Lives Saved Through THS Red Cross Club

Sarah Bogen ’24
Sutton Caba-Bodie ’24
EE Staff Writers

Congratulations to Trumbull High School’s Red Cross Club on their successful annual Blood Drive!

For those who may not know, the THS Red Cross Club is a community service club that learns about the work of the American Red Cross and aids them with their mission of providing voluntary relief to those in need through their annual blood drive.

Aided by the advisor Mr. Evans, a handful of dedicated officers and members fully organize and plan this yearly event.

Members spend months contributing to this project, properly ensuring a well carried out act of service for the community. This March 31st, they collected enough donations to save 132 lives, which is no small feat. To carry out the event requires resources, such as connections with local nurses and an area to do so such as a gym. Even more importantly, dedication and passion is required, as they serve as the driving force for any club or organization. When speaking to the officers of this year (President Olivia Dopilka, Senior Vice President Katria Santos, Junior Vice President Tracy Kha, Secretary Alana Reyes, Community Organizer Kaia Summ, and Public Relations Director Isabel O’Brien), it is clear this group had both. 

While each had a varying reason(s) for having joined the club, all shared one aspect in common: curiosity and a willingness to help. Having been members the previous year, and some even longer, all expressed how important this mission was and is to them and their gratitude to Mr. Evans, as Isabel O’Brien stated: “Mr. Evans’ investment in and passion for the cause is evident and he always inspires us to want to hold the best blood drive we can. Our success each year is largely because of him”.

Additionally, as Alana Reyes shared, the club gave her and others a chance to work with others who share similar interests and passions, discover more about the medical fields and volunteering within them, create opportunities to serve the community, and have fun. With valuable knowledge in their back pockets from the previous year, the officers were ready to aid by dedicating themselves to this project and helping spread their passion to new members of the club. 

When asking about their process this year, officers shared that beginning their undertaking in October, members began the year by discussing possible themes for decorations and food for this year’s event, eventually deciding on “Under the Sea”.

Over the course of the next few months, the club continued to prepare the event as they obtained items needed, such as chairs and tables, created promotional videos and posters to spread the word, reach out to community nurses, and collect decorations and sustenance; all were vital these contributions were to the success of the drive.

As the drive got closer, members and officers helped to run sign ups during lunch waves for willing volunteers, whether student or teacher, who fit the requirements. On the day of the drive, officers and members arrived at the Auxiliary Gym, the event site, around 6:30 AM and directed the set-up for the day, as well as aiding to care for donors throughout the day.

Interviewing Donors Aidan Williams, a junior at THS, and Mrs. Lorenz, an English, film, and photography teacher, both spoke about the welcoming experience they had. Each noted how organized the event had been, from snacks to places to sit, and how connected they felt not only to the school community, but to the Trumbull and neighboring communities as well. When speaking about the importance the drive had, Williams and Lorenz stated how proud they were to have been a part of this experience and achievement.

This year’s annual blood drive was undoubtedly an immense success due to the grand efforts and passion to serve others put into this event by each member, officer, and advisor. All parties involved, whether student, donor, or recipient in need, benefited and can benefit from the work of this club. Students can learn more about the Red Cross and the importance of their mission while aiding others. Donors, through the efficient and safe process of blood donation, can also connect personally as they are helping nearby communities and people; donors can save lives through their contributions.

The THS Blood Drive aspires to continue to serve communities and Secretary Alana Reyes exclaims that “Plans for next year are up to next year’s officers, but I’ve no doubt they want another successful blood drive”.

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