Easy Does it Thrift Shopping

Photo courtesy of Scott Irvine.

By Marisa Moutinho
EE Opinions Editor

It’s very easy to walk into any store and get overwhelmed, but a thrift store gives many shoppers a bit more anxiety. Not just because it’s all used clothing… mainly because it’s all different. At least in your generic run of the mill store the clothes are on display in bulk with multiple different sizes to be chosen. See where that extra notch of anxiety would come into play? Not only do you have to shift through hundreds of randomized items, you also have to have your fingers crossed that when you find that perfect item, it is, well, in your size.

There have been many, many encounters where I found the most perfect addition to my wardrobe, and when I ventured to the dressing room, it was just way too big. Below are some simple tips for the most stress free way to thrift shop.

1. Have enough time. No one can run into a thrift shop for only a brief visit. There is just no way that you’d have enough time to even look through 1/3 of the items.

2. Search for thrift stores in urban, lively areas, because chances are that’s where the best stock is due to the variety in population.

3. It’s normally better to shop on your own at thrift stores. A problem I tend to find when venturing into stores with my friends is that considering they are my friends, we have similar tastes and style. Therefore, we normally are attracted to the same items, and that’s just never fun!

4. Most importantly, don’t expect anything! When you go into a thrift store with something specific in mind, it’ll never be found! You must stay open minded and just look through the items. I promise the perfect item will find you.

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