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Gaming: Harmless Fun or Ruinous?

Masud Kabir ‘18
EE Staff Writer

video-games-1557358_1920The video game industry, one of the fastest growing businesses of our era, is making a big impact in the world economy. But how do video games affect people’s minds? Are they good or bad? These are big questions. In order to get the answers, it is important to know what video games really are.

Actually, video games are digital entertainment played electronically which manipulate images and texts to guide players through the process. There are various genres of video games such as stealth, strategy, mystery, simulation, and shooting. All of these can be two dimensional or three dimensional. Three dimensional games are widely popular these days as they feel more real.

But are violent video games responsible for negative effects on the human brain, specifically for kids and teens?

Assemble Against Abuse

Kate Ariano ‘18
EE Features Editor

looking inthatre pic

Students from the Looking In Theater Program from Hartford, CT with their teacher Jonathan Gilman. The students answer questions that Gilman and the audience pose about their characters from the skits they performed.

You see your friend and you wave. You walk over and engage in small talk, things like the weather and school. You continue to talk for a little while. The topic changes. Now you’re talking about politics. Nope that changed. Now it’s problems in the U.S. like racism and alcohol abuse. Nope that changed. Now it’s how your friend Jenny got drunk at a party the other night. Nope that changed. Now it’s how Jenny’s nudes got leaked and the whole school has them. Uncomfortable yet? Some juniors certainly were while sitting in the auditorium last Wednesday at an assembly that covered these touchy subjects and more.

Mr. Mecca explained before the show began that, “While the performance will end, the thinking needs to continue.” While he and the guidance staff may have hoped that the skits, portraying uncomfortable or problematic circumstances that happen to teens, provoked serious thought, some students thought it was rather a “spiked version of teenage lives,” as junior Terril Pile put it.

End of Marching Band leads to Start of Winter Percussion

Julia Esposito ‘18
EE Staff Writer

what-goes-upRecently, the Golden Eagle Marching Band season has come to an end. With an amazing season, the THSGEMB finished off at their final show at Metlife Stadium, where they once again took the first place trophy!

You may be wondering: what do all of the marching band members do now that band is finally over? Many have to wait until next May for the new season of marching band to start, but others, such as the color guard and percussion sections of the band, don’t.

Specifically, the percussion section of the band has their very own continuation of marching band that goes throughout the winter season: winter percussion.

Class of 2017 makes SAS Great Again

Ethan Bachand ‘18
EE Co-News Editor

Power Rangers, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and a Donald Trump. Not something you would regularly see at Trumbull High, but Sponsor a Senior is no normal day. It is a culmination of an entire class of students raising money at an uncomparable rate, while also giving seniors the opportunity to have fun.

The event is an annual phenomenon where seniors sponsored by underclassman dress up in a wide variety of costumes that never fail to entertain the entire school. Seniors truly seize the opportunity to wear elaborate attire to school for one day out of the year. Students spend hours organizing costumes with friends and the people renting them in order to capitalize on their one shot at Sponsor a Senior.

BounceBall Reaches New Heights

Kate Ariano ‘18
EE Features Editor


BounceBall is an entertaining game for all ages!

Neal Keklik was right on the ball as he unveiled BounceBall, a game of his own creation, at the Pep Rally the last Friday in October. After three months of prototypes, planning, and patents, Keklik’s fascination with engineering allowed him to join forces with college friends and THS alumni Nate Walker and TJ Hadyuk to develop a simple idea into an expanding company. What they invented would become a trademarked game, merging Can Jam and Spike Ball into one.

After working as an ID checker at Tashua pool over the summer, Keklik united with lifeguards Walker and Hadyuk. Together they decided they wanted to start a company. Their idea to turn BounceBall into an app eventually diverted into making it a backyard game to prevent the interruption of needing to learn swift coding and obtaining an app license to make the game.

Keklik, proud co-founder of BounceBall, explains how the game came about. “We liked Can Jam, and we liked Spike Ball. But we didn’t like certain aspects of it. So, we found a legal way to combine both of the games into one. And that’s basically what BounceBall is.”

Interplanetary Travel on the Horizon?

Vittorio Colicci ‘18
EE Staff Writer


An artist’s rendering of the Interplanetary Spaceship’s approach to Mars.

There was once a time when the sky was the limit for one’s dreams and aspirations. Now, with the help of companies like SpaceX, human opportunity has begun to soar even higher.

Speaking at the International Astronautical Conference this past September, Elon Musk, CEO of the aerospace manufacturer, broke new ground by finally revealing his plan for Martian colonization. His goal: to make the human race multiplanetary.

Due to the immense cost of space travel, commercial exploration has always been difficult. In the past, achievements like the moon landing necessitated the use of government resources, but in recent years, dependency on decreased funding has only led to stagnation.

Mia McCaffrey Stars in “Fighter” Music Video

Kate Romanchick ’17
EE Co-Sports Editor


Mia McCaffrey from a scene in the Taylor Tote Band’s “Fighter” video.

Mia McCaffrey, daughter of THS teacher Mr. McCaffrey, is creating a huge impact on the community. Mia was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare childhood cancer. Saying that Mia is a “Fighter” is an understatement. Every day, she deals with treatment and the effects of it. Despite this, she goes to school when she can, and continues to be a ray of sunshine to the McCaffrey family.

To add to Mia’s recent resumé of being awesome, she starred in an empowering new music video. The song “Fighter” by Taylor Tote Band highlights the strengths of those battling cancer and the never ending love and support their family and community feels for them. These aspects ring true for Mia as she plays a young girl battling cancer. The actual video sends a beautiful message of love and togetherness, two things the McCaffrey family are champions of. “The video represents Mia’s amazing spirit and strength,” said Mr. McCaffrey, commenting on his feelings after watching the video. “When I watch it I feel both very proud and very sad because no child deserves what Mia is going through, but I know she had a great time acting in the video.”

Young Messi

Brian McPartland ’17
EE Staff Writer

200342_171755186210615_1701055_nCompetition fuels athletes. Senior Ryan Ruff has been playing soccer since grade three, but during the past year, Ruff decided he also wanted to compete as a Division 1 athlete.

Although having never played soccer for the school, Ruff is still regarded as one of the best strikers in the area thanks to his performance on elite club teams, which play and practice year round.

“When I was a freshman I realized that I wanted to play in college because the sport could get me into a good academic school and it could take my mind off the negative distractions that every college student faces,” said Ruff.

Ruff balances school work, soccer practices and football practices. He does this to prepare himself for what his life will be like in a year as a college athlete.

“The University of New Hampshire was the first school to reach out to me. I was excited because I had heard good things about the school however, I was very nervous to talk to the coach,” said Ruff.

Today Ruff has more than one scholarship offer including his number one school, The University of Connecticut. Although that seems like everything he could ask for, Ruff still has not committed to play at a school yet.

“I’m waiting to see what my best offers are. It’s still very early and better things could come. I don’t want to jump on the first offer and regret it in the future,” said Ruff. “My parents are leaving the decision completely up to me. They just don’t want me to go somewhere too far away from home or somewhere that’s too expensive.”

Train Ride To Success

Caroline Adams ’17
Lily Thompson ’17
EE Staff Writers

Train rides to New York City every weekend, interning for New York Fashion Week, starting a photography magazine filled with art and fashion, and working trade shows are not things that many people get to experience. However, Manuela Artia, Trumbull High senior and the Fashion Club founder, is the girl who gets to do that.

With arguably the best fashion sense in the senior class, Manuela is able to show how creative and talented she really is, and she is able to prove to many that she was born to make it in the fashion business.

Heroes of HOBY: The Leaders of Tomorrow

Kate Ariano ’18
EE Senior Features Editor

“You think that you’re strong? Try being in a place where your best friend can’t go to school because she’s a girl and you can because you’re a guy. And then people are trying to make you go into ISIS or something like that. It’s crazy”, explains junior Anirudh (Rudy) Kurup, the latest of our peers to attend both the Hugh O’Brian Youth (HOBY) Connecticut as well as World Leadership Congress.

Sophomores from across the state joined Kurup at the HOBY Connecticut congress. They discussed issues relevant in their various communities and how they could use their leadership skills to address those problems. For Kurup, however, the adventure into a world with topic discussions regularly dominated by politicians and leaders of all kinds, was simply beginning.
He comments, “I was invited to go to the World Leadership Congress and basically what that is, is it’s students from fourteen other countries [who] all come together in one place and we’re there for a week and we basically just talk about leadership. So I went there and spent a week at that campus and we…learned about how to take leadership, the leadership that we learned, and how to make a difference in not only our community, but it was more on a global level since there were kids from all around, there.”

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