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Model Congress Starts the Year With Success at the Wilton Conference

Eric Sorge ‘19
EE Co-Managing Editor

Twenty-three members of Model Congress ventured to Wilton High School for the club’s first conference of the year on Saturday, October 13, with two seniors winning awards and many others participating in their first committee.

Trumbull and Wilton are part of the ‘Nutmeg League’, a coalition of local high schools that host day conferences. These conferences allow students to become familiar with the procedural nature of Congress, practice structured debate, and prepare for overnight conferences hosted by prestigious universities. They serve as a chance for new members to experience Model Congress for the first time, and for more seasoned participants to enjoy discussion in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Out of the 23 students that attended the conference, 19 of them were brand new to Model Congress,” said club adviser Ms. Boland, pleased by the willingness with which freshmen participated. “These conferences allow new members to get a taste of Model Congress and an introduction to parliamentary procedure and it allows the veterans to work on their skills and showcase their talents.”

The Wilton Conference was a bit unique in that delegates wrote their bills during the day. Those unfamiliar with making pieces of legislation to be presented in committee were afforded the opportunity to work with others to write effective and comprehensive bills. In this way, Wilton was very welcoming to newcomers and served as a great introduction to Model Congress.

Infinite Love For Kids Fighting Cancer Teams Up With THS Students and Teachers

Christina Abriola ’19
EE Contributor

Infinite Love for Kids Fighting Cancer, a locally known group fighting against childhood cancer, is run by one of our own teachers, Mr. McCaffrey. “[We do it] for the kids that do not have the chance anymore or lost their battle to cancer. You just need to live your life to the fullest everyday and remember things could be alot worse.” said Jaime Tolk, a Junior who cut off 10 inches of her hair and donated it for the cause.

Forty-one students and 6 teachers have teamed up with local hair salons and the Infinite Love organization to either cut off their hair, portions of their hair, or shave their head completely to help make wigs. This was Jaime’s third time cutting and donating her hair. She said being on the track team really inspired her to do this. Once she heard on the announcements that she could donate through the school, she knew that was exactly what she wanted to do. This is important to her because her track coach plays a huge role in the organization and he lost his daughter to childhood cancer.

Tolk said she went into the hair salon feeling excited but a bit nervous. She had been waiting for this day since May of last year. With all the fundraising they did since then and finally getting to cut her hair, she says it couldn’t have been better timing with September being Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Torrential Rain Floods THS

James Dubreuil ‘19
EE Co-Managing Editor

Tuesday, September 25th seemed like it was going to be a relatively normal day at Trumbull High. Most students knew that it was supposed to rain, even pour, but no one expected what had ended up happening on this unforgettable Tuesday.

7.32 inches of rain fell in a short period of time leaving residents flabbergasted by the magnitude of this natural disaster.

A number of Trumbull High School students, especially those with after-school activities, were affected by the weather. One junior, Tyler Rudich, shares his experience through the afternoon of the 25th:
“I was leaving practice at about 4:30 when the water was getting too high on the car I was in. It got so high that when I opened the door water poured into the car. I was frantically waving at the car behind us to turn around so we could back out of the flooding. The whole situation was totally nuts and I’m happy that I got out of it.”

Senior Eagles Soar To College

Manan Manchanda ‘19
EE Senior News Editor

As college acceptance season draws to a close, members of Trumbull High School’s graduating class have finalized where they will be spending the next four years of their life. This year, the Eagles have spread their wings to attend schools all across the United States, ranging from large state schools to prestigious private universities.

The college application process is tedious enough, but many fail to realize the difficulty of actually choosing which college they want to attend. “Above all, it is most important to find a school best for what you want to study, and one that financially makes sense”, says Mrs. Hilser, Department Chair of Trumbull High School Counseling.

Early Action and Early Decision are two popular trends among applicants everywhere. “A lot of kids want to apply early action to get their decision earlier. But for early decision, a student is making a promise to attend. You do not have the ability to compare schools, so you must be very certain that the school is one you would be committed to attend if accepted”, says Mrs. Hilser. While Early Action and Early Decision both have their perks and hindrances, they can certainly be used to a student’s advantage if utilized properly.

A variety of colleges are popular among Trumbull High graduates. Recently, schools that are gaining popularity include Ohio State, Northeastern, and variety of large state schools. Some examples are the University of Virginia, University of Delaware, and University of Maryland. “Kids are drawn to these schools for a variety of reasons. They give a good value for students’ money,” explains Mrs. Hilser.

From Former To Future Eagles

James Dubreil ‘19
EE Senior News Editor

It’s that time of year. Seniors are leaving and, soon enough, new freshman will be swarming the halls come September. The faces that we will soon miss will be replaced.

After stampeding through their first year of school at Trumbull High, some freshmen offer words of encouragement and advice to upcoming high schoolers:“Don’t be worried, you’ll naturally learn the school over the course of a few weeks,” says Trumbull High track sensation Joe Gregory (‘21).

Learning the school may seem like a task that you may never accomplish, however once you start going to class, you will quickly learn and know the school like the back of your hand.

One student, Gregory Manz (‘19), believes that, “It is tremendously helpful to print out a map of Trumbull High for the first couple of days each year in order to learn the location of your classes.”

This piece of advice is one of the essentials for every successful freshman. With a map in your grasp, you no longer have to worry about being late to your classes or just simply getting lost.

A Life Saver in Every Student

Kaleigh Fleming ‘18
Christine Jorquera‘18
EE Staff Writers

This year’s annual blood drive event hosted by the Red Cross Club occurred on March 23 and received the largest number of students ever that signed up for the event.

Each year, club officers and members work all year long to organize the event in hopes of a great turn out. They are in charge of creating posters, working with the American Red Cross organization, and holding week-long sign ups. Many lives are greatly impacted by volunteers including club members and donors coming together to save the lives of people in need of a transfusion.

The efforts of our students proved to be a success with a record breaking total of 103 people signed up for the event as well as a record amount of received food donations to help replenish students who donated. Club advisor, Mr. Evans, has been part of this club for many years and supervised another successful blood drive. ` “Our student volunteers were professional, well organized, and our donors did an excellent job. The American Red Cross Supervisor told us that Trumbull High School is one of the most efficient and best prepared schools in the state when it comes to student blood drives,” says Mr. Evans.

Change for Real Change

Lindsay Adams ‘18
EE Staff Writer

Following a powerful school walkout remembering the victims of Parkland’s shooting, a few students decided to start a fundraiser to combat gun violence. Money had been collected for Sandy Hook Promise, an organization that trains students and adults to become aware of the signs of gun violence and prevent the loss of lives. In addition to educating communities, Sandy Hook Promise develops mental health and wellness programs, and advocates for state and federal policy regarding gun safety legislation.

“Change for Change” incentivizes donations by assigning values to coins and dollars ranging from 1 to 5,000 points. Coins count negatively and should be placed into opposing class jugs, while dollars are positive and should be added to your class’s own jug. The freshman class was off to a rough start following the first day of collection, holding a significantly larger amount of coins than any other grade. The fundraiser was automatically a success, as senior Ally Hazen would note. “The student body has been overly supportive and it’s inspiring to see the community come together- it’s a great reminder that we all have the ability to make a momentous change,” Hazen said.

Trumbull Agriscience Students Get First-Hand Experience in Lambing

Lucas Davis ‘18
Nancy Zeigler ‘18
EE Staff Writers

Spring is almost here and for the Trumbull Regional Agriscience and Biotechnology Center Honors Animal Science Class it is the most exciting time of the year: lambing season.

As of Thursday, March 15, seven of the eight ewes bred had given birth to a total of eight rams and five ewes.
The junior and senior students are learning a lot at the barn as they assist in lambing and raising the newborns. The students in class have been learning and preparing for months.

“The class experience helped with knowing the birthing process,” said Maddie Buzzeo a junior in the class, “because I knew what to expect what was to come from a normal birth and what was not normal”.

Trumbull Model Congress Wins Best Small Delegation

Manan Manchanda ‘19
EE Senior News Editor
James Dubreuil ‘19
EE Staff Writer

From March 22 to 25, Trumbull High’s Model Congress Team brought their Varsity Squad down to Philadelphia to compete in the University of Pennsylvania Model Congress competition. With more than 700 delegates in attendance, these 14 students competed among the brightest minds from over 45 schools across the nation. In just 4 short years, Trumbull Model Congress went from being a club of just 8 members to coming home with the prestigious Best Small Delegation award at their 10th conference.

Model Congress gives thousands of students across the nation a chance to engage in debate and critical thinking on some of the the most pressing issues in the country. 14 elite students from Trumbull created bills in their specialized committees, which are modeled after actual committees in Congress. Over the course of the conference, students debate within their own committee, ranging anywhere from 12-20 delegates, and passed legislation moves on to the Full Session. This is a conglomeration of 5 different committees, where debate is usually to a higher caliber and requires delegates to think on their feet, provide ample evidence for their arguments, and work together to get legislation passed.

The Judges Have Ruled: Mock Trail Wins States

Ethan Bachand ‘18
EE Co-Managing Editor

Mock Trial celebrates their March 14th win at the Connecticut Supreme Court.

On March 14th, the Mock Trial team won the state championship by defeating rivals Weston at the Connecticut Supreme Court. The team will now travel to Reno, Nevada in order to compete in the national competition.

This adds on to what is already an incredible run from the team under coach Eric August. Over the past six years, the team has brought home four state championship. All of which have come in back to back years: first in 2013 and 2014, then 2017 and 2018.

Yet this year has proven to be something special, with Mr. August saying that “By far, collectively, the most talented team I have ever had. Our motto this year was this idea of ‘Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard’. The reason behind that was because I recognized how much talent we had and I wanted to make sure they still worked hard, and that being said they did. Not only were they just talented, they didn’t rest on their talent alone. They worked their butts off to get to where they were.”

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