What not to Wear at a Job Interview

By Maddie McGillicuddy
EE Staff Writer

People say first impressions mean everything. When meeting someone for the first time, he or she will always remember the way one presents oneself, especially when it comes to appearance. By doing something as simple as putting on a nice outfit or fixing his or her hair, the individual’s effort to look cleanly and well-put goes a long way.

For many girls in high school or college, with more freedom comes more responsibility. Therefore, during this time of newfound independence, one thing to do is apply for a job. With the whole job process being new territory for many girls; one thing to know before interviewing for a job is how to present oneself as a sophisticated individual.

To discover what employers are looking for specifically in a potential employee, an interview with the President of Right Fulfillment Advertising Agency, Brian McGillicuddy, was conducted.

Q: When you go through the hiring process, what is the first thing you tend to notice about the potential employee?

A: Typically, when the applicant first walks into my office I automatically take note of their appearance. I’m looking for put together people who take themselves seriously. If someone walks into my office in jeans and a shirt, my initial impression is that they do not have what it takes to work at a high level serious position job that I am looking to fulfill.

Q: So what is it you look for an applicant to be wearing exactly?

A: There is no cut and dry apparel I find absolutely necessary; however, for men it comes off most presentable if they have on at least a shirt and tie with nice dress pants and dress shoes. As for women, a respectable length skirt or dress pants along with a blouse or blazer looks like she means business.

Q: Lastly, why is it so important you hire people who dress nicely?

A: When I am looking to hire people to work for me, I need to feel like they are willing to do all the hard-work I throw at them. When I see that the person has found the time to fix themselves up to look presentable, it makes me believe that they care about this position and have some drive within them to do well. In addition, when one dresses nicely, they give off the impression that they are a sophisticated and mature adult, who knows what they are doing and are professional.

Reflecting back on what Mr. McGillicuddy said, it can be recognized that appearance does make a difference when looking to land a job. This is most simply because, looking your best immediately makes the employer aware that you would make a great contender for the position. While the personality and skills a candidate possesses are equally important, there is only one first impression a future employer is given.

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