A Series of Fortunate Events: Kendrick Lamar Concert

Lamar delivers a stellar performance in New Haven on January 10th.
Photo courtesy of Alex Baird.

By Amanda Burtnett
EE Staff Writer

There is nothing Connecticut teens love more than some good hip hop. That is why when Fairfield County residents got wind Kendrick Lamar was coming to Toad’s Place in New Haven, CT, they knew that no matter what, they would be watching him perform. The weeks leading up to the concert, the concert, and the day after were a series of fortunate events.

The day that tickets went on sale, teens scrambled to make arrangements and have someone with access to a credit card and unsecured wifi buy tickets before they sold out. Stories were even told of parents going online at work and ordering them in bulk. Little did everyone know the tickets would not sell out for weeks.

A week before concert, teens begin to consider the impact of going to a concert on a school night and some put their tickets up for sale. Either that or they clearly waited far too long to ask their parents if they could go to concert on a Thursday night. Whichever it was, teens at THS became rather confused why all of the sudden the desire to see the concert was diminishing.

Two days before concert, many girls realize, as usual, they have nothing to wear. Everyone struggles with the dilemma of what footwear to wear to an indoor concert with a high volume of people. Sandals are dangerous, toes will undoubtedly be broken. Heels are too painful and sneakers do not go with every outfit. When it came to clothing for the concert, many girls felt that skirts or dresses would ride up but jeans could get too warm. There was no winning this battle! Talk about first world problems.

On the day of the concert the anticipation is building at THS and no one can get their work done. They have already accepted the fact that it will be a late night. Finally, after being released from school, teens rush through any after school activities so they can begin preparing for the concert.

Night of the concert: The energy in the small concert hall is through the roof. It was a great performance by Kendrick even if it was over quickly. Everyone seemed to be having a great time even when Lamar was not on stage. You could not walk a foot without bumping into someone you knew. Overall, the concert was impressive but by the time people leave the concert, they are always hungry. The Merritt Canteen is the place to go. It is a similar situation there as it was at the concert. Everyone knows each other, but the results are lots of laugh and hunger being satiated.

The day after the concert, there are many great reviews of the night, but teens experience a feeling of regret as they walk through the halls like zombies after getting home late. Still, this is the only time in life a person will ever be able to do stuff like this, so as tough as it is to get out of bed the next morning, never forget to live while you are young.

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