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A Two-Way Road of Murder: The Detrimental Impact of Violent Video Games on Young Gamers

Arnav Srivastava ’19
EE Opinions Editor


The effect of violent video games displayed among youth.

“Shooting at those guys was just so much fun!”

Over the years, the violent video games industry has established a virtual world with dystopian themes where anyone can be a killer. Unfortunately, many gamers are spending too much time playing the role of an assassin, and unforeseen (and somewhat scary) consequences are becoming present amongst gamers. Nevertheless, the solution is simple: the playing of violent video games need to be restricted and monitored amongst the youth.

After-School Clubs and Activities–Hot or Not?

Teresa Cetrangola ’19
EE Staff Writer


Trumbull High School’s “We the People” team.

So, what is the club or activity that comes out on top? Studies by Public Agenda suggest that in 2004, sports ranked number one as the most popular after-school activity. Out of 100%, sports ranked 54% of the vote. Many of the students taking this survey found this statistic true. Sophomore Ella Williamson, when asked what she thought the most popular after-school activity was, she responded by saying “Sports, especially soccer and football!”

Reflecting on Black History Month

Christina Yacoub ‘17
EE Co-Opinions Editor

IMG_2918Since the beginning of the era of exploration and colonialism, African Americans have struggled to establish equality. In the process, importantly, they created a rich history. From the foundation of the NAACP in 1909 to the election in 2008, inspiring and progressive figures have emerged. Although the United States has had an embarrassing history with racial inequality, we must remember the men and women who have tried to create a better world.

There is no shortage of men and women dedicated to creating a more just world. Some of the most prominent figures include Nat Turner, Frederick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, Booker T Washington, W.E.B Dubois, Frederick Douglas, Langston Hughes, Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Huey Newton and Bobby Seale (black panthers), Stokely Carmichael, and of course, the Obamas.

Within pop culture, African American athletes, artists, and other performers have organized a platform and made sure their voice is heard. With social media such as Twitter and Tumblr, it is significantly easier to spread opinions about injustices in our society.

The list of people risking their lives to provide a better future for the next generation is truly endless. Even before Rosa Parks, African Americans refused to give up their seats on buses to those who demanded them to leave.

Why should coding be implemented into the curriculum?

Manya Kidambi ‘18
EE  Co-Managing Editor

img_9808Technology. It’s simply a necessity in life that many of us cannot live without. Technology makes our lives simple and more orderly, and assists us immensely in our day to day activities.

People all over the world have access to a multitude of technology, including smartphones, computers, and even virtual reality devices, which can certainly help to augment the world around us. Because technology is such a vital part to our everyday success, it is essential for people to use it and express their creativity in the devices that they use.

In one sense, computers are just like people. Users input information into the computer using a variety of programming languages, such as Java, C++. and Python, to name a few. These programming languages, if learned at a young age, can help students to express their creativity and even design their own programs, which is excellent.

In recent years, the goal is to involve more girls in computer science, because many of them lose interest at an early age and want to go into other professions.

Rouge One: A Star Wars Story: See it!

Ian Calandro-Bitjeman ’18
EE Staff Writerrogueone_onesheeta_1000_309ed8f6

Almost a year ago, the Star Wars franchise was officially revived with the release of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”  Director JJ Abrams took it upon himself to start off where the franchise left off, making a hopefully new trilogy with new characters and a new scenario –  but all in the same universe with some familiar faces we all know and love. So it’s no surprise that this movie was a big hit, raking in a whopping 2.8 billion dollars at the box office and  making it one of the highest grossing movies of all time.

Interestingly enough, the movie  doesn’t take place in this new universe created in the previous film, but instead goes back in time to the timeline of the original three movies. Not only that, JJ Abrams isn’t responsible for directing this movie, instead being replaced with Gareth Edwards.

Who’s Gareth Edwards? He’s a British film director, film producer and screenwriter to name a few. He is responsible for some movies such as “Godzilla” (2014) and “Monsters” (2010). These movies are, to say the least, “okay,”  but will “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” follow this trend? Will the movie be a big success for the director? Most importantly, is “Rogue One” a movie worth seeing?

iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


The iPhone 7

Christina Yacoub ‘17
EE Co-Opinions Editor

With iPhone sales falling short in the most recent fiscal quarter, the question needs to be posed: is the iPhone the best smartphone on the market? Apple is adding superficial adjustments like more emojis and message effects, however the price continues to be exponentially higher than the previous model. It seems as though the era of Apple innovation has concluded. Apple is barely keeping up with the technology of the Samsung Galaxy series. So why is it that year after year people line up to get the newest iPhone?

The answer is simple: it’s totally worth it!  Apple removed the home button and there are five colors now available for purchase: glossy jet black, gold, silver, rose gold, and black. The iPhone 7 is water resistant and has a more colorful body.

Artificial Intelligence: The Pros, Cons, and Everything Else

Manya Kidambi ‘18
EE Co-Managing Editor


Is Artificial intelligence the future of science? Can robots take over the world?

Artificial Intelligence. When we hear the term, some might think of robots controlling the world, while others may think of computers being virtual geniuses and making our daily lives more efficient. In truth, artificial intelligence (AI) is truly an amazing discovery by scientists that exhibits a huge step in innovation and technology.

In short, AI can be defined as a machine performing a task where a human would need to use his or her own intelligence.

For example, an AI program developed by a researcher from New York City, Brenden Lake, can identify handwriting at the speed of humans, and all this skill requires is an algorithm.

Self Plagiarism: Fact or Fiction?

self-plagairsmDaejah Woolery ‘18
EE Staff Writer

The Oxford English Dictionary defines plagiarism as “the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.” For many of us the first time we hear the word is in middle school; then the word is cutting, terrifying, and constant. The truth is that by the time we sit down in freshman foundations it’s a joke. With sources like the plagarism checker, it’s getting harder and harder to plagiarize, yet every year thousands of kids are caught and even more get away with it. But what about taking your own work? Is it still plagiarism if you use an essay from one class for another?

Self plagiarism or “recycling fraud” is re-using your own work in another place or for another purpose without referencing or citing that fact. Going back to the definition, we are faced with a double negative of taking your own ideas and passing it off as your own, so… telling the truth.

Is Random Rooming Right For You?

Jessica Parillo
EE Senior Opinions Editor

randomroomingPart of all the college excitement is getting to meet new people. To some, making friends out of classmates and roommates is a welcomed task. Yet for others, the idea of abandoning the comfort of high school cliques sparks some anxiety.

No matter which group you fall into, everyone can admit to feeling some nervousness over meeting the person they will be living in a dorm with for an entire school year. The question is, is it better to know your roommate ahead of time, or to have this person selected by the “random rooming” process?

Thanks to some new techniques being used by multiple schools around the country, meeting your roommate doesn’t have to be like a blind date. Compatibility tests and surveys are provided at most schools to ensure that you and your roommate will share some common traits and interests.

Campaign Craze: THS’s Views on Upcoming Elections

graphs for opinionsJessica Parillo ’18
EE Senior Opinions Editor

With the presidential election only a few months away, candidates in both the Republican and Democratic Parties are revving up their campaigns to win the support of the American people. But there is much controversy over the correct way to campaign. Recently, the media has been reporting on heated debates and following conflict between nominees. With all this craze over candidates, it’s hard to separate fact from fiction. The Eagle’s Eye interviewed anonymous members of the THS community to get their views on the 2016 political campaign. Here’s what they said:

What do you feel is the most pressing national issue today?

-Gun control
-National debt

What’s one characteristic you look for in a candidate?


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