, and everyone who put time into the play!!!

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