6 Simple Ways To Get Rid of Stress At Home

Home-and-Office-Organization-IdeasGabby Tropp ’16
EE  Senior News Editor

1) Get Rid of Your Clutter
Studies have shown the more stuff you have in your house, the higher your levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) will be. It may help to get it all in a closet or a bin, but removing all the excess papers and old clothes from your envormonment may help reduce stress levels.

2) Turn off the Background Noise
Having the TV or music always on in the background of doing homework or chores can make the whole process slower. TV and music are great stress relievers when you finsih your daily to-dos, but save them for after you’re done.

3) Throw out the Junk Food
The more processed food you eat, the more likely you are to have problems with anxiety. And I know it seems like coffee can help you face anything, but caffeine can actually cause more stress. And all that junk might cause breakouts, which we all want to avoid. Try to eat healthy and clean to relieve stress.

4) Take Some Time to Yourself
It can be pretty stressful as a teenager living in a house with a mom, dad, and/or siblings to disagree with. It’s important to take some time away from all these potential stressors, because letting tension build in family relationships can only cause more stress.

5) Don’t Decorate with Mirrors
Researchers at the Institute of Psychiatry in London have found that using mirrors as a big part of home decor serve to cause more stress about body image and looks. Instead of mirrors, try decorating with paintings. Keeping the reflective surfaces to the bathroom and bedroom is the best way to reduce image-related stress at home.

6) Make Your Bed
This one may sound like mom made it up so you’ll clean your room, but it’s really true. Keeping things neat and organized is one of the best possible ways to reduce stress. Starting off your day by neatening up your room is a great way to keep your life in order from the moment you wake up.

Based on 8 Things in Your Home That Are Seriously Stressing You Out from Good Hoousekeeping

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